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PS5 PlayStation 5 Console - Digital $599 and Disc $749 @ Harvey Norman, Target, BigW, JB Hi-Fi, Amazon, Sony & Gamesmen


PS5 will be available for order on Thursday the 12th of november ONLINE ONLY AT ALL STORES

Ordering update: The PS5 console will be available to order online only on launch day, Thursday 12th November, for expected delivery by December 15th. PS5 consoles will not be available for in-store purchase. Please check back for further updates.

Harvey Norman: 9am Live

Target links are yet to go fully live again, but have got confirmation that they will be live on the 12th for orders of remaining stock (10/11 Update: Target have pulled the links down, these may be reposted under different links now)


According to @aamer hamid intel both gamesmens and bigw will be joining the party.


Gamesmen: Confirmed for a 10am drop

JBHIFI : Confirmed for a 11am drop

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    • cant add it to the cart…

      • keep adding to cart, i tried for like 45s one finally went through

  • Jesus that was stressful, but finally landed one on Amazon. Keep refreshing dudes

  • I guess amazon's stock just now were acctually from cancelled orders…

  • Harvey Norman Died again but managed to grab an Amazon One. Thanks guys the stress is over!

    • how are you getting it on Amazon… i login and search and says unavailable

      • Save it in your wish list and turn on notifications, Amazon are sporadically putting them up for sale. Happened to me before, managed to score one after checking it regularly.

        • ohh ok cool thats good to know

          • @sandman20104159: Yeah, although for me I happened to refresh it and I was able to buy it through the Amazon app. Refresh regularly and you may get a nice surprise.

  • +2

    Nice to see Gerry put all that extra money he got from adding GST to low value imports went to infrastructure. Gone from Harvey Normal. Off the site now.

    Had it in my cart, completed PayPal and the last screen just would never load. 503s everywhere.

  • Did you guys get charged from amazon"?

  • +1

    Finally got one through amazon! I went all the way through HN only to have it sell out and the console be removed from my cart at the final page. Amazon was MUCH quicker once they came back in stock, didn't have to refresh or anything once it was added to cart. Delivery 18-22 Dec with Prime. Good luck to everyone else!

  • +1


    yes it does… you NEED A CONSOLE TO PLAY!!!!

  • +1

    I just changed my shipping speed on Amazon from Expedited to Priority and my order date got pushed back from November 18 to December 18 Lol what the hell? I then changed it back to Expedited as it’s free for me as a prime member and the date stayed on the 18th Dec for delivery.

    How on earth does that work out?

    • +5

      lol you got greedy :D

      • +1

        Nah, I just think there delivery dates are all over the shop to be honest as they have no physical stock on hand. Chances are these dates will change again anyway.

        • I heard stories from people messing with the shipping speed in the U.S that their order got cancelled or moved to the next shipment. For anyone else reading wouldn't recommend messing around with it.

          • @eth32: Yeh well my orders not cancelled, just shipping date changed. It’s honestly not a big deal.

            Someone else in here did it and got it delivered sooner so it really doesn't matter as it’s an estimated ship date anyway. You’ll physically know for certain when amazon charges your card and sends you an order shipped email which can be anytime between now and the estimated order date.

    • +1

      why would you do that haha

      • Wanted it sooner, it’s fine though I have a series x on the way plus a PC and Switch already, I just really wanted to play spider man and godfall is all.

        I’m glad I finally got one though and won’t suprise me if Amazon change the order dates to be sooner anyway happens to me all the time I order something from Amazon then a few days pass and I get an email saying order dispatched.

        I’m happy either way

    • lmao bad luck, how do you get that priority option I only have expedited

    • at least you still have a date. I was in Dec 17, changed from expedited to priority and now i dont have a date

  • I guess I'll wait until next year :(
    I want digital but looks like no shipment of these

    • yeh i am having no luck either, almost got the harvey norman disc version but got stuck on payment page

  • got one from amazon after refreshing non stop.

  • +1

    why the hell it is consistently displaying me Currently Unavailable. Does it only work for Prime Members?

    • +1

      Probably be because hundreds of people are refreshing constantly, so as soon as it appears online the purchase is being made. The last time it appeared "in stock", the buy button was only there for less than 30 seconds before it disappeared again.

      • hmm… glad some are able to get it. I keep my hopes on JB

  • Got one secured from Amazon 17th Dec!

  • Can you use gift cards to pay for PS5 at jbhifi when it drops?

    • I'd love to know this as well. Got the Suncorp 5% off at the ready

      • Yeah I was going to get that

    • don't try trust me

    • don't try trust me

  • Jeez…after 60mins of HN and then got cleared from cart, Amazon kicked me out and I had to sign in again. by that time its gone
    :'( this is pure bad luck.

    • HN have just taken the item down, and redirects you to a marketing page for everything except a PS5

  • Amazon is unavailable again. Missed it

  • got one from amazon. sweet

  • Whats better expedited or Priority

    • prime free shipping

    • Priority is faster but you have to pay extra for that. Expedited is the normal option you get with Prime

    • Priority is faster but you have to pay extra for that. Expedited is the normal option you get with Prime

      • It's only an extra $10 at $750 lmao why not

      • Priotiy is only 1 day difference, 17 dec compared to free 18th dec. switched it around several times.

