Why Hasn't Cashrewards and ShopBack Been Banned?


Tracking only works 50% of the time, usually the blame is put on the customer.

Constant time wasting trying to file a claim.
Anywhere from 2 to 7 days to file a claim, why? If tracking works, it goes through within a few hours.
Just a ploy, hoping that you forget
A filed claim could take weeks to investigate, therefore affecting your timeframe for returns.

If any other business essentially offering a service, which failed 50% of the time they would be permanently banned from this forum.

I honestly believe if both companies can't provide a better way to track, they should not be allowed on this forum. How many people use their service, in relation to huge cashbacks only to have them fail.

I understand you could say, simply don't use the service. However, I would argue that it's easier for the companies to give us discount codes directly and save themselves money and therefore customers get the full amount of discount.

I can only imagine how much traffic is redirected from OzBargain, and these companies are making money mainly when the cashback applies but the customer seems to consistently be losing out.

Hundreds if not thousands of complaints every month.

It's always funny how a 2% cashback always tracks, but a 25% cashback never tracks.

Whoever is to blame, it's simply not good enough.

I can't be the only one who is thinking this? Perhaps if pressure is placed on these businesses, they may force change.

Maybe I'm a whiner, but I just can't see why nothing has seriously being done to make changes.

I don't want to s*** on either company, as everyone does have positive experiences as well.

It just feels like, every time a cash back doesn't track your receiving one of those emails… sorry the product was over sold, sorry the product is out of stock, sorry it was a pricing error.

Basically a Poll below -

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  • 144
    Yes if you'd like changes
  • 372
    I don't care
  • 16
    Considered stopping using cashback
  • 211
    Stopped using cashback

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  • I've never personally had issues, haven't had many big orders though

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    Stopped using it after it took literally 3.5months to get a cash back for $25. I know there's some stores who offer a faster cashback, but don't really see the point if it takes that long for stuff I actually want.

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    CR will be listed on the 2nd of Dec with $65m expected to be raised and an indicative valuation of circa $150m. Doesn't look like they've ever been profitable net profit wise or EBITDA wise and I don't see a path to being profitable after reading the prospectus.


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      As there is only 26.3% 22.6 million shares in the Offer for New investors this stock is quite illiquid as most will be hanging on to their shares to try to make a profit. I foresee the share price will drift on opening from the $1.73 / share mark.

      • Fintech company Cashrewards Limited (ASX:CRW) has started trading on the ASX today following the completion of its successful $65 million initial public offering (IPO).
        Minutes after trading began, the Cashrewards share price rocketed up as high as 15.6% to $2.00. It has since retreated to the current price of $1.865, at the time of writing, after initially listing at $1.73.

    • +1

      Good find on the prospectus.

      Looks like their short term goal to drive sales is through personalised marketing. So more targeted offer? As if there isnt enough targeted offer from CR these days.

      I reckon their sale price will reach $2 before being dumped, then back to $2. ABB style. Total speculation with no analysis done :)

  • can't wait for my $370 purchase at 14% not go through :)

    would they ask for screenshot at 14% or should they have data on historical (<2 weeks) rate they had for a specific store?

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    I don't have any problem cashing back with cashreward so far for 3 years. All you need to do is to pay attention to following keypoint:

    1- Turn off adblocker or pi-hole temporarily when shopping
    2- Emptying cart, logging in in advance
    3- Stay within the tab, don't use back-forward, don't open a new tab

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    Theres lots of weird things that can cause a sale not to track.

    For example, if the item is already in your cart, THEN you enable cashback, it will not track. you will need to empty your cart, then enable cash rewards.

    Use the new tab that pops up when you enable cashback to add item to cart.

    Do not use any of your previous Tabs, or preloaded pages, or paste a full URL. It will not work.

    then theres other fine print conditions, like, first time buyers only, minimum spend, only on specific products, etc…

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    I've only ever had it fail once, I think it was Shopback, and they investigated and reinstated it really quickly. So personally I don't have a problem with the services. Do you have your adblocker disabled for shopping sessions? They say that this can mess with tracking.

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    I spent $1500 on a Lenovo laptop with 5% cash rewards, and made sure that ad block was off and had only the one tab open so it went through. Nope it didn't.

    Although my cash rewards history showed the time I activated it and the proof of the time of the sale, Lenovo rejected it because they believed I clicked on some other marketing channel.
    Getting sick of it to be honest.

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      Looking at past Lenovo deals it seems it always fails when people browse OzBargain as a guest and click through. The affiliate commission goes to OzBargain instead.

  • I only have a problem with CashRewards.
    (Don't have a Shopback account, can't comment on SB)

    They NEVER give you any money for missed tracking.

    They always use the bullshit line "It didn't track, so we don't get paid, so we can't pay you."

