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Amazon New Categories: PC's 5%, Physical Books, Pet Food & Supplies, Kitchen 7.5% (Electronics 5%, Others <10%) @ Cashrewards


(1) Check cashback table prior to purchase, as rates and category eligibility can/will change regularly without notice.
(2) Cashback is ineligible on purchase of vouchers, gift cards, kindle unlimited, audible, mobile apps, subscribe & save items, prime subscriptions, and all categories/products listed at 0% cashback.
(3)Ensure your Amazon cart is empty before clicking from Cashrewards, as items added prior to clicking will not earn cashback. Items must only be added to cart after clicking from Cashrewards.
(4) Purchases paid with gift cards are eligible for cashback.

  • Amazon Devices 10%
  • Apparel 10%
  • Jewellery 10%
  • Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 10%
  • Home 7.5%
  • Kitchen 7.5%
  • Luggage 7.5%
  • Office Products 7.5%
  • Pet Food & Supplies 7.5%
  • Physical Books 7.5%
  • Premium Beauty 7.5%
  • Sports & Outdoors 7.5%
  • Watches 7.5%
  • Wine, Beer & Spirits 7.5%
  • Electronics 5%
  • Personal Computing 5%
  • Everything Else 0%

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  • Bought the TaoTronics Bluetooth with the 4% yesterday

  • +1

    Looking for musical instruments but still 0

  • +1

    This is what I like to see. Computing 5% :)

  • +1

    WELCOME BACK PC!!!!!!!!!!


  • Damn, literally just purchased a 5600x :(

    • Aren’t Amazon prices inflated as hell for the new ryzen s

      • +1

        They're about 8-10% more on Amazon than what RRP for a 5600x should be. They're just genuinely much more expensive than the last gen of Ryzens.

        $469 that you see many shops stock a 5600x for is more or less actual MSRP, $299 USD converted into AUD (at ANZ's exchange rate) is $424.23 then add on 10% GST you get $466.7

        • This doesn't change the fact that its higher priced than most other places… Only worth for those with CC price protection, or stacking GC's and CB.

      • If you have Prime, then not really. I purchased mine for $481 and other retailers like PCCG and Scorptec offer it for $469. PCCG is $15 standard shipping, Scorptec is $10 but OOS. Another benefit with Prime is that mine came in 2 days from ordering.

        If you're talking about being inflated compared to US MSRP then yeah definitely. But with the surging demand I can't see it going down by much for at least the next few months, early adopter's tax I suppose.

        This was for my first build and it was my final component so I just decided to pull the plug. If not, I definitely would've waited as I'm sure AMD are going to release a 5600 non-x variant for much cheaper next year which'll likely have far better price-performance.

        • I gues the 5600x isnt inflated by much then? I wasn't interested in that one, but the 5900x is going for $1156 on Amazon… Soo..

          • @ATangk: Yeah no idea why it's so expensive there lol. I'd just buy from Scorptec or PCCG.

  • +3

    i prefer cashrewards,
    shopback does not always pay or work well
    good luck with the ipo !

    • When is it happening anyways, been talked about for so long. With the $30 referral I'd have thought that to be the last stretch.

    • +1

      They always honor on my side. Got issue with an aliexpress for 15% long ago. They took time to sovled it, but done.

  • +1

    Are these temporary/limited time?

    • yes. Probably today only, but I cant find an end time so it could be pulled any moment now.

    • Excellent question.

    • This is the thing that bugs me about these cash rewards/shopback deals, they never disclose the end date or time.

      • +1

        Not necessarily, but I think this is just CB in response to shopback.

  • :( just bought $100 of books on the weekend!

  • If you have amazon credit does that effect eligibility for cashback? Appreciate that would effect the total paid and therefore the amount that qualifies for cashback. I know it says you can use gift cards but doesn't mention credit.

    • +1

      Gift cards good, credit not good

      • Cheers.

      • Actually it looks like credit is eligible, it just takes it off the total cashback is payable on:


        When using a valid coupon code or Amazon credit (applicable only on items sold by Amazon AU), cashback is calculated on the net amount after the value of the coupon code or credit has been deducted.

  • +1

    Good cashback for people who need to buy now. A trap for people waiting for Black Friday!

  • Amazon's cashback categories are so confusing, cross posting this for both CR and SB.

    This item top category is Kitchen & Dining, end of the breadcrumbs is Household and Cleaning Supplies.

    So does it fall under SB's
    Health, Household Products & Personal Care (Includes Electronic Personal Care, Laundry, Supplement, Cleaning Supplies) 7.50% or Kitchen & Dining 0.00%

    then on CR is it

    Health, Household & Personal Care 0.00% or
    Kitchen 7.50%

    I assume the end of the line is the category it will go in to meaning SB will apply to this one but CR wont?

  • Wondering why it's called PC category, not Computers?

    • Yeah, not sure if everything under the Computers and Accessories category are included.

  • Ordered 2 books around 3pm via the cash rewards app. None have tracked yet. Hopefully it works.

    • Still hasn't tracked should I be worried?

      • Have tracked now pretty much 24hrs later. Glad it worked. Worked for a pre-order too.

  • Does this fall under personal computing?

    • Yes, you can see the category on the product page.

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