        • I went with the normal option that comes with Prime, and my order is shipped from Perth to Sydney (10 days delivery). People who paid extra for shipping get their orders shipped from Sydney if they are in Sydney, so it is not just shipping, but it is also the fulfillment centre they use.

    • thanks

    • Thanks, got one

  • +2

    I need to stop working and check back more often. Missed again :(

    • ikr. my sister was saying check amazon again, but i was like they already sold out and now this shit happened


  • +2

    Cloudflare on Ozbargain monkaW

    • +1

      lol couldnt tell teh diff between all teh gamesmen refreshes

      • +1

        Honestly (profanity) all those captchas asking me to pick the trains and bicycles.

    • Yea…

      One moment, I thought I lost the whole team… haha

  • Anyone know about shopback through Amazon? Is the playstation ineligible?

    • +2

      lol. by the time you click through its definitely OOS…

    • No cashback for the video games category for both shopback and cashrewards

  • +1

    I can't seem to change from expedited to priority on Amazon, same with you guys?

    • +1

      yeh not available here.. maybe only people close to the distro where they are coming from..?

    • +1

      gg are you prime?

    • dont think its possible

      • +1

        Don't do it
        I changed to priority and the order date changed to mid december from 2nd dec

  • +1

    what is happening with target do they even have stock?

    • Might be 11, might pull a Big W

  • Got mine on Amazon. Ordered at 10:25AM. Dec 17th ETA.

    • what shipping type

      • I have this ETA with Priority shipping

        • likewise, did you change from exp?

          • @AydenFX: Yeah I've been switching between the two, it's Dec 18th with expedited.

            I know it's more for priority but I the partner is desperate to get the PS5 asap so what's an extra $5

  • LOL that even the digital are OOS :)
    It should be like $299.99

  • +2

    I got one on Amazon. Changed my shipping from exp to priority and now my date changed from 17th Nov to 18th Dec. Whaatever you do don't change your shipping type.

    • Yep don't mess around with it guys! Other people in this thread have lost their November shipment and got pushed back into December.

    • What if the date is already 18th? Is it safe to change shipping type?

    • priority and express are basically the same thing lmao. priority uses Australia post express, but all my expedited Australia post Standard parcels from Amazon arrive interstate in 1 day (even for Melbourne). I think Aus post and Amazon have a deal for their standard shipping speed because it's definitely way better than normal standard post and basically express already

      • I went with the normal option that comes with Prime, and my order is shipped from Perth to Sydney (10 days delivery). People who paid extra for shipping get their orders shipped from Sydney if they are in Sydney, so it is not just shipping, but it is also the fulfillment centre they use.

    • +1

      I have a feeling that they're all going to be Dec stock anyway so don't worry

    • My guess would be what happened to me. My order is shipped from Perth to Sydney (10 days delivery). If you live in Sydney and you pick the priority, they cannot ship anymore from Perth, because they wouldn't be able to deliver it on time, so they await stocks in Sydney to send it in 2 days but later.

      • I tried changing it back i didn't change. I rang them. nothing they can do but waive shipping and give me a $50 credit lol. Thought i'd have it next week!

        • Lucky you, they gave me just 10 dollars for my long delivery. Did they offer you 50 dollars immediately or did you negotiate for it? They told me they cannot do more than 10 dollars.

          • @Mistredo: I was pretty unhappy because i need it for a birthday. on phone for 30mins. they offered 10 -30 then 50. i didn't even want it. they wouldnt move me in que so I took it.

    • I’ve heard that if you change your shipping type, Jeff Bezos personally calls you and gives you $1 million in vouchers.

      You should definitely all keep changing your shipping type, so you end up in the queue behind me.

      Uh whoops hang on, I mean so that Jeffy B will give you a call.

  • +1

    Get ready to spam F5 in 8 minutes

    • Time to review JB website boys.

  • +1

    just got mine through Amazon at 10.37am, 18 Dec, was luicky to get it after missing the first batch this morning

  • +3

    Amazon is legendary!
    got mine!

  • Anyone know if the gamesmen sold out? Haven't been able to get back onto the website in a while

    • +1

      think gamesmen is corked..havent been able to enter

  • +2

    So has anyone got a digital today from anywhere? Will try JB in 7min and then I'll give up lol

    • No digitals have appeared. See how JB goes

  • "expected delivery by December 15th" - how is this possible? I preordered at EBgames, was only 3-4 hours late(on 17th Sep) and my expected release date is 31st December, and people who will preorder today will get it 15th December?

    • +2

      I think EB got like thousands of orders, pushed back to April next year. JB / BigW / HN etc stopped taking their first batch at much less orders than EB

      • Yeah they just decided to keep pre-orders open beyond shipments they had immediately.

    • +1

      Not sure about EB Games' ethics here.


      “We’re sold out for the next five shipments, so if you preorder now, the delivery is expected for April next year,” one sales associate told me. “We are very, very sold out.”


      “Then we started doing $50 deposits for whatever we’re getting next year. After one day of that, Sony looked at how many orders we had, and went “Holy shit, please stop taking pre-orders, because we don’t have visibility on what we’re going to have volume-wise or timeline-wise, and we don’t want to keep adding people, we want to do this right.”

      “So yeah, we’ve stopped taking pre-orders.”