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2x $15 Menulog Vouchers (Min $30 Spend) via Citibank Debit Card


Just received this email from Citibank.

Targeted offer as I hold a Citibank Debit Card.

Must checkout with the Citibank card (apparently) but unconfirmed.

To redeem, simply:

STEP 1      

Download and log in to the Menulog app or log in to www.menulog.com.au.

STEP 2      

Place an order of $30 or more.

STEP 3      

Apply one of the unique codes below at checkout and pay with your Citibank Debit Card for $15 off.

STEP 4      

Don't forget to save your Citibank Debit Card details to also enjoy $15 off your 2nd order!

Mod: DO not ask for codes in the comments.

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    Got the email. Would have missed it if it weren't for this post. Thank you.

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      That's why I posted :)


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      Citibank has been my main bank for the last 10 years and I didnt get this.

      • +1

        Havent used my card in ages (primarily use for travel) and have received two offers from them recently. As with many offers, pays to not be loyal).

    • Got the email. Would have missed it if it weren't for your comment. Thank you.

  • Literally just got the email.

  • Just got this as well! For once.

  • +1

    I have a few if someone wants them

  • Expires 28/12/20

  • +3

    Got em too..
    In my experience you can use any payment method and the coupon still works!

    • Yep, worked for me last time.

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    is $5 delivery fee standard?

    • +1

      Order from places with free delivery or pick up. I only order delivery when it's free or under $2.

    • Yup

  • What debit card you guys have? I don't get the email….

    • Same. Citi visa debit

    • just the plus account. i also have a global account attached.

    • I got plus and didn't get email.

      • Same :(

      • also have Citi Plus account + debit card,
        but no Emails, etc.

        i wonder how to get the coupon code?

  • +1

    Received. Thanks OP

  • Got the same - I wonder if you really need to pay with the citibank debit card?

    • You don’t.

      • Awesome! I got the code but I dont have a citibank debit card. And instead I got one of those currency account that I forgot I signed up for bonus flybuys point.

        • global account. yes me too.

  • If you put in the unique code when ordering, how do they enforce the requirements on having to pay using Citibank card?

    • They don’t.

      • +1

        Great, because I have $0 in my Citibank account but got the unique code from them regardless.

  • +1

    I hold a Citibank debit card with $0 in it but didn't get the email lol

    • Me either, but I transferred some funds to mine to check this deal out in A Cuppla Days

      • Lol the app didn’t like my Citibank debit card, but it accepted my Coles card with a discount code. 🤷‍♂️

    • same

  • I would not recommend Menulog to anyone.. First time I ever used them they took 3 hours until I got my food (I live in a suburban area). After countless calls, they only offered me a $10 voucher. Decided to give them another chance a second time a week ago, and they took almost 2 hours to deliver my food. They are terrible, same thing has happened to friends of mine.

    • Yeah the app doesn't track the driver and you never know when your food will arrive. This happened multiple restaurants and multiple drivers.

      But hard to complain when there's a decent discount

      • Some of the drivers are dodgy … I make sure to contact the driver as soon as they are assigned, that I'm waiting for a long time. Make sure you deliver my food fast. It works all the time .. :D

        • Or that makes them spit on your food, if they have time… 🤔

      • The app does track the driver - if it's Menulog's driver.
        At least if you do complain you know what you're complaining about.

    • +2

      I have ordered more than 20 times so far (Suburb in Melb)… All the time they were on time… Never had any bad experience with Menulog …

      • +3

        I ordered from paparich. They sent me just a roti. I called them to complain but they said they sold out of the item i ordered and they cancelled the order. I told them it didn't make sence because they sent me a delivery driver with roti. Long story short, i drove there and demanded a meal of my choice due to their screw up, which they agreed on so i got the most expesive dish and a refund from menulog lol

        • Papparich is the worst in more ways than one. It
          is an insult to Malaysian food.

    • Defeats the purpose of a food delivery app but I'd recommend pick up if you can. Menulog has been pretty generous with discounts and I normally do pickups.

    • I've ordered a lot more than 20 times, and maybe had two problems - one time when the restaurant took the order but then rang and said they couldn't supply it, the other time there was a problem with long delivery but I can't remember if it was the restaurant's or Menulog's driver.

  • Can you set up your Citi card on PayPal and use PayPal to pay?

  • I knew I shouldn't have closed my account…

  • Also received the e-mail- even better to know that you can use other cards as payment method!

  • +1


    Two codes I won't be using.

    Best of luck!

  • If anyone has an extra code that they won't be using, it would be greatly appreciated if you could PM me.

  • +1

    I’d really appreciate any spare code/s anyone might have that they won’t be using - I’ll put them to a good home ;)

    Please pm me, thanks guys.

  • +4

    Be aware the menulog prices can be far higher than restaurant prices themseves for some restaurants. Once I ordered using the promo from menulog and for pick up thinking I will definitely be saving money with no delivery fee and $5 discount. Turns out when I got there I found out if I order the food directly with restaurant it would actually be cheaper, even taking account the menulog discount and no delivery fee.

  • Hmm not sure why my partner’s account got it but not mine.

  • Any spare codes please pm me? Thanks.

  • -1

    would love a code too

    • -2

      "out of all these comments asking for a code.. I'm gonna downvote this one."

  • If anyone has an extra code that they won't be using, it would be greatly appreciated if you could PM me.

  • Woo thanks!

  • -3

    Please PM if you have spare codes.

  • -2

    Can anyone please share if they have a code ? Thanks

  • order delivered, I have nothing outside my door, what the hell, do not use menulog, really really bad customer services

  • I saved my citibank card details, anyone know where it's supposed to show that I have $15 off my next order?

  • Credit Card works?

  • CX39-TYRF

    two codes, please state if used.

  • +1

    two more codes, please state if used.

    • +2

      I just used 0907-2MJZ, thank you very much!

    • I posted 4 above and only one person has indicated they have used it so some may still be available.

      • +1

        All 4 codes have been used. (I didnt use any)

        • Thanks for the update, good to know people have made use of them.

  • Nice, just used one of my codes and paid using AMEX card lol.

  • +1

    Reminder this ends soon, woo late night Indian feast

    • Looking at Indian too!

  • -1

    Any unused codes?