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$5 Bonus (Min Spend $5) - Targeted | iHerb - 20% Cashback ($20 Cap) @ Cashrewards


Just received this by email.

iHerb 20% cashback - stack with 22% off sitewide.

Terms and conditions
To activate and receive your bonus, you must be logged into the Cashrewards account that corresponds to the email account that received your bonus email.
This promotion is open only to members that receive an invitation email directly from Cashrewards.
To be eligible for the AUD $5 bonus, you must first activate the promotion on this page, then shop as normal via any online or in-store merchant on Cashrewards, excluding Woolworths Gift Cards.
Transaction must be made between 7:00AM AEDT 11/11/20 and 11:59PM AEDT 11/11/20.
$5 bonus is eligible when making a qualifying purchase of AUD $5 or more in a single transaction (inclusive of GST, after discounts, and before shipping).
$5 bonus is ineligible when purchasing from any store or cashback rate showing 0% cashback.
$5 bonus will not be added to your Cashrewards account at time of purchase. It will be credited separately as approved by 16/1/2021.
$5 bonus is over and above the advertised store cashback rates which still apply to the transaction.
Transaction is valid if made online via desktop browser, Cashrewards mobile app, Cashrewards Notifier, or mobile browser.
Transaction is also valid if made in-store at participating stores via a linked Visa/Mastercard. Stores, locations, and terms here.
Sales may report to Cashrewards ex GST so the amount shown in your account may be less than $5. You will still be eligible for the bonus.
Selected stores report orders with multiple items as individual transactions into your Cashrewards account. These are still eligible.
$5 bonus is limited to one per qualifying Cashrewards account. Separate transactions from different stores do not qualify for additional bonuses.
$5 bonus is ineligible if an order is cancelled, changed, returned, rejected, if you purchase an ineligible product, or if you purchase from a 0% cashback store/cashback rate (all standard store cashback terms and exclusions apply).
Cannot be used in conjunction with any other activation bonuses that may be current at this time.
Fraudulent activity will result in rewards being forfeited and accounts closed.


During the 17 hour promotional period, 20% cashback for iHerb is capped at $20 in total per member account, irrespective of the number of transactions made. Valid 7am to 11:59pm AEDT 11/11/2020. Cashback is ineligible on orders made via the iHerb mobile app. Cashback is ineligible when using codes not listed on Cashrewards. Cashback is ineligible when using customer referral rewards codes for a discount on purchase

Referral Links

Referral: random (4330)

$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 90 days.

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  • Glad to be the first one to + this - got it on my CR :-)

  • Again?

  • +4

    Targeted :(

  • +3

    Sorry, you're not eligible for this offer.

  • +2

    That's a lot of cashback rewards over the last 2 weeks! I hope it all tracks :)

  • +10

    I also wasnt getting these offers until I followed TA's tip in the previous deal - to subscribe to the notifications. Subscribed and got this one :-)
    (Not able to link to TA's direct comment, see the first comment here )

    Heres the direct link to TA's comment - Thanks TA :-)

    • +1

      Same here…. Followed TA's link and got targeted for this one …. Yay 😁

    • +1

      I signed up after that comment but still didn't get this one :(

  • +5

    Sorry, you're not eligible for this offer.

  • Your kidding me, just placed an order 2 hours ago, anyone know how to cancel ?

    • +1

      I could cancel my order from last night through 'orders'

    • I placed an order on Saturday… where there was only an 11% code & much less Cashback %.. thinking to buy more now…

  • +1

    Sorry, you're not eligible for this offer.

  • +1

    Tired of seeing this :/

    Sorry, you're not eligible for this offer.

    I thought in single day they might back up singles but :(((((

    Single forever (V_V)

  • +5

    I'm single yet I'm still not eligible..

  • grrr i ordered yesterday!

  • +1

    Sorry, you're not eligible for this offer.

  • I just opted for the newsletter after the last $10 offer, and yes I'm eligible for this. Got an email today

  • Some of you guys are lucky. I subscribed to the communications but didn't get targeted

  • Sweet got the email.

  • Got the email too!

  • First time I got targeted, thanks!

  • $5 bonus is ineligible when purchasing from any store or cashback rate showing 0% cashback.
    feel confused e.g, I purchase $10 something from chemist
    warehouse, cashback rate is 1%, meaning $0.01, whether still eligible to get $5 bonus?

    • The cashback rate is 1% not 0%. You have answered your own question. Also I think 1% of $10 is $0.10 ie. 10c, but I am not a math wiz.

  • Got one as well. Is there a activate now or anything. Nothing specific (link) on the email to click to get the bonus other than then subject?
    IGNORE: I read the OP above and explains to activate via here. Just no instructions on the email itself (strange).

  • Wow finally got targeted after ages!

  • +2

    Not sure if somethings wrong with my account but i’ve never been targeted for any promotion like this. My email preferences are on, kinda strange.

    • Same for me, I receive all other crap email every time but not even once targeted.:(

  • Targeted offer, thanks got one:)

  • CRAP spent over $300 with them yesterday with just the 22% and 8% cashback. I want my extra $40!

    • +1

      Calm down - it’s capped at $20 so you wouldn’t get $40 anyway.

  • Can this be used for Woolworths GC?

    • No.

      • thanks mate!

  • Nice my wife and I both got this.

    50% cashback @ Book Depository with this = almost free kids books :)

  • Can I pay with gift card & still get the $5 ?

  • Sorry, you're not eligible for this offer.

  • +1

    I'll definitely do that iHerb order now 😁

  • +2

    you dont have to buy from iherb it can be from any store like ebay?

    • +1

      Yeah any store.

    • +1

      I meant for that extra 20% cashback
      22% discount code + 20% cashback, is pretty where from iHerb

  • Can I club it with menulog pizza coke offer?

  • Bah, I placed an incorrect order, cancelled it, and placed the proper order within a few minutes. As i placed the order, cashrewards still said 20% off. But now in tracking it has my incorrect and cancelled order as 20% and the other order as 0.8%….? How do i rectify this, I wouldnt have placed the order in the first place if it wasnt for 20% off

  • When buying from iherb, is it better to choose AUD or USD? Assuming you have fee-free card?

    • Don't think it'd make a difference? I mean you have to buy from their Australian website as I'm pretty sure their USA website doesn't ship to Australia.

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