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Tidal Music Streaming - Free 6 Months Hifi Plan for New US User (VPN Required)


Came across this post from Reddit and I thought it is fantastic to share here. This is for Tidal Hifi plan which normally cost $23.99/month in Australia.

Full credit to Benzz1725

" Voucher code Must be from the usa to use this code, just use a vpn if you not from here.

Use your card you wont get charged until the trail ends, or you can use this bin 40606840xxxxxxxx and generate the cards via the website namso gen, zip code 10080"

I used free Hola VPN and a fake credit card generated as per instruction above. Work perfectly.


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    Wow! Will try this. Have been using Tidal for years and sabe a couple hundreds is always welcome.

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      I wish I could afford tidal. I like that they list all the studio albums separately when you search an artist.

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      FYI - Anyone with a current account , save your tracks to a playlist and share the link to whatever platform. Open the link up in your new account and save the playlist.

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    Just add some credit card and cancel immediately after subscription. Works perfectly. Thanks OP !!

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      Just cancelled but they don't make it easy. I could only find a cancel option on the website then had to deal with a bunch of unskippable questions, and they want to make it seem like you lose access instantly, but I cancelled and it subscription still works.

  • Struggle with credit card number part. I can’t seem to us a Australian credit card. Any one has any idea?

    • I used my commbank card and it worked fine

    • Trying using us zip code. Ie 10080

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      Why not use nameso gen with BIN 40606840 and ZIP code 10080 as suggested by the OP? It worked for me. No need to use a real credit card.

      • +1

        @kurisu cheers for this

        • Did you use a valid email address? Thanks

          • @hibbo: yeah… i got lots of emails..for this purpose

      • Okay, but what do I put for the name, it wont work?

        • I used my actual name and it work

    • didn't work for me tried 3 emails 3 different cards.. OK - had to use a generated credit card

    • Pay via PayPal, and use your credit card as your payment method.

  • Thank you OP. Can listen to high fidelity music once again!

  • works beautifully. cheers

    "TIDAL is only available for Alexa in the United States. " anyone know a way to get around this restriction?

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      Move to US

    • +9

      Speak with an American accent.

    • You will be in Australia. It works with google here. The US thing is just to subscribe, then use your normal AUS internet

    • Wear a MAGA hat

  • Used my Citibank debit card with no problems. Thanks OP!

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    Thanks OP. Brilliant. For anyone else who is interested, I went serching for a replacement for Google Play Music on android TV as Youtube music doesn't cut it and there is a modded version of the deezer app.

    • What do you mean modded version of deezer?

      • It thinks it is paid for when is not.

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          Nice thanks for the info.

          How garbage is YT music..
          The playlist i transferred from GPM has songs with fking dialogue and shit from the music video.

          • +1

            @oneacc: I actually like YTM but their sheer lack of implementing simple things is astounding. Like I use a secondary sub account to keep regular youtube and music separate. I can't do this on android tv. How hard is it to port the app to a platform they own? I just want to listen to music going to sleep for one hour and not have my normal youtube full of music recommendations. My google mini speaker (not nest) sounds garbage.

          • +2

            @oneacc: Go into the settings for YT Music and tick the box "Don't play music videos - switch music videos to audio-only or album versions of songs"

          • +1

            @oneacc: Not wrong, there isn't even a cast button when playing from PC utility or web page. GPM was great.

            Still not sure how taxing Tidal is on the battery having lossless streaming from phone.

          • @oneacc: I should have mentioned modded apk for android (not ios).

  • Works perfect thank you

  • worked fine with my commbank credit card thanks op

  • Worked perfectly using the namso gen , thanks op :)

  • Is VPN required only for sign-up, or also for listening? Thanks.

    • +2

      Yes I signed up via VPN then switched it off. Listening via the app right now.

  • +1

    Used my 28 Degrees card using Windscribe. Cancelled immediately. Have subs till 4/21. Thank you OP.

    • -2

      I wouldn’t cancel haha just set a schedule in your calendar just in case

      • +2


    • +5

      If you cancel the subscription straight away you still get 6 months subscription and not have remember to cancel in 6 months?

