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Prima Taste Singapore Curry / Laksa La Mian 178g $3.60 ea (Was $4.50) @ Woolworths


Top tier insta noods hands down, but also a price tag to match. Laksa La Mian also available.

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  • No crab flavour?

    • Looks like Woolies only stocks these two flavours.

      • Damm, local asian grocery has the crab one and it was $4.50.

        Ive yet to try it..

        • I tried it and honestly for 4.5 it is quite a steal.

          • @Bahngain: I just had the Black Pepper Chlly Crab version and it's quite nice. Leaves a very mmmm taste. Just missing real crab!!!

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    One of the best '2 min noodles' you can buy! As close as you can get to a 'Curry Laksa' without going to a Malaysian/Singaporean takeaway or making it yourself.

    To make it a bit fancy, I usually add some chicken thigh (poached in the soup), beansprouts and fried tofu. I then slice/shred the chicken and top it off with fresh chilli, fried shallots, corriander and wedge of lime (if spare in fridge/pantry).

    Mmmm getting really hungry now…

    • you know, the sad part is that it used to be sold for about $2 a pack or lower…

      the paper boxes (without the noodles) was under the $3-4 mark per box. which you can make about 4-6 servings.
      I know this because at one point i got 3 cartons for $2.5 per box.

      now it's easily $6 each. i suppose the prices reflect the popularity of these things.

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    Prima Taste Singapore Curry

    What about Singapore noodles?

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      there's no such thing in singapore.

      • -3

        They don't sell Singapore noodles in Singapore? Why not? Is it a 'health' thing?

  • How do these compare to the mamee-chef ones which are half price this week… and are pretty darn good…

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      For dollar per net weight, these Prima ones ($20.22/kg) are only ~27% more expensive than the Mamee Chef ($15.97/KG). I have no doubt the Prima noodles are heads over heels better than cup noodles.

      • Have you tried both?

        • +2

          I have. Prima is WAY better than Mamee, hands down.

          • @Hamlet: OK, I'll try it, but I'll need my hands…

  • Holy crap $3.60 for instant noodles?

    But I do like Laksa….I will try.

    • Have you tried these ?

    • +1

      It'll change ur life brother

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        I have it in my head that instant noodles should be around 50c to $1 a pop.

        $4 is a lot for an instant noodle snack, I am worried I will like it.

        • Try these. It feels significantly more substantial than the typical <$1 packets of instant noodles.

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          Yeah these aren't the thin salty soup and cheap noodles that you get with regular instant noodles. The soup is THICC and luxe mouthfeel and the noodles are actually quite substantial.

          As pointed out above, pad this out with some protein and vegies and you have yourself a very hearty and tasty full meal, whereas no matter how much spam I keep adding to other instant noodles all I can just feel is my eventual kidney failure.

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    Since we can't pop down to the other fresh food people (Cold Storage), Woolworths will do.

    • I feel that joke will be lost on those who haven't lived in (or visited) Singapore before.

      ps. I was more of a Fair Price kindof guy.

      • I had a great Sheng Siong a few hundred metres from where I lived but I couldn't resist.

  • These are as good if not better than the laksa you buy at restaurants. The only difference is it has no meat and veggies.

  • Go to your Asian grocery store or chain, this is way expensive. You can get 3 for $6 on special there

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      Where? All the Asian grocery stores I've tried on the Gold Coast all sell them for $4.50. I've never seen them on special, except at Woolies

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        I don't know much about Asian grocery stores in QLD but I assume twig is referring to Asian grocery stores which are located in the suburbs (and not in any malls which have a Coles/Woolies in the same complex).

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          Yep, definitely the ones in the suburbs or wherever you can find a "Chinatown" of sorts where theres lots of competition

          We're a bit more spoiled for choice in NSW

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      Lucky you. The lowest price I've seen even at Asian grocery is 3 for $10.

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    Avoid the curry flavour. It tastes like any other (cheaper) curry noodles.

    Laksa is what Prima is well known for. Taste is excellent.

      • +1

        Tis true! This brand was recommended to me by Singaporean/Malaysian colleagues purely for how authentic tasting the Laksa is. Lots of people I know love it, but not me (not a fan of the strong fishy/anchovy flavours).

        I really can't comment on the other Curry Noodles, as I havent tried them. My 2 min noodle pantry consists mainly of instant Japanese Ramen (from Japanese specialty stores) and the Korean Spicy Ramen (Samyang - Spicy chicken/Carbonara).

      • curry noodles != curry laksa noodles.

        a bit of nuance to the naming, but we don't call it curry laksa noodles, just laksa.

        one starts with shrimp paste, while the other is entirely curry spices (which might contain seafood), both 'styles' incorporate different ratios of coconut milk at different cooking time.

        they are not the same thing.

  • Is this the cheapest they go at woolies?

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