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TaoTronics BA08 Bluetooth Transmitter & Receiver $29.99 BR04 Bluetooth Car Kit $26.99 + Post (Free $49+/Prime) @ Amazon AU


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TaoTronics TT-BA08 Bluetooth Transmitter & Receiver was $39.99 Now $29.99 with Code 793W7T54

Transmitter: Transforms 3.5mm audio-out media devices into streaming Bluetooth audio
Receiver: Can connect wired headphones or speakers to receive Bluetooth music
aptX Low Latency technology: So high-definition audio is transmitted without problems
2 For 1 Connection: Two Bluetooth headphones or speakers can be paired at the same time
Full Control: In RX mode you can control play/pausing, track selection or volume.
Already Ready: 20 hours battery use, charging while in use & pairing memory functionality.
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TaoTronics TT-BR04 Bluetooth Receiver Car Kit was $35.99 Now $26.99 with Code KGF2U5QE

Safe Phone Calls while Driving: Hands-free phone calls with cVc 6.0 noise cancellation
Universal Car Aux Port Compatibility: Music with less static thanks to advanced technology
Dual mounting options: Fix via the magnetic base with 3M adhesive tape or the air vent clip
Double Connectivity: Enjoy music or answer phone calls from two Bluetooth devices
Straightforward Controls: User-friendly controls that are backlit and clearly separated
Complete Car Kit: with dual USB car charger (5V 2.1A) for powering two devices.
What You Get: Bluetooth Control with integrated Mic, USB and 3.5mm Cable & a Dual USB Car Charger
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  • I assume you have to have a headset with aptx-LL to take advantage of the low latency mode. Does anyone have any recommended bluetooth headphones for this purpoise?

    • I have the ba99 transmitter and I use TT BH22 (aptx but not LL) headset and there's very minimal latency when I'm watching TV. It is noticeable if you watch the lips closely but rarely bothersome to me. Works really well.

    • I'd wait until bluetooth LHDC / LLAC codec is released next year. Allows two way stereo Duplex in headSETS so it doesn't sound like crap…. aptX LL is only good if the sound is traveling one way (sound bars / headphones / etc)

      LHDC allows aptX HD quality at low latency delays… basically aptX HD + LL had a baby, best of both worlds.

      As catear said, the delay is noticeable and DRIVES ME CRAZY

    • Most aptx head phones do not support aptx-LL.

      Here is the official list of headphones with aptx-LL support.

  • Grabbed the BA08, thanks.

    will be perfect for my old Cassette and CD Walkmans.

  • Any recommend cassette player?

    • Most of the new ones they sell like at JB are rubbish.

      I tend to get new old stock or used ones in great condition and stick with Sony brand

    • Heh. Cranked up my [very expensive] Aiwa a few months ago. Cleaned the heads then popped in an old mix tale of eighties wonders. Sounded terrible. Worse than Bluetooth.
      I suspect the magnetism on the tapes is attenuating over time..

  • Thanks op

  • I have the TT-BR04 kit and have used it regularly for over a year. It's the only one of these that has worked consistently well for me - no aux whine, no random Bluetooth dropouts that plagued my old Jabra unit, callers can hear me clearly (enough). If you need one, this is the one to get.

  • Other than optical/toslink connection, is there any difference between this and TT-BA09?


      Is the octical connection better for hifi output?


      Yes, it is much smaller than the BA09 making it great for travel, for use on airplanes etc.

      Unlike the BA09, It also has buttons so you can control play/pausing, track selection or volume.


        Will an optical link give better sound?

        • +2 votes

          Optical connections are generally considered better than 3.5mm or RCA connections.

  • Thanks, I have this in my shopping list, ordered for my mini QKK mini projector.

    Remember cashrewards, electronics 4%.

  • I've looked at these each time they come up but I'm still not sure which one best suits my needs.

    My car has bluetooth for calls, but I can't stream audio through this. It also has a 3.5mm jack, so I assume I can connect one of these permanently (and maybe also plug it into a USB port so it's always charged), and I can stream audio at the same time? Which one best suits this use case?



      The BR04 will meet your needs, both for playing music & making calls.

      It will turn on when you turn the car on & will automatically pair with your phone.

      It also has a control pad which you can stick wherever suits you best.

      • Mine hardly ever pairs automatically. Almost every time I need to wait until it finishes its initial search, and then I have to go into phone settings and do a fresh search/scan.

        It could be my phone that has a limitation, not the BR04, but I'm just passing on my experience so far. It's a frustration.

        • Thanks for the feedback. I think I'd prefer to continue use the car bluetooth for calls, but my phone allows me to connect to another device for media playback - So this would be the best of those offered?

    • I'm in the same boat. My car has bluetooth for calls only.

      I bought the BA08 and it has been brilliant. My android will pair to both the BA08 and car bluetooth simultaneously. Audio goes to the BA08, calls to go the car bluetooth and car microphone. The BA08 plugs into my car's headunit aux.

      I use the BA08 for simple track advance / rewind, so I technically don't have to touch the phone. Google assistant (directly to the phone's inbuilt mic) handles the rest.

      The BA08 pairs almost immediately, and the connection is very reliable. The only issue I have is if I walk away from the car, and return within 5 mins, sometimes I'll have to turn off the BA08 and back on again to reestablish the connection (5 min auto off roughly).

      • Thanks, this convinced me to pickup the BA08. Sounds like we have the exact same scenario!

        The code appears to not be working right now, so hopefully that gets sorted!

