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[PC, PS4] Free - 60 Primogems and 10k Mora for Genshin Impact - Genshin website


Can also be redeemed on PS4 via:

Start -> Settings -> Account -> Redeem code

Another code: Genshingift


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    Amber > all. Lol.


      Amber is solid choice but I wish she gets a bit buffed


        Shes autoinclude in exploring comps though.


      She is only Archer on f2p account and constellation 1. And still lv10


      Some players use Amber (and other 4-star characters/units only) for Spiral Abyss Floor 9. Who needs 5-star units (but you're guaranteed to get at least one every 90 summons from the pity system anyway, if you summon on the proper banner). Talk about good players vs bad players.


    My wife said she couldn't redeem the codes on PS4.


      apparently it got updated and u can do it in game on PS4 now


        Oh well the PS4 just got formatted and packed away for tomorrow. Will have to wait to do it on PS5 now..

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    So this is the game of that this stream playing while charting DXY lol

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    The code GENSHINGIFT worked for me in addition to this code - gives 50 Primogems, 3 x Hero’s Wit. Just plucked it out of a random google search (https://www.thegamer.com/genshin-impact-new-codes-free-primo...)

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    Oh, PS4 players can finally use codes. Nice.

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    30 chests worth of primo gems! Two 20h expeditions in Mora! Awesome


    Wasn't able to claim it on my account. I just downloaded the game and made an account an hour ago and have completed the first quest or two. Do I need to have progressed further to claim it?


    It works on mobile too.

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      A bit of willpower and it's a very enjoyable free game. It's a very good game even free to play.
      The new story in todays update was great, paying money doesn't even seem worth it since the entire game is so gated behind timed resin even if you spend $200 to get a new character you probably wont be able to use it lol.

      Even the best value pack is $8 for 19 summons worth of gems, which is quite terrible.


    Dang what game is this and why haven't I heard of it before. Art style looks amazing.

    Is it a proper game or mobile pay to win micro transactions bs?

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        Eh I'll pass. No time for mobile gaming bs these days. Give me a full game and i'll gladly hand over $60-$100

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          it is a full game

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          It's gacha and the rates are very bad.

          Go play other games. I don't recommend it. You either spend hours to level or spend money to win.

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            @neonlight: win what? its a pve game

            you play if you enjoy exploring and questing

            if you dont, then dont play

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              @Freestyle: Unless you got the time to grind you will need to get pay to get through high stages and bosses. Winning over bosses etc

              Mate i would rather play Zelda BOTW, FE3H, Persona 5 Royal over this Gacha. At least they are full games, no additional payments.

              A lot of gamers think its ok to go for content based payment. I don't. Call me an old gamer if you like

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                @neonlight: But you paid for BOTW right? You can play this game for free by choice… if not then you can put the same money you bought for BOTW and get a lot. Obviously it's all preference but for a free game this one isn't bad.

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                @neonlight: Nah you're wrong, I haven't spent anything and I've cleared the story and beat every boss easily. The grind is about 30mins to 1 hour max per day, it's very friendly to play casually. It's not even PvP so there's nothing to "win" or compete for.

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                @neonlight: get through what? I also still dont know what you are trying to win exactly

                I got through EVERYTHING without paying a dime. I dont have a gambling problem so its not hard to “resist” buying.

                For BOtW i need to buy a $400 console, no thanks

                P5R is a completely different type of game, dont compare apples to oranges just because they are both rpgs

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                  @Freestyle: "Got through everything"
                  Have you cleared the hardest versions of all domains? cleared at least floor 8 of spiral abyss (really people are pushing way further than that).
                  All without paying on the gacha or for resin?
                  If so you must play a lot and use all/most of your freely gained gems on resin, right?
                  If you are talking just the central story, well then of course because a blind spaz could do that with base characters.

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                    @thearbiter117: Floor 8? I cleared that last month using the main character and another 5 star that I pulled (most people have 1), its not that hard lol.
                    I'm in floor 11 now, havent spent much time trying to progress there because lots of other stuff to do.

                    Never paid for Gacha, i won the giveaway so I got that monthly card

                    Play a lot? not really no, this is not my main game and I work so I don't play as much as those youtubers who are already AR50 or sth. Use free gems on resin? No, only used the first refill a few times a week when I needed some stuff

                    If you use your resources decently you dont feel so limited :)


      Somewhere inbetween i would have to say.
      Its like if Destiny 2 (live service, story driven RPG), Breath of the wild (exploration based gameplay, soft cartoony style) and Fate grand order (gacha character driven, with story) adopted a half chinese half japanese baby game and raised it
      You can play on PC or PS4 as well, its not only a garbage mobile game.
      For free you can have some decent fun, really only need to play excessive amounts or need gacha characters if trying to clear hardest challenges. If just playing for the story and exploration its really quite chill even with base characters.

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    I must be getting old.


    No diona or childe I'm sad


      Past my editing time: That player actually 9-starred Spiral Abyss Floor 9 using F2P characters (4-stars only), not just cleared it. Also here is him 6-starring (clearing with 6-stars) Spiral Abyss Floor 11 using 4-star characters only. Regarding getting 5-star character(s)/unit(s), I'm sure you already know but if you don't, everyone is guaranteed to get at least one in every 90 pulls/summons on the proper banner (pity system). Good luck.

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    What server does everyone play on America or Asia?

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      For PS4, it's set on Asia server by default. I tried using my US account to play on US server (because my housemate made a PC account on 'default' US server) but I can't access the in-game 'Shop' on my PS4 US account. For PC and mobile, you can play on any server with pretty much full access. I think you already know this but just wanna give this info out to those who don't know.

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      for some reason my roll luck is far better in Asia server lol

      rolled diluc jean razor in one go

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      better times

      also better ping in my case

      Asia was 300

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        At launch, I selected Asia and I had around ~150 ping, then, the next day I logged in I had ~330 ping, then the day after that and everyday since I've been on the ~150 ping server (I'm from Melbourne)
        i.e. I assume either they had a server hiccup or maybe they have multiple Asia servers?
        (Also their official FAQ recommends ASIA for Oceania)

        What's your ping on US?


          constant 210

          Asia still 300

          probably something to do with my ISP

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    With a character that has only barely started the game/tutorial, I could redeem GENSHINGIFT but not GENSHIN1111


    Need to do a 12gb update first.

    I only made it up to the part where I nearly entered the town. Think I can use this code?

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      You can redeem codes on the website so give it a try


        Thanks for the tip, I'll give it a go!