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Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link Purifying Fan Heater HP03 White/Silver $599 Delivered @ Dyson


Update: RichardL posted a better deal here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/581524

This is a deal for the older version of the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link Purifying Fan Heater (HP03).

The newer version HP04 is obviously better but more expensive.
Difference from what I understand is a fancy sensor and better airflow. I think the filter is similar but HP04 is better with odours and smells.

There also could be better deals in a few weeks (Black Friday) so might want to consider that before buying. Have seen cheaper deals than this, some with extra filters as well.

Dyson HP03 RRP $799

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    I have the hp03 and i hate the nose it makes. Can’t even put it in a bedroom.

    • A fan that also makes an unattractive nose? What a time to be alive.

      • The fan make a noise even when its turned off, seems Dyson always want an airflow going through the device, even when its not in use.

        The only way to stop it, is to pull the plug out of the wall socket.

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      Have my exclusively in my bedroom. Can be noisy but it's okay for me.

    • The fan noise doesn't particularly bother me but both our TP04 and HP04 also make high pitched noises - it's an intermittent issue with no apparent trigger. Duration ranges from a few mins to hours.

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    I have a Dyson AM09 Hot+Cool and would not recommend it. Looks nice but is too gentle unless you turn it all the way up, too loud, and way too expensive.

  • This this sounds like an airplane taking off in your bedroom

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    Any other suggestions people have around the same price or cheaper? Air conditioning is not possible currently. Would like something strong and quiet for the bedroom. thanks

  • Vornado Air Circulator is pretty good.

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    HP04 uses carbon and HEPA filter, HP03 only has HEPA filter. They recently changed how the replacement filters are sold, when HP04 first came out you can buy the carbon and HEPA filter separately which reduces running costs since you tend to replace HEPA filter more often than carbon filter. Carbon filter should be considered if you're buying this to anticipate the coming bushfire season. In that sense, the PureCool Purifying Desk Fan (https://www.dyson.com.au/dyson-pure-cool-desk-white-silver) offer they got right now is better if you don't need heating function. In most of the reviews, the heating function on HP04 isn't anything like an actual heater in anyway and bushfires don't usually happen when you need heating at the same time.

  • Been using the HP03 for years now and loving it. The only gripe is the machine sometimes doesn't work well with the app ie. when activating a function on the app, the machine doesn't register it.

    Would wait for HP04 to go on special before buying another one and hand down the HP03 to parents.

  • Bought mine last year this time at Black Friday sale, $549 with free bonus filter. Just in time for all the pollution from bush fire.

    Dyson seems got a lot of hate in ozbargin, but for me I am quite happy with my purchase - especially I have a toddler at home so I need a heater / fan / purifier which is bladeless so I won’t have to worry my kid will have the finger cut off. I also don’t have much space at home so I need an all in one to save space. Given few days ago I still need the heater on in the morning and today it’s fan mode, it has been very useful for us.

  • I bought one from JB Hifi 2 weeks ago (same price) and it seems fine to me, I have it in the home office and have used it every day since Tuesday, not too noisy for a home office, not put it in the bedroom (I have the AM05 in there) so can't comment on night time noise but I don't hear it from the next room.

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    Grabbed one yesterday from HN. It works great and I am really enjoying it. Thank you OP!

    • I got one yesterday from HN too. What price did you end up paying? I got it down to $575.

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