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DJI Mini 2 Flymore Combo $844.60 @ JB Hi-Fi


pretty good price consider Mini2 just released last week. Not all store have stock.

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This is part of Singles' Day Sales for 2020.

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    Will pass this time as I am still happy with my Mini 1
    for those that can score 5% off JB Giftcard
    can bring the out of pocket cost down to $803

  • Great find!

  • +1

    Can DJI care refresh be added with purchase?

    • +1

      Not sure if DJI has that option online, but you can always buy direct from DJI within 48hrs of activating the drone (or even before use).

      • Yes, you get 5% off first purchase (not off everything though) when you sign up to the DJI website.

        • +1

          The 5% off with DJI is not valid on the most recent Drones.

          The coupon can be used to purchase DJI product from the DJI Online Store (Except for DJI Mini 2, DJI Pocket 2, DJI OM 4, Phantom 4 Pro V2.0, Osmo Mobile 3, Tello EDU and their accessories, other newly launched or low stock products).

          • @richplatt: Correct, I was referring to buying the DJI care refresh for 5% off.

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    It's just DJI mini 2, not mavic mini 2.

    • You mean Mavic Air 2?

      • No, this is called just DJI mini 2

    • +3

      I actually find the new naming conventions become more confusing

      Mini 2
      Pocket 2

      You don’t really know what that is unless you know their products

      Mavic used to be the consumer grade drone
      And Osmo used to be consumer grade handheld gimbal

      • Yeah the name of this drive is less cool than the first gen

        • Its 2020 - less is more :)

  • +1

    Is this the new one ?

    • +3

      Yep just released.

  • What's normal price? Do you think we will see it this low again in the next 2 months or so?

    • +3

      my crystal ball says 50/50 for black Friday and 51/49 for boxing day

    • Hard to say, but the new DJI drones don't often go down in price for 6 months.
      Might get a similar price for Black Friday or after Christmas.

  • Thanks, purchased. It's only just been added to JB HiFi stock, I went in yesterday and they didn't have it in the system.

    I doubt it will get cheaper than this for a few months.

  • -1

    I believe you can get this from Digidirect for $806 with their 15% off sale

  • Can you go in store and order stock if the store is OOS? Looking to buy instore with coupon and Ultimate gift cards from Woolies per this deal for effectively another 10% off.

  • How to get the discount?its appear 949 in website

    • Did you use the coupon?

  • +1

    Thanks just grabbed it with the 5% discount cards - down to $809!

    Was undecided about finally switching from the Mavic Pro, but 16% off for a just released drone made the difference.

    • +1

      Did you purchase the gift cards just now? Went on AGL website and it says 3 business days delivery

      • Just use your 28 degrees card if you have one,then you need not worry about price drops :)

        • i heard they dont offer that anymore? and the name is now latitude.
          how do we know if our card still have this price protection feature?

          • @ChiMot: Don't really know but my card still offers. I just bought a Samsung s20 for the misses couple of month ago.

      • I did buy it just now but not from AGL due to the 3 day wait.

        I have access to another reward service that does instant gift cards. They say within an hour but mine came within minutes.

  • thinking between this or the mini 1 (i dont need fly more package) also photo video quality is not my number 1 priority. but i like ocusycn and panorama mode….

    • Mini 2 over Mini 1 for sure. 4K, Ocysync 2.0 and increased wind resistance is so worth it

      • i dont need the 4k thingie, wind resist just a bit improved i think? if the battery can go like 40% more of course i will jump to the mini 2.
        this ocusycn, yes drone can go further but will it become dangerous if we cant see the drone itself?

        • +4

          Technically you're not supposed to lose sight of the drone. You lose sight of the mini very quickly, within a half a km or there abouts because it's so small.

          You also poo yourself a little when you lose sight of it and you lose connection.

          • +1

            @John Kimble: thats what i read, and therefore i thought this ocusyn 2 thingie that make drone fly far is kind of pointless
            review said 10km lol… yeah who dare to fly it that far….

            • @ChiMot: Ngl, my mini 1 lost connection even when in LoS lol, WiFi interference is real bad in metro area

        • The battery difference is only a minute.

          Do you already have the Mini 1? Ocusync 2.0 is huge. I upgraded from the Mavic Air 1 to Mavic Air 2 and I haven't lost connection once to the drone. With the Mavic Air 1, I would sometimes get a dodgy connection only a few hundred meters away from me. This would be the same case with the Mini 1. Having your drone disconnect midflight is never a good feeling

          • +1

            @RickyBaker: oh yeah forgot ocu 2 also affect/make the stronger connection not just distance.
            hmm yeah i just want easy to drive drone, good build, and stable.

            no this would be my first drone, almost got the Tello but i think getting mid-range is better

            • @ChiMot: are you gonna buy it, it's so tempting atm

            • @ChiMot: I can't recommend the Mavic Air 2 enough, especially if you're looking to do photography rather than videography. It is quite the jump in price though.

