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Logitech G400 Gaming Mouse $23.96 @ Dick Smith


Hi guys,

Was just in Dick Smith and saw Logitech g400 mouse for only 23.96. Pretty annoyed cos I just upgraded my mx518 for one and it was 35 on logitechshop so go grab a good mouse cheap!

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    dicksmith.com.au** not .com mate

    Better yet here is a link straight to the item


  • You've left the .au off the address

  • Sorry, just on iPhone so I just assumed web address :)
    Edit: doesn't let me change URL to different domain /facepalm

  • Sweet totally picking it up after work! I was just about to get one of these from LogitechShop…now I don't have to wait for shipping.

    Can't wait to see what it's like with Skyrim!

  • Awesome thanks +1 Had an mx518 for years and it's perfect fit for my hands. Great deal and delivered also….

    • when i was looking for a mouse everyone recommended the mx518 to me, but i couldnt get past how extremely ugly it was. this is much better. good work OP!

  • Hey nice deal, can someone tell me what the difference is of this compared the mx518?

  • mega thanks, had my eye on one of these for a while. Stacked with wish gift card for a further 5% off.

  • Am I the only one who thinks that woolies online systems (including dick smith, bigw and dan murphys) are excellent?

    Praise where praise is due imo

  • $22.76 after staff discount and free express postage. Nice deal and thanks OP. Now I just need to find a killer deal on a mechanical keyboard that isn't >$100.

  • Thanks buddy :D

  • zomg just bought one for 35 :(( gna go stock up!

  • Thanks heaps! grabbed one for me and the hubby :D

  • maybe logitechshop can beat this price? :P

    I dunno if i should impulse buy this lol!

    Not a fan of corded mice ;/

    should I buy or pass?

    currently using ms explorer mini blue track mouse lol!

  • Got one, great deal, great mouse, another ex-mx518 fanboy ;)

  • Good deal - just ordered one

  • I think this is the mouse we use at work, its very smooth and a pleasure to use! I'm not a fan of corded mice, but I cant pass this deal up.

  • Just ordered one, the price is unbelievable for this mouse. Currently the cheapest is $35 at logitechshop but it's only $24 here!
    Thanks for posting. :)

  • sale price $23.96 + save $9.98 = $33.94
    Still cheaper than Logitechshop sale price?

  • watwatwat

    Re keyboard - Dick Smith have the Logitech G110 Gaming Keyboard that is also discounted. $53.96 (Save $35.98) with free delivery.

    Here is the direct link: http://dicksmith.com.au//product/YG0924/logitech-g110-gaming...

    • I don't think the G110 is a mechanical keyboard… they're not exactly cheap, nor have I seen Logitech make a mechanical keyboard.

  • Can someone please explain the location of the 8 programmable buttons that this mouse is advertised as having? When I read the Getting Started User Guide (PDF) and look at the pictures of this mouse it only shows 6 buttons including the scroll wheel.

    When its actually advertised as having Eight programmable buttons + wheel.


    • Did you include the left click and right click buttons?

      • oh so those are also included as programmable buttons in the 8? Just didn't think to include those since they are standard on every mouse so realy shouldn't be counted as programmable since changing them would nolonger be able to operate windows without the left or right click.

        • My hypothesis is that programmable buttons means that via software - you can change the function of the different buttons. Although the G400 is more or less a right handed mouse, advertising it with 8 programmable buttons suggests that the user will be able to swap the right click with left click function and vice versa if they use their mouse left handed or for some other reason.

  • I was going to post this as a separate deal but

    G35 Headset $88.80 ($95.00 @ LTS)
    Gaming Keyboard G510 $77.40 ($79 @ LTS)
    G700 Wireless Mouse $77.40 ($79 @ LTS)

    G15 Gaming Keyboard $60 (no stock online)
    G9x Laser Mouse $60 (no stock online)

    • Yeah.. I picked up a g510 keyboard and a g400 :) Tho, i did have to go to 2 separate stores.. Can't complain tho.. $100 for a gaming keyboard & mouse ..

  • It's been killing me they haven't made a wireless version of this mouse. Close to perfect for me in its size, shape, side-button positions, and lack of a tilt-unfriendly HypeScroll wheel.

  • Just picked up mine from DSE Eastgardens. Still had four left as at 1:30 PM.

  • Sweet, picked a couple up for me and the boyfriend at Dick Smith Brookside, Brisbane. The staff didn't even realise it was on special because apparently they ran out of discount signs and as soon as we left the counter they went to go pick up some for themselves - so not sure if any still in stock!

  • Hi, I'm wondering if someone could tell me the cord length of G400 is exactly? This is quite important to me since my PC tower is far away from my current wireless mouse. Thanks in advance

  • Sounds like a good deal. Does anyone know if the size of this mouse will be smaller than M500? I had sore wrist using M500. My wrist and logitech mouse dont seem to get along. :(

  • WOW!

    Logitechshop has this mouse for $19 with free delivery!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    $5 bux cheaper than Dick Smith

  • is the g700 as comfortable as g400?

    • I own both, I use the G700 currently but the G400 is actually more comfortable to hold and has rubber side grips as opposed to the G700's texturised plastic side grips.

      The G700 has a very distinctly high arch and for some gamers, particularly those who prefer the "claw" grip, it's not that comfortable.

      I simply need a wireless gaming mouse so I stick with the G700. But the G400 is a very strong contender and if it were wireless I would be using it non-stop.
      The only thing I don't like about the G400 is the rather cheap feel of the scroll wheel and the fact that the "indents" on the scroll wheel don't feel as solidly defined as the G700's. It also lacks horizontal scrolling but that's not a big issue.

      The cord is completely non-intrusive and extremely thin and lightweight.

      Overall it's a wonderful mouse for this price and even hard-core gamers will find it more than adequate.