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[Pre Order] Acer Predator X OSIM Gaming Massage Chair $899 (RRP $1699) Delivered @ OSIM


Not sure how realistic the RRP (aka "usual price" from their website) but it doesn't seem like Osim does a lot of sales so thought I'd put it up for anyone that might be interested.

The handful of reviews available says it's a good "after game" massager rather than while gaming. Not a gamer but thought it's a nice chair for when I'm working from home a couple of times a week.

From Osim's website:

The World’s 1st Gaming Massage Chair.

Free uVision 3 Eye Massager (worth $169) with purchase of OSIM Gaming Massage Chair. Limited to first 100 purchase only. While stocks last.

*Estimated delivery by Mid Dec 2020.

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    Hopefully this is their next collaboration


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      Amazing haha !

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        There should also have a cardia angiogram suite attached to it to continuosly flush those arteries- maybe they can make it as a game- flushing your own arteries

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      Shut up and take my money.

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    I am ashamed to admit that I thought it was an Acer Predator laptop + Osim massage chair for $900.

  • Sadly I'm not a gamer or else I would totally jump on this deal.

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    No offence but the day i can afford the luxury of having a $900 chair, i can stop visiting ozbargain 🤣🤣

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      you'd be surprised at the number of herman miller, ergohuman etc. high end chairs here, granted many bought then 2nd hand off businesses

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      The trick is to save as much as you can as often as you can, but treat yourself ever so often on a big splurge <3

      (at least thats my philosophy)

      • Stops building tower made out of Eneloops to read comment

        nodding in agreement

  • Does it scratch my balls while I'm gaming?

    • i'd be surprised it lasts the warranty given how Acer ususally is!

      • I have been a technician for acer. Don't tell me about their "quality". A bloody nightmare

        • :) can you tell us, then?

        • great set up an AMA we need to know

    • Piece of sandpaper on the seat. Solved.

  • not gonna lie, If there was a water cooled gaming chair, I'd happily fork over $900. Mainly because I sweat a ton in the summer and don't like switching on my portable AC (which is super loud and inefficient).

    Osim? Corsair? Maybe even EKWB? Partnership please.

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      Mainly because I sweat a ton in the summer

      Keep going. I'm almost there.

  • The World’s 1st Gaming Massage Chair

    Uh ok. They didn't search very far.

  • none of their pictures have the power cord in it…

    is it because it's a nightmare to deal with in reality? tripping over it, restricting movement etc…..

  • Wish i could try this sorta stuff before i fully committed. Im in the market for a chair (Herman miller) but these gaming chairs are too gimmicky for me consider unless i have tried them myself

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    Finally a choice to go with my gaming shoes. https://au.puma.com/active-gaming-footwear-306663-01.html

    • A-Active?!

      • Don't forget strapping it in a certain way gives you stat buffs!

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    Thanks op. Ordered 10

  • Have a serious think about this guys before buying it - the covering is PU leather so it will inevitably peel/crack. There's only a two year warranty and they point out in bold print as well that it excludes wear and tear so I wouldn't be surprised if peeling is excluded.

  • The padding seems to disappear where I require it….

  • Yeah nah, I'll just unbolt my car seats at this rate lmao!

  • Just get a 2nd hand Herman Miller Aeron chair for less than half the price. Maddness

    • where?
      The ones on Gumtree/Facebook look shit and overpriced!

  • Looks like you will be sitting on a pool of sweat this summer. Wouldn't recommend leather (or fake one) for the Australian weather.

  • This is cheap by OSIM standards but then in all honesty, it isn't really an OSIM massage chair. More of a regular "gaming chair" with those chair-back-massager addons built in.

    Whilst I've been pretty happy with my OSIM uMagic chair which I brought with me when I moved back from Singapore, OSIM service/warranty wasn't great even in their home country of Singapore and took a lot of calls/debates to resolve why my new massage chair was emitting a burning smell… so I can only imagine the level fo support you'd get in Australia.

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    OSIM is horrible for warranty. They will ignore, lie and BS you until you give up. Having to take them all the way through the NCAT process just to fix their faulty crap, was enough to swear me off them for life.

  • This or real leather gaming chair?

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    Max Load: 110KG.

    Rules out half of OzBargain.

  • Love the way marketing calls these types of chairs a gaming chair, I have a FF driving wheel and pedals, I have a 200 dollar officeworks "Gaming" chair (going back under warranty as pu leather is peeling after 6 mths
    none of them have wheel locks, a must for sim car gaming. Guess manufacturers only think gaming is for 1st person shooters?

    • Wheel locks? I don't think it is a must for gaming chairs. If you're rolling around, then stop using it on a hard surface. Either use it in a carpeted room or use it on a mat of some kind. I've got a Secret Lab chair and it doesn't have wheel locks nor did any of the other higher end gaming chairs I considered.

      Good job holding Officeworks accountable to their poor product too. PU leather is terrible and even 'better quality' PU leather will inevitably peel. It's accelerated by our hot and humid climate and perspiration greatly speeds up the peeling.

      • this is also pu leather right?

        • If you're referring to the Acer Predator OSIM chair - yes, it's PU leather.

          In terms of Secret Lab's offerings - they have a PU leather, softweave fabric and real leather options which is nice.

      • I am on carpet you press a brake or accelerator on a pedal box and the force needed pushes chair back hence the need for locks, Yeah I'm one who won't suffer stuff breaking under warranty, Officeworks have been ok, just said look bring it back, if we have stock of same we'll replace or refund just have to get it into the car Friday when I go down that way 35 klms from me

  • Any Eye Massagers left?

    • give them a call and they will reserve one for you on your order - thats what OSIM staff told me last week.

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