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Ray-Ban Wayfarer RB4260D Sunglasses $89 (Was $178) + More at 1/2 Price @ Sunglass Hut


Following on from the Myer sunnies deals, Sunglasshut has come to the party also.

Most Rayban glasses are 50% off and you can snag Wayfarers for under a hundred dollars. Check them out at the link below. Sure to go fast.

Check out the full Rayban list here: https://www.sunglasshut.com/au/ray-ban

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  • +23

    Not polarized so not great

    Why get these over other cheaper brands? Rayban just seems like such a rip. Every pair I’ve owned have easily scratched or developed cracks. And I’m not tough on my sunnies. They stay in the glasses holder in my car.

    • +23

      Every pair I’ve owned have easily scratched or developed cracks.

      If you ran into a dodgy pair of Ray bans, then maybe you have a dodgy pair of Ray bans. But if you run in dodgy pair of Ray bans all the time, then maybe you're the dodgy one?

      Mines still 👌

      • +2

        I've owned 3 pairs and they have all developed issues. Bought from trusted retailers like Myer and sunglass hut.

        Not sure. Maybe I'm just rough on sunnies, but then what's the point in $200 sunnies if they're so fragile.

    • +5

      You can get replacement lenses for raybans https://www.thesunglassfix.com.au/

    • +5

      Bought a pair of expensive Ferrari limited edition Raybans in March this year. $370 about. Yeah,I know. I don’t usually buy such limited editions either but they were carbon fibre and did look good. Anyway less than a month later one of the screws holding the right lens in fell out, meaning the lens wasn’t secure and half popped out all the time.

      I bought them online directly from Rayban. They first tried to fob me off by getting me to go to a retailer to get them fixed. The retailer rightly said , no you need to go back to Rayban. But he looked up on the computer to see if they could get the replacement screw. Nope no spares showing on the system.

      So I contact Rayban again and they confirm that they have no spares, the sunglasses can’t be repaired. Yes a pair of sunglasses that they were still selling did not have any spares. A 10 cent screw. Nope.

      They offered me any other pair but I said not bloody likely. I told them in the email that not only was it disgraceful an expensive pair of sunglasses broke after a month but it was even worse, unbelievable that they had no spares. I said I would never buy Rayban again and I wanted a full refund. I also said what would happen if they broke just after warranty. No spares. So I would have a useless pair of $370 sunglasses.

      I got my refund.

      I did have a pair I bought in Thailand about 15 years ago which lasted , well 15 years. But never again.

      • +3

        Luxottica just never make spares. Even in store repairs they just cannabalise another pair and then write off the pair as a store loss. So if they can't order another pair in then they can't repair it. They will usually just offer another model if under warranty and the stock is no longer available.

      • +1

        you are luckyyou got a refund. i would say the customer service was good- they did their best . Might have justs been a lemon

    • -3

      They stay in the glasses holder in my car.

      you're not supposed to keep them in your car all the time. heat will destroy plastic and lens coatings.

  • +22

    Get polarised. Your eyes will love you.

    • I find polarised lenses make me feel dizzy and give me a headache.
      So I personally don't use them anymore.

      • +11

        All they do is cut out reflections. You sure it's not all in your head?

        • +5

          Because they work essentially by being microscopic venetian blinds to prevent light from certain angles, They change how your eyes see things when looking at something from behind glasses with a curved surface (i.e. from inside a car).

        • +7

          They can also make your car infotainment screen hard to read

          • +5

            @MementoMori: i find that i can't look at my phone screen or the tinting affects of other cars is quite annoying. I happy to not have polarized coating.

            • +1

              @godofpizza: Having said that, I still prefer to wear them… but they're not without downsides

          • +2

            @MementoMori: This along with the heads up display on wind screen is difficult to read.

        • Can’t guarantee it’s not in my head.
          Used to wear them as a kid when I was playing sport.
          These days I just struggle.
          Only recently found out that some people have issues with headaches and polarising. Long after I found myself having the issue.

