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Game and Watch Super Mario Bros $79 @ Target


Nintendo G&W Mario Bros available from Target Online with free delivery or click and collect.

JB HIFI should also have some stock allocated for in store today. Unsure about others at this stage.

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Target Australia

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  • Thank you - got one!

  • Nice op !

  • Thanks OP got one

  • Thanks OP

  • Thanks OP

  • Cheers

  • +1

    Haha I tried target for shits and giggles about 20 minutes before this post went up and was able to order, been waiting for a cancellation email since.

    • you were pretty early…. still got your order? Or cancelled?

      • I got an email at 2:58pm SA time, order cancelled. But I did manage to snag one at a JB HiFi local to me this morning, pretty rad little thing, I've got it on my desk on a stand as a clock right now. I know… I unboxed it!

        • unboxed?
          that's crazy talk.

  • Finally got one yes!!!!

  • Thanks, I finally got one

  • +2

    Yes!! I have missed this 5 times! Finally!!

  • Thank you.

  • Got as a present for my brother he will be ecstatic cheers

  • +5

    Believe it when you have it in your hands.. Good luck all.

    • +2

      Yeh… 10k views and still able to order… 100% not enough stock

      • +1

        I placed an order at 7:02am SA time and it got canceled at 2:58pm.

      • Shows over… cancellations begun

    • +3

      Agreed. Ahh well, we have to at least try.

    • I ordered mine on 4/9, supposed to arrive today, hasn't even shipped.

      • What does your status say? Order placed or processing?

        • I got mine from amazon. Didn't even ship until about 10 minutes ago. Don't think it's arriving today.

  • Redeem flybuy point 4000,$59

    Thanks OP.

    • I dont see it on the flybuys rewards page anywhere. Do you have a link?

  • Got one too.
    Lets see how we go.
    Thanks OP

    • Aaaaaaaand…..cancelled

  • Thanks OP - great Christmas gift

  • 3-7 day click and collect wait time not bad

  • Just ordered, thx op

    • +1

      Target was quick to charge my credit card, hopefully they have stock :(

  • Looks like its sold out

  • All gone! Not available for delivery or collection.

  • +2

    Fkkkkk trying to get one of these since launch and boom sold out already 😭

    • Call around JB HiFi stores, you might get lucky, I got one this morning in SA, it seems most stores had a handful this morning.

  • +2

    Thanks OP, good timing, woke up and checked my ozbargain as per usual first thing I do in the morning and saw this, ordered and got one straight away. I'll be in a good mood all day now.

    • Same here. Saw it five mins before sold out. Thank you routine.

  • Dang, just missed out. Thanks for the post.

  • +1

    Apart from being a collector's item, is this even worth it if I have a Nintendo switch?

    • Nope. Purely collector's item imo. I don't plan on opening mine just like I still haven't opened my SNES mini.

      • You're going to be rich one day.

    • +2

      Millennials clearly don’t get the point of this.
      Including you

    • +3

      Yes a $400 games console is better than a $79 toy that has 4 in-built games, what a revelation.

    • +1

      They're not even in the same league, the Game and Watch is a collectors item that will appreciate in value over time. They're going for around $200 on eBay right now, imagine how much one in excellent condition and boxed will be worth over time.

      • That seems crazy, considering you can often get it from the States for under USD$50.

  • +1

    743 people have bought this product today. Don't miss out!

    I don’t think that there will be enough to get around to everyone

  • damn it… had it in my trolley and it had run out as I hit the checkout :/

    • Don't stress, it ran out before it went out of stock… I ordered at 7:02am and it got cancelled.

  • -3

    Once the hype dies down these will be about $50 second hand when people realise they only bought them for nostalgic sentiment. Same with the mini SNES and NES when they first came out.

    • Nice can you tell me next where I can buy into the depreciation party ?

      a) Amazon
      b) EbGames
      c) Another Store

      Cheapest buy it now on Ebay is a pre order $170 delivered .

    • +6

      Care to show me the $50 NES and SNES?

      • -2


        Pre covid the mini NES and SNES were $50 at Cashies before discount

        • That's one with one bid sold in October, and it doesn't have the box that it came in, it's also sold by a seller with less than 10 feedback ratings. We are now in November out of lockdown and recent listings have these sold for around $150 or more, box and all. I bought my SNES Mini for $100 when it was in stores a few years ago.

