Why Hasn't Cashrewards and ShopBack Been Banned?


Tracking only works 50% of the time, usually the blame is put on the customer.

Constant time wasting trying to file a claim.
Anywhere from 2 to 7 days to file a claim, why? If tracking works, it goes through within a few hours.
Just a ploy, hoping that you forget
A filed claim could take weeks to investigate, therefore affecting your timeframe for returns.

If any other business essentially offering a service, which failed 50% of the time they would be permanently banned from this forum.

I honestly believe if both companies can't provide a better way to track, they should not be allowed on this forum. How many people use their service, in relation to huge cashbacks only to have them fail.

I understand you could say, simply don't use the service. However, I would argue that it's easier for the companies to give us discount codes directly and save themselves money and therefore customers get the full amount of discount.

I can only imagine how much traffic is redirected from OzBargain, and these companies are making money mainly when the cashback applies but the customer seems to consistently be losing out.

Hundreds if not thousands of complaints every month.

It's always funny how a 2% cashback always tracks, but a 25% cashback never tracks.

Whoever is to blame, it's simply not good enough.

I can't be the only one who is thinking this? Perhaps if pressure is placed on these businesses, they may force change.

Maybe I'm a whiner, but I just can't see why nothing has seriously being done to make changes.

I don't want to s*** on either company, as everyone does have positive experiences as well.

It just feels like, every time a cash back doesn't track your receiving one of those emails… sorry the product was over sold, sorry the product is out of stock, sorry it was a pricing error.

Basically a Poll below -

Poll Options

  • 144
    Yes if you'd like changes
  • 372
    I don't care
  • 16
    Considered stopping using cashback
  • 211
    Stopped using cashback

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  • +7 votes

    Cashback worked fine for me this morning when I ordered beer from BWS. Email confirmation was within 2 minutes.

    • +60 votes

      Honestly, it's around 50% for me.

      I'm at the point I don't even want to argue, or file a claim. If the item doesn't track, I waste my time doing a return.

      It's frustrating because especially with larger orders with uncapped cashback it could mean hundreds of dollars and that's the difference between placing the order or not.

      No one gets too fussed about a couple of bucks, but when it's $20 or $60 that makes a large difference.

      • +39 votes

        Yes I think you have made some good points overall . I find the whole cashback thing is so very hit and miss.

      • +17 votes

        "No one gets too fussed about a couple of bucks"

        Exactly what they're banking on, if indeed they're playing silly buggers

      • +3 votes

        I have only used Shopback. For me there's a problem with a transaction 25% of the time. Either wrong amounts or tracked as zero. Only once has something not tracked though - of course it was for $50. They were quick to respond as usual and within a few days was given a bonus $50 cashback. Customer service has always been great but I do think they are screwing up the tracking and amounts on purpose sometimes, in hopes that customers don't realise. With the amount of complaints and errors made, there's no way it's all their system that's at fault. Plus people know how to follow the procedures properly.

      • +14 votes

        I have a 95+% success rate. Maybe you're just forgetting adblock. I use edge exclusively for CB.

      • +37 votes

        Therein lies the biggest issue. These cashback sites post up these "Special bargains" get 1000s of clicks doing so and i have noticed thats where cashback fails more frequently than the small % claims. Its the big ticket items and the big special deals where you get 20% back etc.

        And the problem is, without the special Cashback deal, the actual price / cost of the item isnt a bargain anymore and hence not worth buying and most people wouldnt have bought it if it wasnt for the cashback deal. Then you have to wait weeks to months for it to get paid , at which point you have moved on and forgotten about it. So when the cashback doesnt come through..you ended up paying RRP for an item you would never have purchased if you knew you wouldnt get the cashback. Thats why to me cashback deals are a risky purchase as opposed to purchasing with a discount code where the code gives you the discount straight away rather than waiting 3 months for a possible cashback.

        • +7 votes

          THIS ^^^^ 👍👍👍

        • +8 votes

          Yeah I've noticed this. Cashback for my small purchases is always flawless but I've had a couple $40+ cashbacks fail recently

        • +2 votes

          CashRewards made $5.4 million PROFIT in the last 12 months according to news article below. Wonder how much of that % is due to not paying people what they should be getting… This also applies to Shopback, only used Cashrewards to show how profitable these sites are. Something should be done for sure.


            @ashopper: That’s Gross Profit, I expect they’re making a net loss while they build up scale.

            • +2 votes

              @westical: Gross profit is total profit after costs are deducted from revenue. There is no loss. You might be thinking of gross revenue.


