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XGIMI Mogo Pro Projector $699 Delivered + Asus Radeon RX580 Dual OC 8GB $219 Delivered @ PCByte


Clickfrenzy is here and we have some highlight deals for you! Some of these include free delivery, but we'll detail them for you no worries.

XGIMI Mogo Pro Portable Projector

RRP: $799
Promo: $699
Free Delivery: Yes

SI Bundle 1: ASUS DUAL-RTX2060S-O8G-EVO-V2 RTX 2060 SUPER + Corsair CX750 750W Power Supply

RRP: $799
Promo: $589
Free Delivery: Yes

MSI MAG CH120X Ergonomic Gaming Chair Black/Red

RRP: $399
Promo: $299
Free Delivery: No

Cooler Master MasterSet MS110 RGB Keyboard & Mouse Combo

RRP: $109
Promo: $80.10 (Use code "clickfrenzy")
Free Delivery: Yes

AOC CU34G2X 34" VA 1ms 144Hz 2K WQHD HDR FreeSync Frameless Curved Monitor

RRP: $849
Promo: $659
Free Delivery: Yes

Seagate Barracuda 120 SSD 2.5" 500GB SATA Internal SSD

RRP: $79
Promo: $69
Free Delivery: No

Philips 272E1CA 27" VA 4ms Full HD FreeSync Curved Monitor

RRP: $289
Promo: $199
Free Delivery: No

Logitech C270 HD 720P Webcam

RRP: $109
Promo: $59
Free Delivery: No

D-Link DIR-882 EXO AC2600 Dual-Band MU-MIMO Wi-Fi Router

RRP: $139
Promo: $99
Free Delivery: No

Asus AMD Radeon RX 580 Dual OC 8GB Video Card DUAL-RX580-O8G

RRP: $249
Promo: $219
Free Delivery: Yes

Limited stocks left, deals end tomorrow. Happy shopping!

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  • Just a word of warning for anyone thinking of buying something off PCByte, only do so if you're happy for the item to be left at your front door if you're not home.

    I recently purchased an item worth $550 from them which was left at the front door by 'Couriers Please' as I wasn't home and no signature was required. When I queried this with PCByte they advised it was due to COVID-19 and they weren't concerned at all with items being left at the front door in full view of passers-by.

    FYI - I'm in WA & buy stuff regularly online and all the other deliveries with other courier companies that I've missed lately leave a card if the item is of any value - I then collect it from the nearest PO or the couriers depot.

    • +2 votes

      since COVID ALL couriers have left things in the front door! Including the $2k+ camera i purchased NOT from PCbyte.. but digidirect.

      • Well since "ALL" couriers are leaving things at the front door since COVID-19 regardless of value, I guess my last 2 deliveries were the exception to the norm - Startrack attempted to deliver a PS5 today and TNT attempted to deliver a monitor last week and both left a card.

        Whether I'm home and answer the door for a delivery or I go to the depot/PO to collect a missed delivery the risk of exposure for both parties is much the same. Plus WA hasn't had any community transmission of COVID-19 in over 6 months now.

        Better yet at least give customers the heads that you opt to use couriers/delivery options that don't require a signature - if I knew this in advance I would have opted to collect from a depot or parcel locker.

        • I've had over $15k+ of deliveries since COVID, including from Startrack, DHL, Couriers Please, and many more. Many of the high value items i've had indicated "signature required". Yet they were left at the front door. Go figure how your issue is with PCByte? All you can do is lodge a complaint to PCByte so they can investigate their courier.

          Perhaps times are changing with Zero Covid trans in Vic. But the ISSUE is the COURIERS not your gripe with PCByte (I purchase a few things from PCByte and have had no qualms). Mind you i've heard rumours couriers are self signing and one incident a couple of months ago the courier asked me if they could scribble on my behalf. 99% that I see take a photo of the item then leave.. I've had items go missing from Amazon but amazon promptly refunded.

          • @id: As I mentioned in my first post I raised the issue with PCByte however they advised this is their preferred delivery method given the current times, so nothing to do with the actual courier company they use, as they are simply delivering items as requested by PCByte.

            I've ordered heaps of stuff online since COVID-19 & this was the first delivery left at the door. Yes parcels get left at the door even when you stipulate a signature is required, however this isn't the case with PCByte - they've opted to use a courier service that leaves ALL deliveries…..hence the reason for my initial post to simply warn others.

        • I have to agree the problem isn't with PCByte; but with courier companies. I had a delivery from AusPost go missing yesterday because I live in an apartment block and they have started leaving all the parcels in a common area. I don't get it; they're supposed to leave a slip for me to collect at the PO (which is maybe 500m walk from our apartment block). :(

  • Interested in buying one of the XGIMI Mogo Pro Projector

    Just have one question:
    Amazon have 2 models on sale:
    $748 (Model XK03S) - https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B081N9CN1B/ref=ox_sc_ac...
    $899 (Model MGP88) - https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B08145121K/ref=ox_sc_ac...

    Can someone tell the difference?

    and which model is this one selling for $699?

    • +1 vote

      Hi dday, they're both the same models and no difference in specs and the product. So, the one we're selling is the exact same product for $699. Hope this helps!

      • Can you let me know which model is your XGIMI Mogo Pro Projector? I am interested. Thank you.

  • Merged from Asus AMD Radeon RX 580 Dual OC 8GB $219 (free shipping) @ PC Byte

    I've been looking around a cards for a reasonably priced build for my son…and trying to learn about graphics cards. The jargon is terrible.

