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Spalding NBA Triple Double Basketball $34.99 (½ Price Was $69.99) + Free Shipping @ Rebel Sport


Indoor / Outdoor Basketball available in sizes 5, 6, and 7 all the same price at $34.99 with Free Shipping from Rebel Sport.

The Spalding NBA Triple Double Basketball is an ideal choice for competitive players with a durable rubber skin, suitable for both indoor and outdoor courts. The butyl bladder ensures superior air retention while a traditional wide channel design allows maximum grip and control on the court.

* Performance composite material
* Durable rubber skin for long-lasting play
* Butyl bladder ensures excellent air retention
* Traditional wide channel design for superior grip
* Suitable for both indoor and outdoor court use
* Ideal for competition play
* NBA branded

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  • Great find, OP!

  • Thanks OP!

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    Grabbed one of these in-store last week. Great ball for that price!

  • I recommend you test this ball straight away. On the first the one i got kinda warped out of shape. The replacement one has been fine to date but just make sure you test it early and exchange it if theres issues.

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    Can it talk? I need a friend.

  • Needed a basketball lol, perfect timing. Thanks OP.

    • Lol?

      • +1

        Maybe cos its a lol thing to need?

      • I chuckled after the word basketball

  • Which size is the official ball

    • 7

    • +9

      7 for men, 6 for women and kids aged 9-12, 5 for kids aged 5-8.

      • Note mens 3x3 is size 6

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          With the weight of a size 7

    • For aus domestic comps:
      Size 7 is for boys U16 and up.
      Size 6 is for boys U10-U14, girls U10 and up and mixed (adults).
      Size 5 is for U8.

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    These wear better than the Molten GNx but they are also hard and lack feel somewhat. Will not buy the Spalding triple double again - also you cannot easily see the backspin on these due to the single colour. Molten GNx (these were on sale recently for $40) or Spalding TF Grind would be my pick for decent quality, value outdoor balls.

    • So is TF Grind the best for concrete?

      • We go through a few of these balls every season and have always replaced them with molten GN and spalding TF Grind. These 2 are very similar!

    • Molten gnx on sale atm for $50. Worth it over this one for $35?

      • I would say yes. It is not worth saving the $15 for a ball that has a harder feel to it, which you cannot easily see backspin.

        • Sweet thanks, now to decide between the standard colour or the blue haha

          • @exc3113nce: GNx does not come in blue! (that I know of?) If you mean the GMx (this one comes in 3 colours I believe), that is a different category altogether.

            GMx is a great youth indoor ball. It is sometimes marketed as indoor/outdoor but if you use it outdoors you will wreck it. Buy the GM6 only and not the GM7. GM7s are slightly smaller than regulation size. If you put them up against a flat surface or wall you will see they are smaller than a regular size 7.

            • +1

              @highon2str: Oh whoop sorry was looking from the phone. The GNX (GN7x) is the standard one, the GMX is the blue one haha.

              Edit - looks like the GNX is only available in size 6 haha.

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    These balls always seem to be on sale for this price. I bought one a bit over a year ago to learn how to spin on
    a finger , which worked out alright. Probably better smoother balls for it.

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      I've got balls as smooth as eggs.

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        Your wife must be pleased

      • +1

        One of my balls is a size lower than the other.

    • Yep, a quick look through my email tells me I bought this ball for my daughter on 13 Sep 2017 and on 25 Nov 2018 for $34.99 both times. Must be a fairly standard price. Both balls started losing their air too quickly. Now using a Molten GG6X found on OzBargain for $67 delivered, much better.

      • GG is an expensive indoor ball. Great quality and my choice also for the stadium. Would never use it outdoors though.

        • Indeed, the Triple Double has become the outside ball at our house (pumping it up once a week), while the GG6X is exclusively the indoor ball.

  • +6

    Russell Westbrook's best friend

    • Until the playoffs, then it's bricks.

  • these seem to be hit and missed, used friend's ball in the past and seems good, but when I bought one, it didn't bounce right despite getting pumped to the right pressure (and over). Best test it in store and be sure your happy with the feel and bounce.

  • I'd better stick to the triple single.

  • Do not get this ball, its the confirmed finger breaker

  • Is this "bargain" really 11x better than this one?

  • Out of stock, can't add to cart

    • I Just checked and found that all sizes are still in stock and available to be shipped.

  • Thanks OP

    Used 3 or more of these over the years (work social and at home) - I really love them. I'm not SC30 or anywhere near close, but I really like the feel and they last reasonably well on concrete. Agree this is the usual sale price but having free delivery saves me a trip to collect it.

  • I expect we might see a few deals like this before Wilson takes over manufacturing of balls in the NBA this season. Can't really go wrong with these in my mind and I might get some extras before the licensed Spalding's potentially disappear.

    • Wilson balls are on special atm too.

  • Has the free shipping expired? Shows up as $9.99 for me

  • In store still $34.95, just bought one.

  • Bought 2 for free shipping.

    Arrived deflated so pumped them up and both didn't bounce properly. Maybe needed time to reshape properly.

    2 days later still didn't bounce properly.

    Ended up returning them and got a credit for a Spalding TF Elite.

    Probably not fair to compare this ball to the Elite, but both just didn't bounce properly. You would have thought it would at least bounce straight.

    This ball didn't feel like a $70 ball.

    On another note, is anybody else disappointed at the Molten BG4x00 series ball? Had the BF7x previously and it was a great ball but the BG4000 and BG5000 didn't feel right when tested at Rebel. The composite pattern changed.

    Hence got the Spalding TF Elite instead. Felt very similar to the TF 1000 but was $40 cheaper.

    Would like to try the Spalding official NBA leather ball one day, but I'm a very average player. Carrying an official NBA leather ball onto the court would carry some expectations from other players that I'm a half decent player lol

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