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3m Cat5e Network Cables $1, 1m Cat6 $2 Plus 10% off (+$9 Shipping, Free over $50) @ Execab


3m Cat5e only $1, 1m Cat6 $2 and 10m Cat5e $4 Clearance Specials on now! 10% off across the entire store!

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Execab Custom Cables

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  • 3m Cat5e Network Cables Only $1

    I thought they only made Post-it notes…

  • Shipping kills this deal.

    • Looks like it's $9 shipping to major Australian cities for orders under $50.

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        We will be doing free shipping for our black friday sale. we are still in negotiation with auspost on rates to make it easier to achieve

        • look forward to grab some on black friday!

        • Any chance to lower the free shipping to order for $25+ like last month? I am looking into get a few more cables which needs by next week if that's the case.

  • If you live near a Daiso store, they have 5m Cat 6 cables for just $3.80. No need to wait/pay for shipping.


      australian certified? i would be interested to see the printing on the cable to see if it bares any compliance markings.

      • "EIA/TIA 568B" amongst other things. Is that what one would expect or should there be something else?


          EIA/TIA standards are a guide for compliance but not legally recognised in Australia. Things you see on electronics and cabling like CE FCC UL etc are not legally recognised in Australia. We only have one current Valid compliance mark the RCM which is a triangle with a C and a Tick in it. Most $2 shops import directly from china without having compliance programs done because it costs thousands of dollars to get it done. most ebay sellers usually sell non compliant cabling. The big problem is that if the cable is constructed of something like CCA (copper clad aluminium) and used in with POE, it can be a fire hazard. CCA cables are actually banned in australia but many importers cannot resist the cheap price.

          To give you an idea, when we did certifications for cat6 alone, cost $8000. but that gives local consumers protection and legal avenues to prosecute in the event that something goes wrong. We regularly give evidence in court for insurers where non compliant products used in conjunction with something that has failed and caused fire or shock. if you use a non compliant product with another product and either it or another device fails and causes shock/harm/injury/damge etc the insurer has the legal right to reject the claim. That is why we have our own compliance laws for products and our own Australian certification programs.

          You would be surprised how many companies get WHS claims from employees because they install non compliant cabling products. under WHS laws if you install or instruct an employee to handle or even be near non compliant products, it is automatically deemed as unsafe.