            @ashopper: wonder how much is from woolworths gift card commission

        • +2 votes

          Not trusting CB and SB at all. I am honestly ready for them go burst at any moment.

          My strategy to deal with these services are

          • Cashout often
          • Instant discount is always better than promised cash back even the discount is slightly lower
          • Read T&C always. Many time customer receives no rebate if any promo code were used. I will never forget the time I used a ebay promo code for $5 discount and the whole deal is off with cashback
          • Always assume the cashback will fail especially for the high percentage one. Don't count on cashback for the bargain.

          So far been getting 2 cases of beer worth of cashback per year with my purchases.



            Cashout often

            Not when they have a $10 minimum cashout amount and you have like $9.99….one cent under the limit required….

      • +4 votes

        Same experience as you, when using Cash Rewards.

        Generally about 90% successful tracking with cashback of a few cents to a couple of dollars, and most times can claim without issue (though still not 100% successful).

        With larger cashbacks it's VERY hit or miss and when I've tried to claim afterwards, it's never been successful (largest was about $75 and I had sent screenshots as evidence, due to previous failures, showing their plugin confirming it. Was still denied, claiming it didn't show up on their side).

        I've since stuck to using only Shopback for the past couple of years, no issues so far, but haven't had any large cashbacks to claim yet.

        • +1 vote

          I've since stuck to using only Shopback for the past couple of years, no issues so far, but haven't had any large cashbacks to claim yet.

          I'm guessing you havent read the news….

      • +4 votes

        Cashrewards works great, if it doesn't, you still get it after you lodge a form. Shopback is a scam as they don't even guarantee the cashback.

      • +5 votes

        So do this. Don't consider the cashback when purchasing, its just a bonus. You say you're a cashback veteran, so it should be simple.

        I've missed cashbacks before as well, but I don't cry about it and I never make it part of the buying calculus. So its just extra free money, what's there not to like.

        FWIW I've never missed a cashback if I use a vanilla chrome with literally zero plugins installed except for my password manager and cashrewards / shopback so all the ads and trackers blast me full on in the face. Just gotta remember to switch to the advertising hell browser for making the purchase.


          My two cents. Used CR from small to big purchases and all were tracked. It might just be our luck, who knows.

      • +2 votes

        I have had 90% success rates recently, but I don´t think anything less than 100% is acceptable. I am still not convinced of the reasons why they don't use the old coupon scheme, even if that's an individually generated discount code. I agree that they must find a solution for the problem if they want to keep doing that, otherwise it approaches scam area.

        • -13 votes

          You don't pay a red cent for it and get money for 'free', what do they owe you? Where is the scam?
          Just don't base your buying decision on whether there's an extra 5% cashback or whatever. If you get it, and as you say its 90% of the time, free money.

          • +14 votes

            @bender000: Haven't you read anything that everyone else wrote here?

            People make decisions based on the cashback. For instance, I bought VPN because I have 90% cashback, I bought wine at Dan Murphy's because I have 10% cashback… I might buy item X from store A instead of store B because it's cheaper in store A if I have the cashback. Otherwise, using gift cards and buying from store B would be much cheaper.

            Many, many times I've bought something from A only because of the cashback. If cashback doesn't happen for whatever reason, that's a problem.

            Therefore, when someone uses a cashback system, this person is only doing that because there is an agreement between customer, cashback provider, and store. If the cashback system doesn't work, or if the store decides that it doesn't want to pay the cashback, that's a scam by definition (i.e., "A scam is a deceptive scheme or trick used to cheat someone out of something, especially money."). They got the money, and the benefits, but they screw the customer over.

            If cashback doesn't happen, some people might consider returning the item… 3% of $12.00 is not much, but 95% of $190 or 8% of $6,000 is a lot of money.

            Imagine you want to buy a TV which usually costs $5,000. It's Black Friday and you find it for $4,000 in store A. It's $4,500 in stores B and C. You buy from store A, pay, and receive the TV at home. That's great! Next day, store A calls you and says the price is actually $5,000 because the agreement they had with the supplier didn't work, so you have to pay the extra $1,000, or return the TV. That's nonsense, right? You bought it, you both had an agreement, but "unfortunately, the agreement between the store and the supplier didn't work". You missed the opportunity of buying the TV for $4,500 from sellers B and C, now back to the normal price or out of stock, and you must choose between returning the TV (and paying for that) or paying extra $1,000.

            That's what happens when someone buys something counting on cashback and doesn't get the money.