              Only reason I'm picking up the Mini 2 is because I do a lot of multi-day hiking and I want a drone I can charge via USB-C

              • @RickyBaker: nope im not into photo or video hehehe i just want a good toy drone.
                so, mini 1 cannot be charged via usb C ?

            • @ChiMot: Don't get the tello unless you want a small toy.

              I've got a few drones and rarely ever bother with the tello. It's more for in the house or backyard/park fun than anything else.

            • +1

              @ChiMot: @ChiMot Got your money back from the tello scam yet?

    • +1

      One thing to note on the Ocusync upgrade is its not equal to that on the other Mavic, its limited to 720p/8mbit live feed vs the 1080p feed you might be used to. So you'll get all the dual band interference handling but not the quality. Its not so apparent on a small phone screen but if you happen to use a larger tablet or HDMI out to a large TV then it will stick out like a sore thumb.

    • Give you guys some perspective, I've had the Mavic Mini for about a year as I travel a lot and shoot videos for youtube, at least until COVID hit. Really convenient how portable it is and the picture quality is pretty damn good for what I need it for, as I don't give a damn about 4K I think it's still a gimmick. Sure it lacks obstacle avoidance but if you fly carefully it's not a problem, and usually I fly high in big open areas anyway. For tracking I thought about how often I'm really going to have a drone track me (or something else) around and it really wasn't that big of a deal. I used the Mini a lot and never had I once thought "oh man I wish I had tracking for this specific shot". Only thing I could think of is if you're in a car or motorbike and you wanna have it follow you around, cool shot but too much effort…

      The only thing that really let me down about Mini is the range. Enhanced wifi sucks. In urban areas you'd be lucky to get over 500m and in rural areas (I took this to islands in the Philippines for e.g.) I thought I could get something closer to the advertised 2km, but generally you're going to lose signal in the 800-1km range. Now usually that's enough to get your shot, but sometimes it wasn't and it was quite frustrating having it turn back everytime. The RTH feature works very well though, had it lose signal countless times and always returned to me. Wind resistance is also not great, but that's honestly expected for such a tiny drone.

      So for me the big improvement is Occusync 2.0, at least I hope so! For me that alone is worth it. When the Mini 2 got leaked a week ago I quickly sold my Mini 1 for $520 knowing resale value would tank after Mini 2 releases. Picked up Mini 2 off this deal tonight :) I'm also one of the lucky few who gets to go overseas this month so will get plenty of use out of it!

  • Not a lot of stores with stock unfortunately. Was just going to order, but I have to drive 2 hours to go collect it or pay $7 for shipping. Think I'll just wait till Black Friday/Boxing Day

    • My local JB wasn't in the list either so have to go to the next one.

      Else $7 delivery on Monday.

    • Harvey Norman will price match it. I call them up earlier.

  • World square in CBD was showing they had it in stock so I bought it with click and collect, then after that the "stock" disappeared from the website :/

  • got in chermside qld but my brain told me i'm not gonna use it frequent enough, should I buy it ? yeah I know the motto, buy now think later

    • im on the same boat but thought now to buy later…

      • their store will close within 1 hour, anyway I will pass this

        • there's always tomorrow… and delivery….

  • Thanks, just got my first DJI drone. Chose a local shop to pick up, hope they can make it ready within one hour.

    Wow, just got ready for pick up text message after 20 mins.

  • Isn't there a lot of restrictions when it comes to flying these at places that you really want to capture videos? Curious to know where people are using them…

    • +2

      Download the open sky app to have a look at restrictions in your area. Very handy to have on your phone

    • As this drone is under 250g, its not subject to all restrictions imposed by CASA but no you cant just fly it wherever you want. A lot of the rules are largely common-sense based anyway and mostly a no-brainer to understand and follow.

  • If only this had active tracking line the Mavic 2…

  • +1

    Superb. I've had a phantom and a mavic air and the mini 2 is next for me. For recreational use the tech in these things coupled with the lower price and now at under 250g less legal issues means I just keep downgrading. The quality keeps going up with each purchase and the stress and inconveniences that come with these things keep coming down . Easy decision, especially at this price.

        • +2

          and release those lobsters…. dont forget…. them

          • @ChiMot: Will someone please think of the lobsters!

          • @ChiMot: I didn't. I actually had some lobsters last night at a teppanyaki restaurant. They were delicious!!!

  • +2

    Got it at $802.41 after using 5% egift cards via Suncorp benefits. Thanks OP.

    • -2

      Why not the Mini 1 though? It this one really worth the $300 premium. I’m still tossing up between the two…

      • -1

        thats the whole discussion above ….

        • -2

          Nobody brought up the price difference though… I thought this was OzBargain

      • +2

        What interests me is occusyn 2. I would not buy a wifi drone.

      • More like $150 difference. I'm tossing up between these 2, any idea?

        • tbh it's probably better to wait for the Black Friday sale. There have been previous eBay deals for the Mini 1 that take it under $500.

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