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2020 Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Smart Heart Rate Fitness Tracker Bluetooth Waterproof Band A$35.79 @ Mi Global Zone Store via AliExpress


Don't miss out on the 11.11 Sale for 2 days only !!

Main Features​:
* Color Sreen: 1.1" large screen color display, resolution : 126 x 294 RGB

  • Alarm (Must be set in Application | Snooze Mode : 10 minutes) .

  • Sensor: 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope

  • 100+ online theme dials and custom wallpapers

  • Battery : 125mAh battery compacity,Up to 14 days (Recharging time <2 Hours)

*Control the phone to take photos

  • Music Smart Control.

  • 11 professional sports modes (Outdoor running, Outdoor cycling, Indoor cycling, Power walking, Swimming, Elliptical machine, Treadmill, Skipping rope, Yoga, Rowing machine, Freestyle,)

  • Step counting data depends on many factors, and excessive shaking and riding may increase its data! Its function is mainly used for step counting during running, please ignore its usual data.

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  • No EMS ePacket shipping method which is useless unless you're willing to wait 3 months to receive it.

    • is it the actual ePacket company? they're usually very fast. What happened?

      Or are chinese stores lying and used the ePacket name and using China Post?

      • +4

        ePacket used to be great, couple of dollars and much faster. Seems to be very rare to see it as an option now, and is also much slower

        • You can always tell, because epacket use branded packets or at least tape.

          if it's showing up in a normal pack, its a lie, and was chinapost.

          • @MasterScythe: I bought 6 items from the same seller upgraded to ePacket only cost an extra US$3.50. The shipping time is 2-3 weeks via AusPost.

            • @KOBH: Some sellers still offer it, but the majority no longer do.

              Will be interesting to see if the 2-3 weeks actually occurs - it hasn't been for me lately.

    • Usually one month for me

    • +2

      Most items from AliExpress are only taking 2-3 weeks currently (and stuff turns up almost daily for me). It's quicker than using Auspost from Brisbane to Melbourne at the moment.

      • I ordered haps of items from AliExpress 3 months ago, all of it 13-20 days ePacket shipping.

        Some arrived within that window, most arrived days before the 90-day automatic refund

        So that rules out AliExpress for all Christmas shopping for me

        • Automatic refund? Don't think that's a thing

  • +8

    Amazfit 5 is also on sale, ended up being $34usd for me so about $46. I think it's worth the $10 extra for the spo2 and Alexa.

    • can i get a link ?

      • https://a.aliexpress.com/_mPd1QdL

        You may be able to get it down better than what I got if you use the coupons on shopback along with 12% cashback. I forgot to go through shopback when I ordered….

        • Thanks for the link.
          How did you get it for A$46? I got $53.58

          • @bwid: try this one
            I got it down to $50.8 minus 12% cashback should be around $46

          • @bwid: I just played with the coupon, I had a $2.40 AliExpress coupon, a store coupon, and $2 pay by PayPal discount. And paid in USD. But try going through shopback also. There's some coupons there that may be better than the AliExpress one. I used the $15 shopback coupon to buy the 2 camera eufy cam also, bought it down to $176usd.

    • Bought one, thanks.

    • +1

      Just so you guys know Amazfit is not associated with Amazon.

      • I thought it was another Xiaomi ecosystem sub-brand?

    • Will that work with the Mi Fit app?

  • where do i put the code?

  • what is the difference between chinese and global versions beside global versions are more expensive?

    • +1

      The Chinese version only has English and Chinese language and the Global one has a few other languages.

  • +2

    For those who couldn't get the $1.59 one from the other sale :)

  • This seems to be the non-NFC version?

    • +1

      The NFC version only works at China

  • +1

    How do these compare to the tracking of garmin watches for running?