            • -13 votes

              @tderevko: So don't bloody count on it. If you 'need' it to make the purchase then you shouldn't buy it in the first place.

              The fact that its a free service means that they owe you zilch, how the hell are you going to try to hold someone accountable for something they never charged you for in the first place?

              If it was some kind of paid membership scheme etc. then I would understand the outrage but as its a freebie you have no leg to stand on

              Ultimately I'm several hundred dollars better off in return for my publicly available data getting leaked which has likely been leaked multiple times lol.

              I don't get the outrage, even if you 'counted' on the discount seriously what do they owe you? What consideration have you given them (in legal terms), nothing, not even the classic legal textbook nominal dollar, there is no contract and no obligation.

              • +5 votes

                @bender000: You should review your concept of free service. Even if it was free, they still have to deliver what they promise.

                If you enrol in a free 12-month full time accredited course, and on the last day they tell you that you are not getting any certificate, you will complain because you were counting on the certificate. It doesn't matter if that's free or paid, but what is offered and delivered. If not delivered, that's a scam.



                  You should review your concept of free service. Even if it was free, they still have to deliver what they promise.

                  Huh….I would have thought they would at least be able to get away because you got it for free so it's really on you for cheaping out than to have paid for it….

              • +4 votes

                @bender000: Cashrewards/Shopback are for-profit companies, its not just a "free service", they earn referral commissions on every click through, which they then share a portion with the consumer.


        Anecdotally I found it hit and miss so I actually spent an hour auditing cashbacks on cashrewards and shopback based on registered click throughs. It was not easy because the emails use separate order numbers which have no meaning to consumers. In the end, I was pleasantly surprised to find out most cashbacks had tracked through. My initial suspicions were not justified.


        Still waiting on CB tracking from Iconic on 12th Nov ($5 Bonus, $20 CB, $30 referral on wife's account and $10 on my account) That is about $ 65 between the two of us


    Because "revenue"…

    • +3 votes

      Of course, I just want a healthy discussion about the fact.

    • Because "revenue"…

      Cashback websites actually take affiliate revenue away from OzBargain.

      We allow them despite that, because our decisions aren't driven by revenue, the opposite of what you are suggesting.

      • +8 votes

        I didn't know that, I appreciate you being open about it.

        I feel like this is even more reason for OzBargain to be stricter with these businesses operating, and using this platform to actually profit.

      • +6 votes

        Massive (and very poorly handled) data breach at ShopBack and constant issues with CashRewards and these sites take revenue "away" from this site… Then ban them… They seem to have a mostly negative affect on users and the site…

        It seems that they get pretty lenient treatment for companies who have serious issues and who drive revenue away from this site.

        • Hamza has already made clear that revenue has nothing to do with it (a direct response to your initial comment). They are still valuable resources to the OzBargain community members and many had gained thousands of dollars over the years.

          • +2 votes

            @scotty: I have only just started using Cashrewards since the start of the year and I am already sitting at around $400 plus in rewards. Is it worth it definitely! That extra money helps us out quite well.

            Do I find myself purchasing from Liquorland more when the bonus cash back offers are on, yes… but I am not complaining about that. Rather enjoying it.

          • +1 vote

            @scotty: Hi Scotty. :)

          • +1 vote

            @scotty: Maybe Ozbargain can become a rebate website too and we wouldn't have to go anywhere else.

        • -5 votes

          who drive revenue away from this site.

          some revenue away, of course they'll keep them.


            @Taro Milk Tea: What is your point? They don’t provide any revenue so the only incentive to have them on the site is for the benefit of the community. I personally have saved at least $400 using cashrewards

            • +1 vote

              @canyoudoitcheaper: @taromilktea, While I don't think there is zero indirect revenue flowing from CR/SB to this website, I don't think that's why they keeping CR/SB posts here.

              Their deals drive our visits to the site, and so the forum gets the AdSense view revenue. However, I reckon the "click" revenue is where is at, which is kinda stolen by CR/SB portal. Probably a net loss.

              If you say admin and mods promote their deals irrespective of our votes, or SB/CR replaces the AdSense as ozbargain revenue source, then I say you have a case. I haven't seen that.

              • +1 vote


                Probably a net loss.

                We are all speculating here, I did, you did and we will not know the real answer to this - which I don't expect Ozb really opens up about their business processes as they don't have obligation to do so for us.

                One thing that I know, there will never be a commercial company that allows a program to run at a net loss, never. It probably takes the some revenue away from them, but compensated in other area that marks up with the loss.