    • As someone who is sensitive to sunlight (having blonde hair and blue eyes apparently makes me some 30% more sensitive to sunlight), even polarised sunglasses don't stop me from having to use my hand as a makeshift visor when walking outside.

    • Fish hate polarised sunglasses.

  • +12

    cancer council and other brands sells much cheaper polarised sunnies

    • +1

      Thanks for this! Didn't know about it. Do you know if they do prescriptions? I don't see it on their website.

    • Yes! I got a pair from the last iconic sale with decent cashback so should be a good polarised pair for $20 :)

    • +2

      Agree. Cancer Council glasses are great & cheap so no major drama's if lost other than the oh no factor…………now need to find and buy another pair :-).

    • have had bad experiences with lenses coming off from the frame within a year of use

    • Agree, cancer council offers great value for money. Not always the best range of styles, etc., but if they've got what you like they're hard to beat for value.

  • What's the diff between this and the original wayfarer? Thicker frames?

    Side rant : it's shit that you can't use egift cards online.

    • I just found out about not being able to use e-gift card online. So with my e-gift card, I must place an order in-store?
      The funny thing is the sunglasses I want is online only sigh

      • Yup, you have to go instore. Physical gift cards work online and instore. Stupid system.

  • +1

    Don’t forget to check your commbank offers

  • +13

    $40 polarised sunnies will do a better job than this over price brand, quality isn't better you just paying $100 of dollar for the logos

    • hello,
      I know nothing about which polarised I should buy, any recommendation?

    • Any brands /models you recommend looking at?

      I have no idea about the sunglass industry, so not too sure how to identify a good offer.

    • actually its only $89 and you are always welcome to return it if you dont like.

    • +4

      It really depends on your purpose of wanting a pair of sunnies. If you just want protection, you can get polarised for less than $40. If you want one for protection + fashion, like anything else, it'll cost more.

      I've seen some pharmacy knock off wayfarers, the quality (plastic) is notably poorer.

    • -1

      Can u share the link $40 one ?

    • Agreed! Owned 2 pairs of polarised Ray Bans and several Serengetis but my go to sunnies would always be the Polaroids. The Polaroids just felt more comfortable.

  • 5.6% back on shopback by the looks of it too.

  • +4

    Had usually opted for Raybans but after losing my last pair went for a pair of Bailey Nelsons and not only were they cheaper ($175 polarised) the build quality is far superior. Just feel heavier, sturdier, even the leather on the case feels nicer and the magnet clickier.

    Real first world problem however is that they only make polarised sun glasses so they block out the cars HUD.

    So a relatively cheap pair of non polarised Ray Bans is perfect for a driving pair for me!

    Thanks for posting OP

    • Welcome :)

    • New Ray Bans suck, they stopped using there nice weighty glass lenses

  • +3

    Might be a bit of a weird comment - but just a note for those looking to wear polarised sunglasses in the car, if you've got a heads up display on your windshield, they're often not visible when wearing polarised sunglasses
    Just a PSA in case anybody is interested 😂

    • +2

      Just tilt your head for a moment to check the display 😎

  • +6

    Persol and Maui Jim make the best sunglasses. I wouldn't buy Ray Ban, Cancer Council make a wayfarer style and they are great. Polarised and very affordable.

  • Same price @ Myer. You can combine that with 7% GC from suncorp.

  • These are plastic lens version, not glass lenses, and yes, plastic scratches easier than glass, it's why mobile phones have glass screens not plastic.

    • Do they even sell glass lenses anymore?

      • some brands do, like spotters…I use them regularly for fishing

      • +1

        yes, most of the wayfarer classic and new wayfarer are glass lenses,

  • +1

    Bought a pair a wayfarers a couple of years ago after having only ever used $40-$50 (or less) pairs of generic sunnies and was extremely impressed at the quality difference. I only wish they made them with longer arms for big heads like me :D

  • +8

    My go to polarized sunnies are Shady Rays - https://shadyrays.com/

    Excellent quality, pricing, lifetime guarantee.

