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Full Metal Jacket 4K Blu Ray $17.49 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/$39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Seems like a great deal. $24.99 - $37.99 elsewhere.

Great movie and according to reviews the 4K transfer is great.

Edit Only available for backorder now, dispatched within 2-4 weeks.

Edit 2 Seems to be back in stock now.

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  • Awesome, thanks!
    Question: how did you find this? I tried replicating the search with a bunch of different terms and it only brings up a version that's like $40.

    • I typed this into google - "full metal jacket 4k blu ray"
      And it's the second entry.

      But I was on the Amazon app and it was recommended to me as I buy a lot of 4k blu rays from Amazon!

    • I find the Amazon search function is terrible! Gives a bunch of random results that don’t even include the search terms! And skips over those that are clearly relevant!

      • I gets the feeling Amazon searches (and eBay etc) give you the results they want.

        “Sponsored” or “Top rated” or everything else before the actual thing you’re searching for…

  • Definitely in my "Top-10 best movies of all time" list along with a few other Kubricks. Still a great 'anti-war' statement piece. Ahh, such a classic.

    • For sure. Only ever watched it on DVD so can't wait to see it in 4K HDR!

      • I had it on DVD too, watch that copy many times. But that copy was in 4:3 aspect ratio (full screen on the tube tvs back then).
        I got it on Bluray a year or two ago, do think I watch that yet.

        I watched the 4K Apocalypse Now recently, I was actually disappointed expecting it to be much better than bluray. :(

        I think it maybe the case here too.


        I think I will give up on old movies on 4K.

        • Yeah it's weird. Alien 4K was much better than I remember watching a few years ago. But I watched that on VHS so doesn't really compare haha.

          I was underwhelmed by Saving Private Ryan and Jaws.

          • @Twirlypiglet: I bought Saving Private Ryan too, have not watched it yet.

            Watch a bit of Matrix, it was okay but when you watch a new release like Sicario 2, or Deadpool, Alita those look amazing.

            They keep suckering us on re-buy our old DVD, then Bluray movies, now 4K. I don't think they are putting out 8K media.

            • @fredk1000: Oh I forgot about that holy shit, the matrix was underwhelming. Terminator 2 as well.

              • @Twirlypiglet: I bought that too, Terminator 2. It's used to be one of my favourite movies when I was young.

                I have a collection of T2 memorabilia, I have that cardboard cut out from the video shop, I have a large video shop poster must like like 3m by 2m or larger I cannot remember. God knows what condition it is in now.

                I actually think I watched it on VHS the most, I have watched it so much I cannot stand it no more, do not think I have seen it on bluray or 4k though I have them.

        • I have a feeling with these 4K rescans you can’t look for clarity like you would on a recent flick shot in native 4K. The format allows them to pump up the saturation while still retaining a lot of the image detail. Didn’t mind the matrix print, they cleaned up a lot of the sfx, and appreciated the greener midtones they added to the ‘matrix’ scenes.

          Most standout conversions seem to be from a 70mm print -2001 space odyssey a prime example. And the blade runner 4K remaster was pretty too. All comes down to personal preference of course, but I’m partial to a little grain on the old classics:)

    • And it was filmed in backlots in London, just because Kubrick didn't like leaving England or flying or something. I don't know, I'm bad at remembering factoids.

      • From memory you see canary wharf in the background when they get to the actual vietnam fighting scenes with the snipers ?

  • “Me sucky-sucky. Me love you too much.”

    Great movie 🤣

    • Only the greatest individual scene in a Kubrick movie ever. Perhaps any movie.
      It has: Exotic locations, hookers, bartering, comedy, street crime, martial arts, foreign language, Vespas and Nancy Sinatra and it also serves as a perfect device for cutting the film from basic training to on the street in Saigon…all within two minutes.
      And of course it has "Well baby, me so horny. Me love you long time"
      It's just brilliant.

      • All somehow filmed amidst derelict factories in England…

        • +5 votes

          Exactly. The war scene was filmed in East Londons Beckton Gas works on the banks of the Thames. I walked through it a few years after the movies was made and many of the building were still there, even found a Vietnamese branded beer/soft drink can discarded in the dirt.

      • as a Vietnamese, find that more hilarious that most of my family members wouldn't even recognized that phrase.

    • I cringe when I hear people say this to Asian girls and they either pretend they're not offended or put on the most uncomfortable nervous laugh. This movie has heaps of great lines, most of which belong to the drill sergeant during training.

      "Bull shit I bet you could suck a golf ball through a garden hose".

  • This is one hell of a film, with one hell of an opening scene. Ronald Lee Ermey's performance is one of my all time favourites.

  • For anyone that just wants to watch this great movie, it was just added to the Netflix too catalogue.

  • M I C K E Y M O U S E…

  • Upvoting for the jam jelly doughnut scene…

    "Holy Jesus… What is that? WHAT THE F**K IS THAT?"

  • 4K? HD Blu-Ray too beaucoup!

  • This is my rifle, this is my gun, this is for fighting, this is for fun!
    Best movie. Watched it dozens of times, love it.


    Dang that's a good movie, I can't tell whose a better bad ass:

    Private Jean rasczak in star ship troopers,
    Sargent Al alapone in aliens,
    Sargent hartman in full metal jacket,
    Sargent barns in platoon,
    Colonel Miles Quaritch avatar,
    Colonel Hans landa, in glorious bastards.

    Can only pick one! As portrayed bad ass.

    (They're all bad ass, but ones a real bad ass, can you guess who with out googling it)

    Ahh I can smell a thread could bad asses.

    • "Disclaimer: Please note that this screenshot was captured at 1080p, resized to 720p and then compressed using JPEG to improve the loading time.
      While it should give you a general idea of what a title will look like, it's not representative of the true quality that Blu-ray offers.

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  • Ballshit. I bet you could suck a golf ball through a garden hose

  • we don't serve chicken and watermelon on a daily basis

  • this is on netflix rn btw

  • Bullshit i cant hear you!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • This is my rifle, this is my gun.
    This is for fightin', this is for fun

  • Good price. Sadly I paid 24.98 along with Spartacus on release day at JB Hi Fi but totally worth it. Recommend it as Kubrick shot on 35mm and his transfers have been excellent.