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Mayvers Crunchy Dark Roast Peanut Butter $2.62 (+ Other Varieties) + Delivery (Free with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU

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      I think 0.12 to have it delivered (if you already have Prime) is still a good deal…

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    Thank you kindly for posting. Happy to pay the 12 cents not to drive to, or support, Coles.

    • Ahmen!

      • Beside exploiting people’s angst during pandemic by not rationing in-demand goods, thereby promoting hoarding to increase profits and expose true and awful human nature, why else are they scum?

      • I get great service from Coles delivery, both price and freshness of products.

        • I get no delivery from Coles. Amazon delivery is fast and reliable. Am helping AusPost contract delivery person to make money.
          Different circumstances.

        • You get a better experience than I do. I don't think Coles are scum, I think they're a business run for profit.

          So it makes sense that if I'm not there to choose say meat or milk instore, and they're delivering, that they would send me meat or milk that is pretty close to the expiry date.

          It makes sense to me, I get it. But that means I do not get "freshness of products" at all from my Coles delivery. I'm glad to hear that your experience is better.

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          We do Coles delivery weekly. We've tried Woolies as well, Coles just happen to sell a few products Woolies don't. However, our recent experiences are very different than yours.

          Initially, Coles delivery was great. Talking 3 years ago. However, in recent times you can't trust them at all. The picked fruit and veg always has some issue resulting in waste. Frequently things are missing from our order and they haven't substituted it despite perfectly logical substitutions being availabile. Other times they make moronic substitutions, like substituting a peanut free product for one with peanuts (my wife is allergic).

          There was also that great time in the peak of the pandemic when they delivered our shopping to some other random house in our street. When my wife (who had a new born at the time) rang support they told her to go pick it up from the neighbour. When she explained that wasn't possible with a new born and a toddler, they suggested we get the neighbour to deliver it to us - by the way, it wasn't a direct neighbour and we've never spoken to them before. In the end I was able to assist and my wife went and picked it up. Yep, really, that's how good Coles delivery is.

          I've probably got 50+ photos of smashed fruit and veg, products with 1 day before they go off etc. It's so frequent that it's too much effort to complain about it all the time. We'd swap back to Woolies, but our experience wasn't much different.

          Was really disappointed when Amazon Fresh never materialised in Australia 😞

          • @Benjamin Dobell: I think OzBargain need to come up with a "Angry" vote. Upvoting for your post but feeling angry on your behalf.

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      Thankfully, Amazon is as ethical as they come. 🙏

    • I want to write kind words to you about how significant and awe inspiring mental acuity is.


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    Whatever happened to our spirit of mateship and supporting local businesses
    Like during the toilet roll wars?

    • Mate your local business stocks Mayvers?

      The best my local has is Bega….

      • Conversely, Bega (plain smooth) PB has insignificant local content.

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      lol, are you seriously comparing 5% of $2.50 to 5% of $2500 TV, especially considering that $0.12 will have the item delivered?
      Put the numbers into context mate. Unless you are buying 100+ units your logic does not compute.

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    I can only buy 6?
    At Woolies I would normally stock up with a couple of boxes.

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    I think cheaper at coles. They doing 50% off

    Edit $2.50 at coles

    • Can confirm.
      I bought a jar last night for $2.50

      • Me too. Grabbed a couple yesterday for $2.50 each.

  • Delicious

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    If you have eBay Plus you can get it same price, 10% off, use a GC and free delivery for $49 spend.

  • I prefer pic's

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    Wow @ people actually negging this.

    Don't have to travel to a shop, good chance it's already been OzBargained in stores. And who's going to buy me my 30 mins time + fuel back? Still supporting a local Aussie brand (y) + Amazon says delivery tomorrow for my address.

    Thanks OP!

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      So often see a good deal at Coles/WW and when you go to get some shelves are empty. Confirmed delivery through Amazon makes it much easier with a guarantee of actually getting the product.

      • Am yet to see Amazon do one of these bad boys —

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          They do a limited raincheck, you can pay at a lower price for a bit after it goes out of stock.

        • Except most Coles and WW changed their policies after covid buying restrictions and no longer offer rain checks. I tried to get one recently and they refused.

          • @ruddj: coles now do, woolworths still don't

  • Can you solve this mystery for me? Why is peanut butter with added vegetable oil not oily but peanut butter without added vegetable oil like this one very oily?

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      i think they also add some stabalizers etc to keep it consistant in texture. that's probably the main difference. I'd say the vegetable oil is probably just to save money

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      What you want to look up is hydrogenated vegetable oil.

      Think butter - It goes liquid after you melt it and solid after you leave it alone. The same applies here and the type of oil added helps everything "stabilise" when mixed.

  • Delivery 1-7 Dec though :(

  • dang OOS! Coles one is regular PB. Amazon one is for the "organic" variety. so this is definitely a good deal.

  • I do find Mayvers quite oily, wonder where they source their peanuts now?

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      Natural peanut butter will have an oily layer on top after a while. The other types add something to homogenise everything.
      It's better for you if it's just peanuts and salt.
      Used to make my own.

      You can stir oil back in. I think Mayvers sell a stir thingy. I just use a knife or fork.

      Lots of cheaper peanut butter add sugar and cheap oils. Not a good option for weight control.

  • Anyone can tell me their favourite type? Am trying to buy for making keto type energy balls/snack.
    Need to slim down a bit- self isolation added quite a few pounds.

    • 100% the dark roasted unsalted smunchy

      • Thanks! Never tried it before. Got 2.

  • this stuff sticks to the roof your mouth

  • sold out? can't buy it!

  • Showing temporarily out of stock for me

  • Still plenty at coles for $2.50

  • I go past like 3 coles on the way home from work, its not using extra fuel.

    Stuff Amazon "Price matching" except not matching the price.

    Remember no Coles, no Amazon price fixing.

  • Mix a bit of the crunchy dark roasted into vanilla icecream for yum times.

  • Time to head down to Coles

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    I buy this for their glass bottle. Such ingenius that they design the label which is easy peelable. Every other company should follow same.

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