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Kogan 9kg Series 9 Front Loader Washing Machine w/ Inverter $423 + Shipping @ Kogan


Got the Appfrenzy email from Kogan and was just generally browsing and came across this washing machine.
Looks like good specs for someone who needs a cheap but big washer. Reviews seem to be good as well. (the last review is laughable at best - complains about smart tv issues on a washing machine feedback and still gives 4 star rating here )

Current price shows $529, but comes down to $484 with code APPFRENZY. shipping to my post code is $61

Optional extended care also available at extra cost.

Hope this helps some of us.

Edit: Credit to e_Wolfe and beastmodeactivated. Please see comments below. The graphite one is cheaper at $469, but the code doesn’t seem to bring it down further and is pre-order only. However, if you already have the white one in cart, then it makes the white one $423.

Hope some one of us have previous experience with kogan washers and can share some info.

There are also other products which some of us might find useful


Product Description from the original website
Get the most efficient clean out of every wash with this premium 9kg Series 9 Front Load Inverter Washing Machine that features a dual-layer door to keep the heat in, smart-pausing to add garments mid-wash and a durable, quiet power inverter motor.

9kg Clothes capacity with a dual-layer door
16 Wash programs with LED display
Built-in timer up to 24 hours
Water Rating: 4 Star
Energy Rating: 4 Star
Energy efficient, low-noise inverter motor with 10 year warranty*
Self-cleaning and smart-pausing modes
Safety features: child lock and anti-flood devices
Durable stainless steel drum
Dimensions (W x D x H): 600 × 635 × 850mm
Engineered for durable, quiet power, the Kogan 9kg Series 9 Front Load Inverter Washing Machine is built with increased stability and low vibration thanks to the inverter motor, replicating hand washing action with a feather pattern steel drum to help minimise snags and noise.

Make cleaning easy

Designed with a large 9kg capacity, smart-pausing function and built-in 24-hour timer, the Kogan Series 9 Front Load Inverter Washing Machine allows you to wash stacks of laundry in a single load, easily add garments mid-wash and set it to finish so it’s ready to put out as soon as you get home.

Featuring 16 washing programs, you can make sure all of your laundry needs are met:

Cotton, Cotton ECO, Quickwash, Colour, Dum Clean, Mixwash, Wool, Winter Clothes, Shirt, Jeans, Underwear, Kidswear, Rinse+Spin, Spin, Synthetic, Backpack
Inverter motor

The same powerful performance as a DC motor washing machine without the excessive energy consumption, the Kogan 9kg Series 9 Front Load Inverter Washing Machine helps put a dent in your energy bills with its 4 star energy and water rating, while reduced noise and vibration allows for non-disruptive operation day or night.

Fuzzy logical control

Fuzzy logic weighs the clothes to best determine the ideal water level, wash, and spin and rinse time for Normal and Heavy Duty programs, helping to reduce water consumption and wash times.

Safety features

A child lock feature helps protect children against getting hurt when the machine is in use while the self-clean mode ensures your machine isn’t harbouring any internal nasties, helping to protect your family from triggers that can exacerbate skin sensitivities and allergies.

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  • Made in china? What rebranding is this machine?

    • Looks suspiciously like the LG one I bought last month.

      • LG are direct drive machines with no belts. This is an inverter motor with belts.

        • Is that bad? Shorter lifespan?

          Extra warranty:
          3 Years $49
          5 Years $138

        • That and looks nothing like an LG short of being white with a tinted door, which is pretty common now. Actually has more modes than my new Series 9 LG if you don't include the download modes heh.

  • thought it's a XBOX Series S… AND NOT RRP!

  • I'm currently looking around for one. Good reviews, has anyone bought a Kogan Washing Machine? Reliable? and is it free shipping with Kogan First trial?

    • It’s usually classified as a bulky item, likely hood of qualifying for free shipping with first is low in my mind. I don’t have kogan first so can’t confirm. May be someone else can

    • Definitely not free shipping with Kogan First. I purchased this washer 3 weeks ago and paid $99 for shipping + $7 for freight protection.

      Just be mindful of Kogan Firsts free trial. They say they will notify you 2 days before the free trial ends so you can "cancel anytime" however, they never notified me and took payment out. Still happy with the price and washer regardless.

  • The Dark Graphite colour is even cheaper, but doesn't ship until 14 Dec.
    EDIT: As reported below, the white one is actually showing as $423 with the discount code now, so definitely cheaper than the dark graphite, which doesn't accept a discount code.

  • The graphite version is 469, leaves the warehouse on the 24th of DEC, however, the discount doesn't apply. After adding the code the white version came down to $423.

    • Yes, not sure what happened. I tried adding the dark graphite. It stayed at $469 but now my white one shows as $423. Will update OP.

  • This or the Aldi one on sale this Saturday?

    • The Aldi one looks good on paper, but good luck finding stock. I am not sure if you can order this one but ask for it to be shipped after Saturday, if you can’t get hold of the Aldi one.
      I have been trolling the website and I get a feeling it’s a price error that the code is stacking on top of the reduced price for the white one. So not sure how long it will last. The code is probably meant to be off the usual price and not the reduced one?

  • kogan rules.

  • I wouldn't touch Kogan appliances. I know of someone that had a 2 month old Kogan washer - flooded their house, causes extensive damage to skirting boards, carpets, etc.

    The price saving of $200 over a decent brand name was then not worth it with the thousands of dollars of water damage to repair through insurance - albeit excess payable.

  • I thought it’s Xbox series s from the thumbnail

  • Bought one one in august, and paid for their extra freight protection. It arrived broken, heavy impact at some point had snapped internal components off. Took 2 months for a refund. Couldn't afford to wait so I bought a replacement locally.
    The process was insane, took a week to convince them that I didn't want them to fix it as they initially wanted to send a technician up from Vic (during lock down).
    Learnt my lesson, kogan for me will now be name brand, small items only.

  • Don't buy it PLEASE.

    I fell for the cheap price and stayed over a month without repairs. Ended up taking them to the Fair Trading to seek refund. Kogan gave the goods refund but not the delivery. Again escalated to fair trading to receive refund of delivery as well.

    Stay away from kogan stuff. You get for what you pay.