    • are these in AUD?

      • Shoulda gone to specsavers

        • hb no? the site is not au domain & prices aren't specified in AUD

          • +2

            @plal: I bought a 4 pack for $135 and I was charged in AUD. Keep in mind the prices exclude GST and are added at the checkout

    • Dude, these are amazing. So much customization as well. Size and lens colours. I was afraid the prices were in USD but its AUD.

      25% the total of 2 pairs, and free shipping. Thanks for the hookup.

    • +1

      Wow just saw this comment, checked out their website and they are now on Black Friday sale, everything 55%!

  • do these sales apply in-store too?

  • Thanks OP

  • +2

    Lots of styles are also 50% off on the official Ray-Ban site: https://www.ray-ban.com/australia/sunglasses/clearance/plp

    • +1

      Makes sense they are effectively the same company

      • +1

        Interesting. I didn't know that.

        • +1

          Here's a link to a 60 mins segment that was done on the parent company Luxottica

  • +1

    Sunglasses are well known to be excessively overpriced for the cost of production. There are plenty of alternatives around that are cheaper and do the job for eye protection. For fashion, obviously go with whatever suits you. AliExpress have many reputable sunglass vendors including Veithdia, I've bought 3-4 pairs from them costing less than $20 each, the quality is better than anything under $50 in Australia and comparable to $200-300 glasses i.e. Alex Perry.

    EDIT: I looked at FashionReps on reddit and the good replicas cost about $70 AUD - so this isn't a bad deal if you like this specific look.
    Personally, I lose or damage glasses easily, so the cheaper option works well. I still have all the pairs from AliExpress but the Alex Perry glasses that I found in a park have been damaged since.

    • The one question that I always have in relation to cheaper options that aren't sold directly into Australia is that they therefore don't have to meet the Australian standards. They may meet the Australian standards but I'm not aware of anyway to reliably check if they do block UV as they should.

      The Veithdia certainly look good and claim to be UV400 but is there anyway to confirm that they really do meet this standard?

    • got any other aliexpress examples you've tried and rate?

  • Let's eliminate a myth while we're here.Todays so-called "plastic" (no,they're not actually plastic,they're Polycarbonate) lens are optically as correct as Glass lenses (which I used to wear exclusively btw) and the scratch resistance has vastly improved.They're also shatterproof and much lighter which can be a Godsend for many.

    • +2

      I thought polycarbonate was a type of plastic ?

      As to as optically correct as glass, you wont see quality camera lenses, telescopes or microscopes using polycarbonate / plastic lenses due to need to be optically correct, plastic is lighter and much cheaper and doesn't break if dropped and the reason most sunnies are plastic lenses.

  • After owning a pair of Maui Jim, I can’t lower my standard to these anymore :-(

    • once you have maui jim glass lenses it's hard to go back ….. one of the few brands luxotica doesnt own.

      • The colour is soooooo good.

    • But their price…. Ray ban markup has nothing on Maui Jim!

      Do Maui Jim ever go on sale?

      • They don’t. I bought mine for $100, the rest was from the opto claiming it was for my prescription glasess through my private insurance.

        I wouldn’t pay full price for Maui Jim though. Having said that, I have broken the temple 5 times(yes I sit on them) and lost the nose pads twice, all 7 times they sent the replacement part for free.

  • My criteria for sunnies in order of importance:

    Fit, ie doesn't fall off my head with movement!
    Glass lenses

    Serengeti was my goto brand especially when Sierra Trading Post still had deep discounts.
    Having said all that I'll give Shady Ray's a a try next time.

  • why no one is taking about 5.60% cashback @ both cashrewards and shopback?

    • cos it is an overpriced and not even worth the discount

  • +2

    theres a good documentary about how all the name branded sunglasses are held by one empire and just a monopoly. the cheap polarised glasses are as good or better

  • +2

    Blocked in Australia, but the mirror works - 12 minutes, a must watch about the monopoly of glasses

    • +1

      thanks for the video.

      an eye opener.

      everyone should watch it

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