                It's the same thing with many other commercial companies that gives you rebate/cashback/discounts. It's never a net loss for them, they are not a charity company - even a charity company never aim to perform in negatives figures.

          • +1 vote

            @Taro Milk Tea: Cashrewards/Shopback/Ozbargain are in direct competition for the link revenue. I think it's pretty cool OzB allow them ….

            Lifetime Rewards $3,678.49 <- still probably too much effort for the $3.5k

            • +1 vote


              Cashrewards/Shopback/Ozbargain are in direct competition for the link revenue. I think it's pretty cool OzB allow them ….

              Oh definitely, never did I say that Ozb shouldn't allow them here. I agree that it's pretty cool


                @Taro Milk Tea:

                Oh definitely, never did I say that Ozb shouldn't allow them here.

                That's what OP is saying.

  • +12 votes

    I think you're using a lot of hyperbole, or are very unlucky.

    I have had one major transaction not go through ShopBack and that really sucked - I stopped using them afterwards after they denied it to me with a claim. But besides that, I'd say 90% of their claims went through.

    CashRewards has had a 100% hit rate - even on items that didn't go through after I followed up with them they've always granted the cashback for many many transactions. So I don't really think it's an issue there.

    For you to have a 50% denied rate… either you've ordered 2 items or you're doing something horribly wrong (probably forgetting to hit the redemption buttons?). I would also not use a service that has such a high failure rate, but it's definitely not my experience.

    • +11 votes

      I currently have close to $1,000 in my Shopback, and $400 in my Cashrewards. I'm not new to this, it's not my end.

      Cashrewards was an absolute nightmare to deal with in regards to an Iherb cashback, I sent them all the same screenshots I send to Shopback and yet they kept asking for more and more when there was nothing else to show and eventually I just said forget about it.

      In all fairness, Shopback customer service has been pretty good to me when I filed claims. I just feel like I'm constantly wasting time filing claims though.

      • I currently have close to $1,000 in my Shopback, and $400 in my Cashrewards

        Looks like if you weren't made aware of Cashrewards & ShopBack you'll be $1,400 short?

        OzBargain has featured & integrated with cashback providers for more than 10 years, way before CR & SB existed, and our understanding has always been that it's something that might benefit our community, earning back some of the commissions that they may otherwise not able to get.

        However due to the complexity of Internet technologies, OzBargain also has policy of not allowing price in the title to include cashback (see title guidelines) because of potential tracking issues, and there's a chance that your cashback may not track.

        You'll find people claiming various level of success in the comments here, and it's often not Cashrewards or ShopBack's fault for missing cashbacks. Some merchants just don't work at all. Sometimes the tracking pixel just does not want to load on some browsers due to default 3rd party cookies setting. And we aren't even talking about all those add-ons and browser extensions that block/steal cookies. At the end it's CR & SB and all those affiliate networks' responsibility to develop technology that will continue to work with more privacy focused browsers (oxymoron, I know), but don't assume they are vicious simply because some cashbacks didn't track.


          Does OzBargain or any associated entity/person have any financial interest in either cashrewards or shopback?

          • -4 votes
            • -7 votes

              @andiw: A non answer is often a response in itself.

              • +8 votes

                @Vote for Pedro: Or because I am sick and tired of answering the same thing again and again? My reply to andiw more than 3 years ago, but I guess I can't change some already-determined minds.

                I have no financial interest in either CR or SB, except for maybe participating in the CR's IPO discussion thread. No, I don't intend to acquire any of CRW shares.

                As of "associated entity/person" I have no control of my employees on their financial interests in the said companies. However my instructions for them are clear — no partiality towards any company.

                I won't reply on this matter further.

                • -9 votes

                  @scotty: Apologies that I wasn’t able to dig that one out myself. Given it was 3 yrs ago, I’m sure you’ll forgive me.

                  People have a right to ask especially given your staunch defence. You have a right to answer or not to answer.

                  Yes this is your business and you get to run it however you want, I don’t ever dispute that. But given it relies on the community for prosperity, that community does feel a level of ‘ownership’ albeit non financial



                  I have no control of my employees on their financial interests in the said companies

                  It's very common for organisations to have a COI policy which addresses both perceived COI as well as actual COI.


          This, I understand the frustration (personally have 90-95% success rate too so I find the claim a little bit unbelievable but whatever, shit happens). But would you have otherwise not bought the items/services that you have bought?