    Of course they can - Out of their profits!

    They just CHOOSE not to pay.

    I always reply "No, Cashrewards, it's your Choice not to pay me!"

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      23 hours 26 min ago

      My screenshot from three years ago shows otherwise..

      • -3


        What are you on about?

        Cashrewards never pays even after Tracking successfully.

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          Not sure what you're on about; there's blue ticks next to each entry, meaning that they have gotten paid from CR …

        • Cashrewards never pays even after Tracking successfully.

          Blue ticks mean its tracked and paid successfully..
          This is after the waiting/pending period (to ensure you don't buy then return the goods and claim cashback on the sale), which is fair enough.

          In the screenshot three years ago.. for those highlighted sony transactions, I received $275~ alone in cashback already, just to show that Cash Rewards does pay out..

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    I can't help but think pricing from retailers would be lower than they are now if these two companies leeching off the retailers.

    • Quite the opposite actually. If anything prices are lower because of Cashrewards. Do you know why? Retailers would be paying MORE on less efficient advertising with Google and Facebook that theoretically pass on the cost!

      What's more appealing? An ad appearing while browsing through your Facebook/Insta feed that often gets ignored or the incentive of getting cashback? I know which one I would choose.

  • Ladies and gents, i purchased using shopback from myer during the recent 15% back promo. It has tracked but amount is still showing as "Calculating". Anyone else get this?

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    Cellarmasters rejected my claim, I'm simply returning the wine.

    Shopback said they would contest' & appeal, but it's not worth it considering they have cashback offers literally every month and I'll just reorder it next time.

    I don't blame anybody, simply that the system is flawed and essentially ends up costing the business money. my click went through, if they want to reject it it's on them. It'll cost them double the postage.

    I think in future I will cease using any cashback service with large cashbacks, unless I'm buying an item regardless.


  • My purchases with Cashrewards are easily tracking above 95%, no complaints about free money from me.

  • Call me dubious but like others i get transactions via CR either not tracking or being mysteriously declined far too often. I'm a member with ShopBack as well and for whatever reason I seem to never have issues via them.

    I'd hope there's nothing dodgy at play - but I'd say a lot of people really can't be bothered chasing up claims for such small amounts and it'd not be the first time a business has deliberately denied legit claims as they know the vast majority of folks won't follow up on them - thus significantly increasing their profit margin.

    I remember reading about a number of insurance co's I believe in the US who'd randomly deny 15% of all claims that came in without even examining them - as they knew that a large % of these wouldn't be contested and they saved huge $ on payouts. Those who contested they examined and paid out as normal if valid. Dodgy not illegal or easy to prove.

    I know there's a lot of variables at play with potentially compromising a claim via CR but I am pretty savvy with ensuring I do all correct on my end and given i have vastly fewer problems with SB I really wonder where the issue lies.

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    When is a bargain not a bargain? When it’s a cashback promise that doesn’t track! Maybe not banned, but upsized cashback promotions taken off the front page, maybe a similar section to competitions, with a warning header for the uninitiated that you may not get tracked and be told this as an excuse:

    “We have investigated and found that the merchant has deemed ShopBack ineligible to earn commissions on this transaction which results in us being unable to pass the Cashback along to you”

    This blanket get of jail excuse regardless that everything goes fine on a previous purchase that wasn’t an upsized cashback. Investigated, seriously?

    Gambling or Betting websites are not allowed, but you certainly take a gamble when you expect to get a deal because of a possible cashback. Would anyone have purchased the item if there was not a promise of an upsized cashback?

    Mods make a ruling. It’s simple to see that many upsized cashback promos do not track by the comments posted in each deal, seemingly every day. Leave the little cashback button on deals but no more specific cashback deals on the main page. They cannot under any stretch of the meanings be a deal or bargain, they are hit and miss.

    • shonky sums up your many well made points i think…

  • I use both and it is a lucky dip to get it to work 100%. I definitely know I do not get what they both advertise. I also know the more you use both, the more claims you end up doing. Stressful and lacks transparency.

    • and time consuming and time is money

  • I recently purchased an iPhone through this deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/585065, was supposed to receive a ~$75 cashback through Cash Rewards. At the time of purchase, received an email confirming cashback, with a waiting time.

    When I picked up the iPhone from Apple I noticed a blemish in the screen - took it back and had it replaced same day. CR have now rejected my cashback, as they "haven't received payment from Apple", something to do with the return (exchange) process of the phone. Very frustrating - I've emailed three times with the same result, so I guess it's time to give up on it, grrr.

    • TA has reached out from Cash Rewards and is trying to resolve this for me, I will update with the outcome.

      • TA has worked with Apple to resolve this, and I am satisfied with the outcome - thanks TA.

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