          Nintendo products increase in value over time, Game and Watches from the 80s are about $150+ with no box included, boxed easily over $300.

          • -1

            @WheresMeDeal: Keep telling yourself that
            I bought a SNES Brand New in Box at Cash Converters for $59 (and mini NES for less than $50) - they had plenty of stock at the time - people had paid over and above retail when they came out
            Don't believe me?

            • -1

              @modsec802: Cool, so can I get a brand new and boxed NES/SNES Mini right now for $59 now Victoria is out of lockdown and COVID is almost eliminated from the country? Or can I get a Game and Watch now for that price too? Please show me which sellers have them for that price at this moment like another commenter asked you to do just before.

              Discontinued Nintendo products increase in value over time, same thing will happen to the Mario Game and Watch. Also, if the hype has 'died down' for these products, why are people still paying more for them? The Minis were discontinued in 2018.

              • +1

                @WheresMeDeal: He won't tell you because he's busy buying from Cash Converters for $59 and selling it for $200 on Ebay hahaha

      • +1

        Walk into any cash converters, they usually have a stack 5-10 high of them.

    • Nah, these will go up in value over time as these are collectors items. The Minis are now close to $200 each on eBay, and the Game and Watch is close to $200 on eBay right now.

      • +1

        Covid prices
        Pre covid the mini NES and SNES were $50 at Cashies before discount

      • +1

        You're looking at a false market with the NES and SNES minis. COVID has inflated their prices, but they are certainly not worth that much. I know you want to tell yourself they're "collector's items", but no they really aren't.

  • Thanks OP!

  • Thanks :)

  • Jbhifi Bankstown NSW have some in store behind the counter.

    • Grab em !

    • Yep I just rang my local JB and scored the last one they had!

  • +2

    Thought I'd just head in to target for when they opened instead of ordering online since they didn't do any pre release. So they would definitely have some stock. I thought.

    She had no idea what I was talking about and couldn't find any. Any now it's sold out online. Sigh.

    Edit: got one from JB chermside. Looked to be about 3 left in stock.

  • so how do you know which JB Hifi store has it in stock?

    • Rule out the one mentioned in this thread Bankstown I guaranteed has none :)

  • +1

    I picked mine up from EB this morning. For anyone that is having it shipped, rather than click and collect, you'll be happy to hear that Nintendo have placed a nice clear hard plastic slide case around the box, so the box itself has some pretty reasonable inbuilt protection to withstand minor in-transit movement and bumps.

  • No order cancellation yet, fingers crossed!

  • jb hifi melbourne central have some stock of the game and watch, that is where I got mine today.

    • Yes i called 10 mins ago and have one put aside for pickup today!

    • All sold out now apparently. They couldn't check their systems for other stores too

  • JB HiFI Narre Warren had a couple left (not the one inside Fountain Gate)

  • Sold out online at 8am with <800 clicks.

  • +1

    Bought 0 :(

  • Does this have the whole Super Mario Bros game on it, its not like an abridged version? My partner loves Super Mario Bros 3, will they still love this?

  • Found 1 another store :)

  • Got the last one from highpoint jbhifi. Also none across the road.

  • Of course all 5 units were sold out at my local Jb HiFi early this morning. I wonder if one staff member snapped them all up or they all got one each lol

    • Assuming you werent there on opening time?

  • What makes something a collectors item is rarity…
    There will be thousands of these available. If you have one in a box in about 30 years it might be worth something…
    My 10 cents….

    • I'm not sure how many are being made but it is limited edition which they have to stick to by law. Either way they are cool little gadgets even if it's only Nintendo fans that appreciate them. If I could get one new I'd happily pay for it and add it to my collection rare or not.

  • Anyone have a location that most likely has them and like most places dealing out 1 per person ?

  • depends where you are in australia?

  • picked up from Parramatta JBhifi. 2 left on the shelf behind the registers at 11:30am

  • are they only handing out 1 per person?

  • Order cancelled

    • Did you get a phone call?

      I missed a call this morning and tried to call them back but they weren't sure what the call was about.

      • Nope, just an email for cancellation and then refund

        Unfortunately, your order has been cancelled.

        Your order has been cancelled due to insufficient stock.

        The payment of $79.00 taken for Order #xxxxxxxx is in the process of being returned to you. Please allow up to seven business days for this process to be finalised.

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