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Free Online Movies - Japanese Film Festival // Dec 4-13 (20 Countries)


Similar to the Korean Film Festival (Aus only) though this one is unlikely to cancel by the time it gets to Australia, as it's running in other countries first (available in 20 countries https://watch.jff.jpf.go.jp/page/schedule-and-countries/). You need to make an account.

From memory they have trailers links (not this time/yet so far) but 75% of the time there are no subtitles on trailers… but all the movies will have English sub.

Visit the deal link for Australia's schedule: Screening starts 2pm 4 December 2020 AEDT

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The Japanese Film Festival Australia
The Japanese Film Festival Australia

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    Film Listing

    Film Name Genres Release Year Running Time IMDb rating
    Tora-san in Goto Documentary 2016 1H 54M 8.9
    Moon of a sleepless night Animation 2016 0H 27M 8.0
    Gon, The Little Fox Animation 2019 0H 27M 7.8
    The Girl from the Other Side Animation 2019 0H 09M 7.8
    The Flavor of Green Tea over Rice Classic 1952 1H 55M 7.7
    A Story of Yonosuke Drama 2013 2H 40M 7.6
    0.5mm Drama 2014 3H 16M 7.4
    Key of Life Comedy 2012 2H 08M 7.4
    Sumikkogurashi: Good to be in the corner Animation 2019 1H 05M 7.4
    Tsukiji Wonderland Documentary 2016 1H 50M 7.4
    Peace Documentary 2010 1H 15M 7.3
    The Great Passage Drama, Romance 2013 2H 13M 7.2
    Drawer Hobs Animation 2011 0H 24M 7.1
    Café Funiculi Funicula Drama, Fantasy 2018 1H 56M 6.9
    Kick-Heart Animation 2013 0H 13M 6.9
    Tremble All You Want Drama, Comedy 2017 1H 57M 6.9
    Dance With Me Musical 2019 1H 43M 6.8
    Pigtails Animation 2015 0H 28M 6.8
    Li'l Spider Girl Animation 2012 0H 24M 6.6
    Tokyo Marble Chocolate Animation 2007 0H 60M 6.5
    Ecotherapy Getaway Holiday Drama 2014 1H 28M 6.4
    Lady Maiko Musical, Comedy 2014 2H 15M 6.4
    Little Nights, Little Love Romance, Drama 2019 1H 59M 6.3
    One Night Drama 2019 2H 03M 6.3
    Our 30-Minute Sessions Romance 2020 1H 54M 6.3
    Railways Drama 2013 2H 10M 6.1
    Stolen Identity Mystery, Thriller 2018 1H 56M 5.3
    Norman the Snowman - The Northern Light Anitmation 2013 0H 25M N/A
    Project Dreams - How to Build Mazinger Z's Hangar Drama 2020 1H 55M N/A

    Railways is good.

    I like that you have 24 hours to watch the film.

    Films are available for 24 hours only, from the scheduled starting times.
    You will no longer be able to playback films when they reach the 24-hour expiration limit.


    Awesome, thanks for posting this!

    Lots of great stuff there.

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    On the surface it looks good: easy registration, free, 24hour window to play titles, good video-bandwidth options from 576p-1080p, optional subtitles…

    And THEN we get into the actually-trying-to-play-them: can't use this browser with that operating system, supposedly due to "technical issues"…

    KOFFIA, MIFF, SFF had no issues with the same platform… but JFF unfortunately dropped the ball. Seems like it's only a token offer, with no effort made to accommodate the 000s (or millions?) of users who don't meet those stringent criteria.

    Anyway, sour grapes aside, hope whoever does get them going enjoys the films.


      Agreed. Please remove my positive vote (at least I'm not negging it). Absolutely nothing I can use.


      KOFFIA went down fast cause people were downloading.


      Apparently the issue is to do with someone breaking Widevine L3 DRM in late October: https://krebsonsecurity.com/2020/10/google-mending-another-c...

      People were using this to make webrips from KOFFIA, which is why they had to shut it down screenings partway through.

      Googling around, some other festivals using the same Shift72 platform have the same workaround as this one: instead of cancelling completely they switched to only supporting Widevine L1, which is much more secure. But support is bad outside recent iOS/Android. Google didn't even do it in desktop Chrome and Widevine is their own product.

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    iOs devices and Microsoft Edge only. :(


    The player works with Android and Chromecast, most of the films so far have been great.