          Sure, it might influence your buying decision at any given time and could have been the critical factor that push you towards making the decision as opposed to not. But again, CR and SB is a "nice to have" service to me and I've always purchased the items I want to purchase anyway, bar one transaction (an energy provider switch that had given me a nice little bonus cashback)

          I find the whole whining about their services a little distasetful because I really don't think of their services as something that's owed to me.


          Always treat the cashback as bonus or "gravy", great if you can get it but you might not (for all of the reasons being discussed here).

      • +3 votes

        I have had issues with both as well. But probably 80% of the time it works I reckon. I won't stop using them, as I'd rather have cashback than not, but it's poor performance none the less.

        Cashrewards ignored my last query even after multiple emails and I eventually gave up, probably what they were hoping for, and some larger cashbacks such as a laptop purchase mysteriously didn't track. Funny how everything else does.

      • +2 votes

        out of interest, why haven't you cashed it out? I don't like leaving more than $20 in these types of accounts. who knows what may happen.


          I think he meant total lifetime CB. You'd be daft to leave money in there after already waiting 90 days to get it…


            @ATangk: 90 days for your $2 cashback……which you cant withdraw unless you have $10 minimum in total…..

  • +7 votes

    Both cash rewards and shopback has been 100% for me.

    My personal experience from reading, there are more issues with shopback than cash rewards.

  • +3 votes

    I think I have close to a grand in withdrawals from those two cashback sites, and can honestly count on one hand the number of times I have had to chase up a cashback or had an issue.

    Obviously it is not a perfect system and issues do arise, but that is probably not unexpected from what appears to be quite a complex system/s.

  • +3 votes

    I actually feel sorry for the business, because if people are constantly returning goods it's costing them not only money to ship you the product but to collect the product and they're the big losers here.

    Perhaps I've been unlucky, perhaps all the people that I see complain every day have been unlucky and some people are just lucky and it always tracks.

    • +8 votes

      It’s possible that a lot of people do not read the t\c s of the cashback claim. eg. attempting to stack with coupon codes, using gift cards, having more than one ‘shopping cart’ open at a time, not turning off Adblocker…


        I had one claim denied by SB, stating cashback was only on amount paid, not "coupons". Yet the OP stated I could use gift cards as valid forms of pay and because invoice shows the gift cards as "voucher/coupon" they denied my claim. PM'd the OP and he directed me to their support to straighten it out, which they didnt (after giving me the bumsteer etc). Very seldom use SB now.
        I can understand denying claims on people trying to stack where its not allowed or returning items and expecting rebates etc but when you jump through all the hoops and they still deny, leaves a bad taste in the customers mouth. Customer will simply vote with their feet and go elsewhere (and there are plenty of them, SB and CR aren't the only games in town). I've had a good run with TCB for all my USD based purchases, typically a more competitive rate than SB/CR.

  • +2 votes

    you get email confirmation that is easy to achieve. but its just email. the actual cash is still far far away.

    but how many of us that really following up, in 2 months time that we got the cash? each and every trade? small or big? if you are heavy shopper, and sometimes the waiting period is more or around than 3 months, do we have time? what is the guarantee that we actually get the cash after getting that 2 minutes after purchase email ?

    the whole thing is supposed to be some easy small bonus who care if you get or not but somehow blew up become serious thing, even listing at ASX lmao…… its beyond stupid if people think this is a good business. one day chrome do major upgrade, boom all no tracking happening and what can we do?


      one day chrome do major upgrade, boom all no tracking happening and what can we do?

      What you're suggesting is in the same likelihood as boom all sales commissions are banned by the Govt. Not likely to happen.


        you never see chrome is updating itself and break something?


          if it breaks permanently/disabled trust me the blowback is going to be huge and its not just affecting Cashrewards or Shopback


            @payton: just break the tracking thingie… ok im not a programmer but i believe it can happen. my point is the whole thing is depending on just one thing: tracking.


              @ChiMot: I was referring to the tracking as well. There's also many other browsers if something was to happen to Chrome


          If cashback gets blocked by Chrome, then I would be more than happy to use Firefox or even IE for my online shopping.

  • +25 votes

    What a shit poll

    • +4 votes

      He left out "You are/I am a whiner" option.


        I believe I left it open to be edited, so you could add that in the pole I believe 😂😂😂

        I tried to edit it, and add that but for some reason it won't let me 😳

  • +1 vote

    The only one that has a 100% failure rate is Menulog on CR for me. Everything else works 99% of the time.

    • +1 vote

      My 100% failure is on Kiehl's. Menulog tracks 100%.

