This was posted 1 year 2 months 4 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Free - 3 Months of Spotify Premium (New Users) | 3 Months $11.99 (Existing Users) @ Spotify


Individual plan only. Only $11.99/month after. Offer not available to users who already tried Premium. Terms and conditions apply. Offer ends 31 Dec. 2020.

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    It's a shame you can no longer sign up to premium if you "live in the Philippines or Argentina". I ended up cancelling my account and moved to youtube music instead and I'm pretty happy with it (i want even using spotify that much)

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      I managed to make it work after they’d supposedly closed that loophole. I started to sign up, found I couldn’t, and then later was asked if I wanted to resume my Philippines subscription. Yay cheap Spotify! Tbh I was actually happier that I’d outsmarted this very tech savvy company, and hadn’t wasted the $50 I transferred into PHP on a fake PayPal lol

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    Anyone else with Spotify feel like Spotify recommendations aren’t as good anymore? My release radar and discover weekly almost always now have a few of the same song in them for weeks on end even though I tell them I don’t like that song. I also ain’t a fan of how they’re just buying up and monopolising the podcast market.

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      I’ve had Spotify premium for a while. I agree with your point about recommendations but the positive with the podcasts is no adverts.

      As someone who has Adblock on their PC and doesn’t watch free to air tv, I do find adverts quite annoying. At least with say Joe Rogan, he goes straight into the interview.

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      If you're up for tinkering, allows you to add all kinda functionality to Spotify. Set up is a little technical, but if you're good with instructions it's pretty easy.

      The New Releases plug-in is especially useful as it will track every release as it drops instead of throwing you a few random tracks from your follows once a week. It's also configurable to show podcasts, followed artists only and/or unlistened releases only.

      The lyric plug-in is great, can even pull lyric "meanings"/breakdowns and timings (Genius and Musixmatch support).

      The bookmark one lets you save any track, album, an actual timestamp within a track, artists page etc, nothing is off limits.

      Theming is also present, my personal favourite is a dynamic theme that can change accent colour according to album art that I've modified to follow my system colour scheme.

      That's just a few of it's major pulls, there's loads more you can do with it.

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    The is free premium if you know we're to look. Ie mobism

    • -2

      where can i get free premium????

      • The last word in my sentence. Look in reddit

        • Mobilism?

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    Just gonna put this out there:
    You can use those $30 Optus Starter Kits (when on sale for $5) for x2 months of premium after this 3-month trial.
    Instructions here by henrus

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    Anyone noticed that ads are more frequent and that you can't skip them instantaneously anymore? It makes free Spotify unbearable.

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      Yep, noticed that after my premium ended a few days ago.
      Good thing this deal popped up:)

    • Absolutely. Spotify is now unusable for me as I used use it when I went for a run. The ads now force you to listen to five seconds before skipping and you have to do this for each ad, usually 3 in a row. I also now get the ads after every second or third song. Pathetic. Worse than the Radio.

      • +2

        I mean, it's free.

        • Did I say ads shouldn't run?

          • @shruglord: You did not. However you did say:

            Worse than the Radio

            I don't feel I'm in the wrong for misinterpreting your review.

      • +1

        Entitled much?

        Then listen to the radio if that's a better free option. Or maybe pay for premium? Or sign up for Tidal for free for six months?

        • +3

          Eye roll… Just mentioning the change from how it's been for years. People will move elsewhere. You've provided such imaginative alternatives.

        • +1

          Did I say at all ads shouldn't run? I just think the change sucks and now I don't use the product at all. I'm not demanding they change it back. Someone asked and I shared my experience. (profanity) me for observing a change right?

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        You can get YouTube music for $4 a month using VPN..

        • Which country does this work with?

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    FYI you can cancel your plan immediately and the 3-month free trial will still continue.
    "You’ve canceled Spotify Premium.
    Your subscription will end on 2/17/21."

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    Time to be born again

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    Offer not available to users who already tried Premium

    Can't be that many of them left, Spotify. Or maybe they just want the new accounts created. Looks better for them.

    • New email address and different credit card.

    • weirdly enough it worked for me and I'm certain I've grabbed one of these deals in the past

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    My 3 free months is about to expire in December sometime (part of some Xbox deal). Do I can sign up to this for an extra 3 months for $12?

    • Just read the terms and conditions, it clearly states your answer even in the title of this post.

      • Reason I asked is because it does not come up at $11.99 for 3 months for me and I am an existing user

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    The 3 months for $11.99 does work for people that have previously had premium as long as you didn't cancel after mid/late October this year.

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      Wait where do I have to go to activate it? The link OP put above was only for the free three months.

      • +1

        When I click through (private window) and login, I get:

        It looks like you’re not eligible for that offer, but we found more for you.
        Then the offers are for Spotify Duo, Family and Student.
        Please share how to get the deal for existing users. Thanks!

        • It just puts me to the homepage.

      • I just signed into my spotify account in a web browser and went to the premium page and it displayed the 3 months for $11.99 offer.

  • I am an existing user used premium before, but it worked for me.

    • Were you using premium when you signed up for the 3 months for $11.99 deal?

      • nope. I used it with free.

  • I signed up with new email, but am fairly certain I used the same credit card before. Didn't they normally block that?

  • Anyway to bypass the "It looks like you’ve taken a trial before" when signing up? Tried a new email, but same CC and get this error.

    • Well you did say you used the same CC so it sounds like you answered your own question :)

      • Yeah, but the above poster used the same CC, also wondering if maybe there is a virtual CC provider like 'devipay' (no longer available)

  • So I jumped on this, paired Spotify on Chromecast with Google TV (that I got from the recent JB HiFi deal), selected a playlist called ‘Dinner Mood’ and sat down with the family for dinner.
    The first track was “Single af”, followed by a couple more tracks with explicit lyrics. Rushed over to the TV to turn on the Explicit filter and could not find any in the Google TV Spotify app.

    Anyone know if it is possible to filter explicit tracks on Spotify on google TV?

    • +1

      OK, figured this out.
      You need to filter explicit in either the mobile app or desktop app and then the setting gets reflected on the Google TV app.
      Essentially the setting applies to the account not on the player but you need to use one of the other (Mobile or desktop) apps to actually change that setting.

  • Can anyone confirm that a current (not previously subscribed, but currently subscribed) Premium user can access this?
    I click "Go to Deal", it goes to a /au home page, I click "Premium", then "Get Started" for the individual option and it says:

    It looks like you’re not eligible for that offer, but we found more for you.

    The other offers are just different subscriptions (Duo, Family, Student).
    Can someone in this situation explain how they did it successfully please?

  • In case there are any existing users still looking to get the premium sub, your last sub needs to have ended before Oct 17 2020.

    • Just connected to a UK VPN , using my existing user log in and account details , didn't change my email address , and it worked fine.

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