  • Thanks OP. Got the TT-BR04 Bluetooth Receiver Car Kit.

    Haha I didn't even know these things exist, hoping I'm much safer driver now.

    • Good buy! it works really well and auto connects to your phone when you start the car.

      Hassle free if you have an older car that does not have Bluetooth enabled car audio.

      • Got to love the auto connect feature! Are you currently using this unit?

        • Sorry, not the same person you asked but I've used this unit since last year.

          Auto-connect bugs out every now and again (once a week at absolute worst) but a quick unplug-plugin solves the issue. This only happens when I am swapping devices around, otherwise auto-connect is very smooth.

          For $27, you really can't go wrong and I'm super happy with the product.

        • Yes I still am using the device.

          I have not had any connectivity problems unless I start pairing my phone to multiple other headphones.

          Removing the other devices from my phone Bluetooth pairing list and restarting the device usually fixes the problem.

          It has happened to me only a couple of times in the year that I had it. It is possible that the different phones and their operating system behaviour may be the reason why some are experiencing connectivity issues.

      • Not auto power on however? I have to manually turn it on, but it will auto connect.

  • Bought BA08 2 years ago, still rocking.. good product..

  • I have a different taotronics car set and it was giving me feedback in the speakers when permanently kept on charge.
    Has that been fixed? Need one for my wife's car…

  • I have an old TV with optical audio output but no
    Bluetooth. My purpose is to listen to Audio from
    TV using my my airpods or any bluetooth headsets. Will this serve my purpose?

    • If you need toslink then you'll need this one

    • Are your airpods aptX Low Latency? None of my 6 Bluetooth portable speakers are and so I get a noticeable lag of the voice with my TV, ie, voice is out of sync by a fair bit. I have a toslink/optical connection too. It is so bad that I stopped using it until one day I will buy the aptx LL gear.

    • You have to use it as Tx in your case

      But little tricky if you didn't have headphones out on your TV. That's how I use my BT transmitter. You may need a digital to analogue converter that takes optical input and has rca / stereo output. You will connect the device to this stereo out, which pairs with your air pods

  • Can any if these handle ldac? Have some xm4s which don't have aptx but still want that hd audio from windows.

  • Thanks, OP. Going to use this with my digital piano when the house is sleeping.

  • I'm using TT-BA07 ( for last month or so), no issues & does what it is designed to do… unlike a previous unit from elsewhere I had to return… not sure of differences but I paid $37 so good price IMO.

    • I got the BA07 too, not sure if I should return and get this one instead though! My Bluetooth buds don't have volume control and if I reduce the input volume for the BA07 eco mode kicks in causing the sound to cut out in quiet bits.

      • mmm yea I also have thought of returning mine, just interested in difference if OP xev can elaborate??

        • Seems like it's longer battery life and volume control/skip-back buttons onboard the ba08.

  • Can I pair two TT-BA08’s together, one as transmitter and one as receiver, to form a wireless low latency audio bridge? If so, how? This scenario isn’t explained in the manual

    • I think it can be done …I am doing it with one Avantree orbit as transmitter and some other rebrand as receiver to connect my projector with my speaker. I I believer it should be possible

  • THANK YOU! bought the car kit, legend!

  • So the other day I just discovered you can buy a USB bluetooth dongle for the PC. All I really want to do is be able to use my bluetooth headphones on my PC, is there any reason to get this? Does it provide better audio quality?

    • If you have aptx capable headphones, I recommend an aptx bluetooth dongle. This device is better for thinks like TVs and an car audio which can't take a bluetooth dongle.

      If you have aptx capable headphones the quality might be better than with a USB bluetooth dongle that is not aptx capable.

      When using this device the computer will do a digital to analogue conversion and this device will convert the analogue signal back to digital and that can lower the audio quality.

  • Hey xev,

    Any upcoming deals on these?

    Eager to grab another one.

  • Hi Xev.
    any chance the RAVpower jump starter will be back in stock ?

  • I have 25+ year old bose 2.1 cube speakers with sub connected to Denon PMA 860 and so this thing plugs into the back RCA or front fat headphone jack ? It doesn't have the little 3.5mm one? Will ot definitely will work to play my PC or phone Bluetooth songs to the old Denon amp and old bose and speakers?

  • Interested in getting the BA08 for my car as I only need to it for listening to music. My 12V power plug in the car is actually broken and doesn't function can someone confirm that I don't need to plug in the receiver to get it working and I only need to plug it into the 3.5mm jack and just turn it on and then connect it and start playing?

    Thanks heaps!

    • You gonna need to connect it to power somehow I believe, unless you charge it before using at home or something

  • Thanks. Got the BA08. I bought the BA09 last year and really happy with it. Have used it with headphone jack on Denon receiver and audio out on Samsung TV to connect Sony XM3 headphones.

  • Code appears to no longer be valid for Bluetooth transmitter/receiver.

  • Code not working for me for the BA08. anyone else having issues? Deal over?

  • Expired? I just tried the code for BA08 and Amazon told me it can't be applied to my purchase

  • Guess either the code expired or they have sold out the allocated amount for this deal.

  • Looks like it is expired? I can confirm I tried just now and Amazon declined the code.

  • It says in stock, but code don’t work any more.

  • Got my BA08s today and tested it on the Nintendo Switch.

    No noticeable lag at all.

    Highly recommend this if you use a case that causes problems with a USB C blue tooth adaptor.

  • Any offers for the transmitter?