  • +6 votes

    My success rate with CW or SB would be near 100%, and I have had hundreds of dollars of rebates.

    I normally don’t bother with 1 – 2% rebates, really only jump in on 10% or more on larger items. I don’t bother about rebates for small amounts as I don’t want to waste time checking if prices are jacked if through CW portal.

    I have heard unfortunate cases of CW not paying out despite meeting T&C’s but it has not happened to me.

  • +1 vote

    I've been using CB for 2 years and SB for 1 and have had two orders that didn't track. I messaged them and they fixed it within a few days.

    The wait period sucks of course but it's completely understandable I think, it takes time to process claims.

    Perhaps you're just getting unlucky and it's something on your end with your browser e.g.?

    • +7 votes

      Honestly, they come up with different excuses but I've even tested different things.

      For example with Cashrewards last night, I already had my cart full and guess what my cashback tracked.

      Yesterday I had 2 Shopbacks track within an hour, and then my largest cashback didn't and I did all three exactly the same.

      Honestly it's not me, it's either their system or it's the business themselves because my click-throughs are always there.

      I'm glad we're seeing some positivity on here, but on a lot of the posts I see a lot of negativity as well.

      This isn't just about me, this is consistently happening regularly to different people and it's simply not good enough. As mentioned by other people, it's meant to be easy and straightforward.

      How many times does a business have to burn people on this forum until they're banned? As stated by an moderator, OzBargain makes $0 from these companies.

      I can recently recall that a certain bamboo underwear company, had a failed discount code and it was their second time and people were up in arms about it. I'm basically just stating, why haven't people been complaining about these companies who are constantly failing the customer.

      • +3 votes

        you seemed to have completely missed/ignored Scotty's point above - for someone who's complaining about a system, you've done very well for yourself with the system. At least $1,400 better off in fact.

        yes it's annoying when it doesnt track, or when you do a partial refund of something, and you lose the whole cashback but if overall you're up, then you're winning.

        • +16 votes

          I feel like you're missing the point, that most people that use cash back are being enticed by the cash back to make purchases

          purchases you probably would never have made if it wasn't for a bonus 20% cashback

          • -3 votes

            @Adelv: that wasn't your point to start with

            in any event, if people are making $100 purchases to get $2 back, they have a bigger problem

        • +1 vote

          One day, work stops paying me. Meh, I’ve done well from the system. I see your point.

          • -1 vote

            @Vote for Pedro: definitely the same thing


              @CheapskateQueen: It’s a simple contract. Both of them.

              One is for labour in return for money and the other is for money in return for purchasing via sb or cr.

              But i guess in today’s world with rampant wage theft, why should we expect anything else.

  • +8 votes

    Both these websites are pretty dodgy.
    A more egregious action they are doing is offering fake cashback with hotel booking websites, browse those websites normally and you get a much lower price, if you browse via cashback websites 90% of the hotels listed are price jacked to the point that even with the cashback you pay more. It's borderline criminal activity.


      A more egregious action they are doing is offering fake cashback with hotel booking websites

      There was a discussion about this. They claimed that it's not from their side that the price is more expensive if you access from cashback sites, its the hotel's system that does that.

    • -7 votes

      You were born with a brain, so try to use it. Go with the net cheapest option.

      Re hotels, it's somewhat widely known you can usually get cheaper by going direct because they don't have to pay commission to the middleman (cashback sites and users).

      I was speaking with an agent once. They said if you go through a particular third party recommending "ethical" agents, as opposed to going directly to them, they couldn't discount their commission by ~$5k because they had to pay that mob.

      • +1 vote

        Sorry but that's not true at all. Going direct is almost always MORE expensive.
        They want to charge the highest price to those who walk in the door or find their website directly and have not considered other options. Further more these hotels sign agreements which mean they can't undercut the booking websites they appear on.

        • +1 vote

          I'm going to take the middle ground and say rates vary, sometimes going direct is cheaper, sometimes going third party is cheaper

  • +6 votes

    if we go by the + and - votes the community think SB and CR are deals so that is why they are not banned.


    I regularly have issued with CR. I suspect its the VPN that may cause it though.
    Either way, I like using it and will submit a quick manual claim if needed.

  • +4 votes

    I kind of stopped using cashback schemes because I can't be bothered going to their site, logging in, clicking a button, then shopping. Generally stuff I buy is spur of the moment and going through hoops just to get $0.50c-$2 back isn't worth my time.

    Granted, for big purchases I do try and use cashback. But I don't think I've used any this year yet.