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[Plus Rewards] Xiaomi Air Purifier Pro (Global Model) $239 + Delivery (Free with Kogan First) @ Kogan


$20 off $100 Spend at Kogan.com @ Plus Rewards (Membership Required) - $4 for first four weeks
Took me about two minutes to sign up and obtain the voucher. cancelled my subscription from Paypal.

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Here is a comparison of all Xiaomi Air Purifiers

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  • Does the Pro take the same filters as the 2h/3h? eg. Can I buy the standard HEPA filter and put it in the pro?

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    What's the attraction of these products?

    I understand if you're living in an area where air pollution might be a problem but surely in Australia we wouldn't have the same problems as say Hong Kong etc.

    Genuine question because I see deals for these products pop up quite a bit.

    Sorry for my ignorance.

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      Bush fires, living near a road, hay-fever

    • I bought one a few days ago because I wake up with stuffed nose due to hay fever around this time of the year. I haven't tested it yet but others say it helps

      • That's fair enough. I guess there's a market for allergy sufferers etc.

        Hope it helps you out.

      • Would you let me know if it helps you as I wake up with the same problem.

        • Yeah sure. It's still delivering. I will reply here once tested

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        If it's this time of year (peak pollen season) then there is a chance it helps. Other things that can help: make sure you keep your house closed up fairly airtight, vacuum with a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter, wipe down surfaces.

    • Placebo effect for the wife's dust/hayfever allergies. Reduce bushfire and cooking smells. You can fart into it to reduce smells lingering. Kids like to use it as an air column to suspend balloons in the air.

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        I wonder how well they work to get rid of smells.

        I won't tell my wife, she'll make me order 5. My pressure relief valve gets a workout after dinner sometimes….

        • I think it's difficult to judge the effect on smells, but I do know the machine itself blows out "smelly/steak-y" air a few days after using it during cooking (eg steaks), so it would seem it catches the smells for a period of time before it neutralises them?

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      Melbourne specifically has immense pollen problems, peaking around this time of year and a lot of people suffer greatly due to it. Can also be useful for bushfire smoke and other pollutants. Some people get air purifiers to prevent dust but most dust (that you can see) is heavy enough to land on something before air circulates.

    • ii find them great if you have a small house and are cooking etc. especially steaks on cast iron

    • I use this daily throughout the day and leave it on night mode throughout the night (very quiet). Helps with my hayfever dramatically indoors.

    • 1) we had smoke in the air for 1 month due to bushfires.
      2) helps with dust/hayfever

      They really do work (I have four though none of them Xiaomi's).

  • Does anyone know the difference between the local and global models?

  • will this remove my own stench that i create

    • You don't like the odour you produce?

      You should bask in its glory as the paint peels off the walls.

  • Thanks OP! I ended up getting the 3H model since I don't need it to cover as wide an area using the same deal :) ($178 inc the Plus Rewards fee - not the historic low price but still pretty good.)

    • Presale item?

      • Yupp thought I didn't notice at the time. oh well!

        • +1

          It was cheaper a couple of days ago and was in stock. That's why I didn't post

  • All this new model will stop working when the filter reach 0%, I hate product that does this, manufacturer should let us decide when to change the filter, notification is fine but stop working…that’s rubbish.

    • Can't you just vacuum the dust off the filter and press and hold the reset button on the back when putting it back in so the counter restarts (as if installing a new filter)? I do this all the time on my Air Purifier 2. Or does this new series have some sort of chip/QR in the filters that the main unit can detect its the same one being put in?

      • Yep, RFID chip.

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          What bullshit. Mine I have Im going to replace the granules with and done for a trivial cost. They arent printers!

          On whirlpool someone suggests covering chip in foil and then install - though I dont know if this is the same model


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      Are you sure? I thought it won't stop working, it'll just say filter needs replacing.

      • With the older one without led display, yes. I have 2 and 3h, 2 can keep running, 3h stop on it’s only stays on after an hour or so.

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          So for the Pro, apparently this is the workaround from whirlpool:

          Cover the RFID tag on the bottom of the filter with a couple of layers silver foil and stick it there with sticky tape and put it back in the Pro. It will complain and tell you it is non genuine. Ignore that and push the filter reset button on the back for a few seconds to reset the timer and it will reset happily to 145 days.

          Can you try on your 3H and see if that works?

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      Mine's been at 0% for a couple of months and it's still working. It just displays a message on the screen reminding you to change the filter, but it doesn't stop working.

      • I have 3h, yes I can still turn it on but it will stop on it’s own after an hour or so, very annoying, cause I normally leave it on the whole night, or during high pollen season it’s stay on all the time.

  • Tried creating a plus rewards membership and kept getting an error 'An error occurred while creating your account
    ' no matter which browser I used.. I'll wait for another offer without it.

    • Try this link

      • Thanks, still get the error. Tried on chrome (disabled adblockers) AND safari with no extensions running.

  • If you sign up to plus rewards with herald sun using a credit card, you will need to all the service centre to cancel it.

    @onhunt how do you cancel a subscription via paypal?

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      You can only cancel from PayPal if you sign up using PayPal as the payment method and not credit card.

      After logging in on PayPal. Go to this link

      Cancel payment subscription from “ News Digital Media Pty Limited”

  • Just received an email from Logan says "we are unable to supply your Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro (Global Model) as originally expected"

    So after few weeks waiting, they are going to cancel my order, but the same product is still selling on their website for $259

    What a joke!