      • Just in case of any issues

        • issues like forgetting to cancel?

          • @SlickMick: Yes that's the only issue.
            I ended up cancelling but you have to be a member to send family invites.. doh!

  • Thanks OP! Last time I forgot to cancel and got charged the full amount. So getting 6months free doesn't feel so bad now

  • Gosh I wonder how long these guys will be around for with deals like this…

    • Mr. Jay Z is a billionaire he'll keep it alive lol

      • +1

        Ish ya boi, Young Hov!

  • +11

    The fact that people actually reported this for being illegal/inappropriate is bothering me more than it should. What a bunch of Karens

    • +4

      Aren’t “Karens” refer to entitled women who do not think the law apply to them, or bending the letters of the law to suit them (Covid examples)? ;-)

      • +4

        Bunch of dibber dobber Debbies then?

        • Debbie downers

          • +1

            @ConsumerAffairs: I didn't feel right adding downer at the end, but it absolutely works.

            Dibber dobber Debbie downers.

      • -1

        That's a Karen reply right there

  • Thanks OP! Airpods good enough to hear difference vs spotify?

    • unsure about AirPods. but I can attest to hearing a massive difference on my studio monitors + woofer

    • +2

      Probably not. AirPods are already pretty poor in terms of sound quality.

  • Worked!!! Just follow instructions in post and use the fake credit and zip code

  • worked perfect.

  • Using TOR to connect to US servers, the voucher still says "The code not valid in your country"
    Any advise?

    • Disconnect, reconnect VPN, restart the browser session.

  • Thanks, worked without issue!
    Quite happy as my Spotify premium ran out a few days ago and I decided not to renew:)

  • maybe just bad luck or i'm not doing it right, stuck with credit card session, tried both legit card and generator both not working, I did made sure I use 10080 zip code.

    anyone can shed some light for me? thanks

    • Got same problem

      I am using surfshark for VPN

      Non fake CC working not even my own as no ZIP

      • +1

        Worked for me on SurfShark. Used Houston Server. Try in incognito mode.

        • thanks mate, confirmed incognito mode will work

          • @yyebo: what name do we use? just having zero luck getting it to work, VPN, incog, nameso, nothing works.

            • @dbmitch: below is how I got it right eventually:

              1. VPN set to USA Chicago (NordVPN);
              2. Use the offer link provided in Incognito mode (chrome);
              3. Create a new account with a new email address;
              4. Use NAMSO Gen to get the payment details (I used random name here)
              5. Done

              I tried quite a few times so I guess just kept trying?

              • @yyebo: Absolutely screwed, no luck 30 times and counting

                • @dbmitch: Try on a different browser or phone. Might also be your VPN so use Tor or a Proxy.

                  • @No Username: its the credit cards they wont accept, not location. The generators ain't legit, tidal just knows its not real.

                    • @dbmitch: I've used the generator and worked perfectly for me.

                      • @Drakesy: 4th person in progress with helping me by doing it himself at his end, all attempts failed.

                        I'm absolutely cursed bois.

                        • @dbmitch: Is it a new account?

                          • @Drakesy: Yep, they're all using new accounts, VPNs, private browsers, they just did it for others but for me on THIER OWN pcs, it doesn't work.

                            shit's getting supernatural.

                            • @dbmitch: Geeze thats rough

                            • @dbmitch: Not working for me either, created new burner emails and still nothing via Surfshark VPN.

                              Going to try again tonight at mates place on different PC and VPN, fingers crossed.

                              • @bargrin: dw, u/OzBargin came through.

                                But it took a lot of time, even he admits it was pretty f-ucked up.

                                • @dbmitch: PM me mitch, I was just able to make another account which you can have.

    • Windscribe worked for me, its free - Atlanta server

  • Thanks OP, worked a treat.

  • +6

    I must be the only person with tidal that dislikes hip hop. Library seems pretty bloody good so far.

    • +1

      You are not the only one. 😏

  • Used NordVPN and my commbank card. Worked using that zip. thnx

  • thanks op

  • Thanks OP, works for me.

  • So assuming once subscribed need to use VPN to listen?

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