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ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 14", AMD Ryzen 9 4900HS, 16GB RAM, RTX 2060, 1080p 120Hz, 1TB SSD $2,724.90 + Delivery @ Amazon US via AU


No stock of this spec in Australia at the moment, cheaper by around $80 and includes the 120Hz 1080p display. Delivery time is about a month. Just posting just in case anybody can't hold out until a potential sale or return of this spec in Australia.

Free shipping w/ Amazon Prime and Amazon has a pretty good return policy.

Also got heaps of comments on my last post like: "better value found in Legion/Dell G5/Omen laptops" but these are heavy 15" laptops with inferior literally everything except the price. Eg. build quality, battery life, weight and processor.

These laptops are pretty amazing value considering they only weigh 1.6kg (you can use it as an actual portable laptop for work/uni) and have more power than anything of this size and price.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Price in title, please?

    Edit: that's better :)

  • wait for blackfriday or the 18th when the new amd chips get announced

    • Zen 3 mobile won't appear until Q1 2021 at the earliest. Unless you meant Radeon RX6000 mobile GPUs, in case which exactly the same statement applies.

      This is also true for RTX 30 series mobile.

      • You're dreaming. More like Q3 or Q4 2021

        • Zen 2 mobile was here in Q1, we just had covid to contend with in terms of getting access to the full range, not just in terms of supply levels and demand levels for the parts themselves, but the demand for desktop chip binnings as a result of lockdown. AMD was outselling Intel 3 or 4 to 1 up until Zen 3 launch.

          Availability might prove to be an issue due to demand, but HVM ramp will be fine, and you should see it regularly in stock from April onwards.

          But sure, let's pluck numbers out of arse based on a global catastrophe and call it a counterpoint.

  • Don't mind this!
    A lot of grunt for a laptop

  • I think it will take >2 years for the price of this to go <2000.
    ASUS never have the sales in Australia that we see in the USA

  • Return policy? If this has any issues you're surely not claiming via the Amazon returns policy. It's a warranty issue that then goes via the seller or the manufacturer. Even if postage was free back to the US (which I doubt it will be) you're still looking at a really long turnaround.

    • I was wondering about this too. If it is fulfilled by Amazon US, would we be able to claim warranty locally, or would it have to be shipped back there?

  • Isnt there a webcam in this model ?
    If not, $2800 wont be much good for work. So cheeky to remove webcam imo.

  • This or the Asus ROG Zephyrus S15 w/ RTX 2070S for $3.1k?

  • What's the rrp and cost at comparable stores atm?

    Apparently has great reviews for its form factor. Only issue is no TB3 and a tad heavy compared to its rivals in a similar form factor.

  • For those unaware, G14 has some known issues that discouraged me from pulling the trigger. Refer to https://rentry.org/g14 for the list of common problems.

    • Thanks for the information, will keep this in mind. Maybe the 1650ti version would have better thermals?

      • Thermals aside, point 5 is still an issue that hasn’t been resolved. The mere possibility of frying components in my laptop just by using all the ports discouraged me from purchasing any configuration of G14.

  • Also got heaps of comments on my last post like: "better value found in Legion/Dell G5/Omen laptops" but these are heavy 15" laptops with inferior literally everything except the price. Eg. build quality, battery life, weight and processor.

    Slow your roll here neighbour. Blanket statements don't really work…

    Build quality is a definite win for the G14, hands down.

    Display on the G14 is inferior though - mutiple techtubers have complained about its poor response times, which is problem for FPS games.

    And since they aimed for a lighter device, they had to limit the amount of heat the design can dissipate. Designers do this by choosing power limited designs. These are both built on the same architectures, so comparing boost clocks and power draws is a fair comparison in this case:

    G14 Zephyrus 4900HS/RTX2060:
    4900HS - limited to 35W (2.3% higher boost clock)
    RTX2060 Max Q - limited to 65W

    versus the Lenovo Legion 5 4800H/RTX2060:
    4800H - limited to 45W (28.5% more power)
    RTX2060 Mobile - limited to 115W (21.6% higher boost clock + 76.9% more power = 20-30% higher framerates in game)

    Note: the H CPU will draw significantly more wattage than listed in their first 9-10 minutes due to power boosts. I don't know for sure if the HS will too, but I think so. Very useful behaviour for benchmarks, not so much for true reflection of extended loads.

    As a result of these reduced power draws, the battery life is better on the G14. But I can't help but wonder how that would change if you just:
    Pressed Fn+Q twice to cycle the CPU down to 25W mode.
    Disabled the RTX2060 Mobile chip completely with Lenovo's utility, applied with a reboot.
    In this mode, for all intents and purposes the Legion 5 is a 4800U powered device.

    I have a 2014 MSI GS60 Ghost which is still great (i7-4770HQ, 16GB RAM, 2 M.2 slots + 2.5" bay) except the Nvidia 860M can't keep up with 2020 requirements. Due to this experience, the GPU is the one non-user-replaceable part I'm most concerned with in my laptop's lifecycle, so I'd rather choose the one with 21% more boost clock and 77% more power available to it, despite the 1kg disadvantage in weight and less pretty design.

    https://www.techspot.com/review/2096-amd-ryzen-4800u/ (4800H and U are basically the same silicon with different power states)
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=971J_bPQCho&t=2m50s (2060 Max-Q vs 115w 2060 Mobile specs)
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=971J_bPQCho&t=2m50s (2060 Max-Q vs 115w 2060 Mobile benchmarks)
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I06kGAWsDwk (Legion 5/4800H CPU power behaviour)

    • drops mic

    • Why not get Legion Slim 7 models with Ryzen 9 4900H and RTX2060 or
      Asus TUF Gaming FA506?

      • Legion runs the RTX2060 Max Q 65W variant (maybe equipped with 15W boost by subtracting 15W from the CPU).
        TUF runs the RTX2060 90W variant. Also, moustache Tim says it runs too hot.

        Neither of these is the one true RTX2060 115W Max-P (Performance) edition.

      • @congo

        Asus TUF Gaming FA506

        If you did end up buying the TUF A15 and wanted to mitigate the 95C CPU temps, this seems to work well enough (81C CPU, 78*C GPU).


        If you're willing to limit boost or are happy with a 95*C CPU temp, for under $1800, the 4800H/RTX2060 A15 is go.

      • Is the Slim 7 available yet?