    This one seems to be getting a bit old but appears to be a good price for a RX 580. It looks like quite a hefty beast.

    Would also appreciate advice on this vs the Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1650 SUPER WINDFORCE OC 4GB at $199/$89 recently posted.

    • Please put tags computing and video cards.

    • Nice price.

    • To help you out OP, as a wide generalisation; this card will play even AAA titles at "max" quality, at 1080p, but without additions.

      AntiAliasing will need to be slightly lower (say, 4x)
      Occlusion probably off or low.
      Shadows medium.
      "Additive light pass" and "volumetric fog" on medium.

      Its a great card for 1080p DX11 titles, and some DX12.

      You can eek a bit more out of it also, however you need to understand heat and power managment

      If your son isnt super computer savvy (on a hardware level), then consider the slightly higher 1660 super.


      It's a decent jump up, for not a whole lot of money.

      You're less likely to hear "dad xyz title is too slow!" And if he decides to get the overclock bug in him, he can safely just drag the sliders to max and get another 10+% out of it, at a bare minimum.
      AMD trust the user knows what they're doing, NVIDIA doesnt; its much harder to break an Nvidia card than AMD by software overclocking.

      True, We are talking a full $100 more expensive; but Id argue you'll likely buy yourself an extra 6-12month beyond what the 580 would buy you, before you "NEED" and upgrade.

      My 2c.

      • Thank you for that, it makes sense. Looking at all the different parts adding up, the build really is a case of setting the price you are willing to pay and making the pieces fit, trying to balance out where the bottle neck will be….and hopefully providing some flexibility for future upgrades. Not as easy as I was hoping!

        • If you need help with the build, post it up in the forums and get some advice to how you can get best bang for buck :)

        • Im a network engineer by trade, but a custom PC builder by night.
          Id do about 5 custom builds a week.

          PM me the parts list if you'd like.

          I mean, forum it by all means, but everyone has an opinion, and you're better off choosing a few folks to ask directly, than putting up with the fanboy infighting, haha.

          • @MasterScythe: Thank you. I've probably got a way to go before I bug you, but could I ask a quick thought on B550 vs x570 motherboards in terms of future proofing/cost?

            • @alextmb: If you feel like nerding out; Steve will give you far too much info, without you asking :p


              In short, b550 will support everything you'll need, including Zen3 and future GPU's.

              While PCIEv4 is missing, this is more a benchmark horror than a real world scenario horror.

              If he ends up like me; writing to 2 disks at once, while encoding video, while gaming, then yeah, pcie bus speed really starts to matter.

              But reality is that even a new 3090 gpu (while it can) doesn't max out pcie gen3 lanes yet, and if all the PC was doing at the time was gaming at 1080 or 1440p? It'd never need to.

              As with most hardware choices, if your budget stretches to x570, it might mean he can keep using it a little longer (my board is now 7 years old, and still almost current); in terms of real world use, i dont think you'll see the limitations popping up in any meaningful way.

              Its arguably a "very big deal" missing pcie4, but if anything like USB spec happens to pcie; just because the bandwith is there, I dont think single-task computers (game, video edit, watch movies, 1 at a time) will ever really feel it.

              • @MasterScythe: My eyes did glaze over a bit getting through that article (it is a Friday after a long week), but taking in board you comments I think we'll be pretty safe with the 550 for the tasks he'll be dealing with…..anything more and he can buy his own in a few years!! Thanks again for the advice.

                • @alextmb: Check out Paul's Hardware/Jay2cents/etc (US channel) on YouTube, He does a quiet few builds at different price points each year.

                  Also use PC Part picker: https://au.pcpartpicker.com, it useful for checking if parts will work together.
                  You can also look at other peoples builds to get ideas.

                  It was helpful in my recent build, as the last time I built a system was back in 2011 I think (that lasted late 2018), so a bit of catching up was needed.
                  I went with a Radeon™ RX 570 GAMING 4G. As I had a tight budget.

                  Don't forget to check Static Ice/site before buying anything PC related.

                  • @OrbDaggerZ: Maybe not Jayz, he's 'fun' and all, but his content has more misinformation than information.
                    He's like Barnacules; he learns enough to work for his scenario, and he learns it well, but thats where they both stop.

                    Then they go and tout their personal resolution as a good widespread solution, which isn't always the case.

    • It's little faster than 1650 Super but I would personally still prefer 1650 Super over it for $189/$199 delivered because this thing consumes double the power and runs way hotter.

    • Hmm, I bought this used for $200 last month on ebay. It is how it is I guess

      • We've all been there. Are you happy with the card?

        • It is loud as f*** but as soon as you undervolt and adjust the fan curve, I am happy :). I am just play 1 hour a day or so

        • Yep.
          You will almost need to learn how to set custom power curves and fan curves.

          Also, if you computer room isnt airconditioned, probably dont game on hot days, a 35C starting ambient is not this cards friend.

          • @MasterScythe: Ek. Noted. I think I'll avoid then, it can get toasty!

            • @alextmb: Its the reason I suggested the 1660 super.

              Power, heat, performance, all amazing for only $100 more.

              And its why others are suggesting the 1650 above also (cheaper); because its like a 5-10 % drop from this card, but literally half the electrical power (ergo, half the heat).

              You've probably figured by now; but I cant stress enough how much a 1660 super should be your minimum starting point for a gamer system. Even for a kid (arguably, more for a kid), if you dont want to learn what settings to custom tune, you need it to "just work". Going below a 1660S will have you needing to tweak graphics settings in popular titles.