    • +1

      Not sure about gamin but found it to be more accurate than my old fit bit charge HR. There were some reviews online that state that it's more accurate than some of the Samsung ones. I have had the mi band 5 for about 2 months and its bloody awesome i am getting 2.5 weeks battery life even with phone call and sms notifications on and HR monitoring at 10 min intervals and I workout once a day for a hour which has constant HR during workout. Jump on eBay and get a nylon Velcro band for about $5. Its makes it comfy to wear 24/7 and you forget that it's even in your hand.

      • Can you share the link to the nylon velcro band that you bought? I am also looking for one but not sure if the band need to be removed for charging or not. Thanks mate!

      • That's amazing for the price

    • At this price, just get one to see. I doubt it compares honestly though, I don't think it's something I could rely on.

    • It only has connected GPS i.e. carry your phone too

    • If you want a watch with inbuilt GPS, perhaps look at a Bip. If you want to listen to music as well from the watch, consider the Stratos.

  • Has anyone tried the amazfit S? Trying to decide between the S and the one above.

    S is around $94 delivered https://a.aliexpress.com/_m0bHJCN

    • This seems interesting but GPS makes the battery life drain pretty quick, is that normal for these types f smart watches with GPS?

      • +1

        Yeap this is the main reason I bought the mi band 5 (over 2 weeks battery) and also it has better accuracy compared to amazfit. It can still map your workout as it just uses your phones gps.

        • Downside is you need to take the phone.

      • I was looking at reviews at one of the GPS ones that was on ozbargin the other day and review was that it's like 8 hours or something battery life if GPS is on. So I think it'll be safe to assume all watch with GPS function left on all day will drain the battery. Not that you need it on all day anyways.

      • Bip has 40 days average battery life and 22 hours battery life for continuous GPS usage. Stratos is about 5 day average battery life and 35 hours battery life for continuous GPS usage. You only activate GPS when needing to track distances for workouts.

    • Alternative could be Stratos for $118 - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/580512

      • Wow that’s nice. Really looks like a proper watch!

  • I'm guessing this price is only for the CN model?

    • The global model is 44.84 AUD

      • Does it come with any warranty?

  • +2

    I need to use the vibration function to wake me up in the morning (saves me from waking my wife)
    With the Band 5 is:
    1. The vibration strong enough to wake?
    2. Can you set the time to vibrate on the watch or do you need the app?

    • +1
      1. Yes (for me).
      2. Need the app to set the times, however, you can then enable/disable alarm times on the watch once they have been added (there are toggles on the watch for each alarm).
    • I haven't found any of the bands to be strong enough to wake you, if you do find one however.. holla.

  • +1

    any one notice an improvement over the mi band 4?

    • +1

      Better charging method, you dont have to detach the band to charge anymore.

  • Got it for USD 40.

  • Does it come with any warranty and is it original?

  • +2

    I refused to buy from aliexpress since they denied my dispute. Warranty is questionable.

    • any thoughts on in compare to honor band 6

  • -3

    before [confirm to buy] (miBand5 amazfit5,…) savings -$us12, after click no savings. Applied GLOBALZONE for only -us$2
    Can I communicate this false promise with AliExpress (considering that Australia is in the blacklist for China relations)?

  • +1

    Never used AliExpress before but I decided to take a risk and ordered China version of the mi band 5 for $35.79 delivered I'm just looking for heart rate monitor for gym and walking etc so it's good for me just hopefully it arrives before Xmas ahaha

  • Wonder how long it will take to RECIEVE my mi band 5 they said it actually coming from HK

    • +1

      Has your order bee shipped? Mine has not yet, and no response from the online chat with the shop.

      • Yea says shipped but gives me like a 4 week time line

        • +1

          Thanks, I will be waiting for the update then.

        • +2

          That's cos the ship departs on the 18th but the cut off was on the 11th or 12th. Usually takes about 26 days to arrive in Australia.

  • +1

    SHIPMENT left country of origin & accepted by airport

  • +1

    on the plane leaving HK

  • Mine just arrived

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