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Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones $348 ($313.20 w/ Unidays) + Delivery (Free with Club Catch) @ Catch


Greetings everyone, Catch has dropped the price on these popular headphones down to $348 and this can be combined with the 10% discount provided by Unidays / Student Beans stores :)

Can then also combine with 8% off gift cards at Suncorp rewards to get them down to $288.14 :)

Silver Model Here

As always, enjoy!

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    Wow, very good price.

    I saw a lot of people wanting to buy this one if it was under 300, so there you go.

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      still not under $300

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        Can then also combine with 8% off gift cards at Suncorp rewards to get them down to $288.14 :)

        • oh didnt see that… good price

        • What gift cards exactly are these? I have Suncorp rewards but can't see Catch gift cards in there.

          Edit: it looks like I have Sunsuper rewards which aren't the same.

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    Is this good for online office meetings ? Mic quality etc ?

    • Not very good

    • Adequate, not "good".

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      I had AirPods Pro and then tried to “upgrade” to these. I’m literally selling and going back :( call quality was so bad and I’m not even exaggerating. So many people said they can’t hear and I had to just stop using it and call without them. So for calls absolutely not and nothing comes close to AirPods Pro

      • how about ANC compare to pro?

        • ANC is comparatively bettter but not by miles.

        • ANC was noticeably better. I travelled on bus and literally everything was cancelled out. AirPods give about 70-80% off Sony’s. like AirPods anc is incredible don’t get me wrong but Sony’s is the bar. Same goes for sound.

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            @v7dal: I own both and agree with this, in addition to the far superior phone call quality With AirPods Pro. I do find that the Sony is much more useable for phone calls in terms of microphone quality if your surroundings are completely silent (e.g home with no road noise)

            Secondly, I find phone calls much more comfortable with AirPods Pro; they seem to do a much better job with simultaneous ANC whilst on a phone call, whereas I find that there is more Ambient noise with the Sony

  • My unidays code has been blocked, I only use 3 times, catch says I used too many times. So bad

    • how do you guys get unidays code anyway

      • +1

        Go to Uni.

  • I have access to "Member Extras" rewards which give a 5% discount on Catch e-gift cards.
    Unfortunately, you can only buy $50 gift cards. I bought 7, tried to use them all and got the message:
    "You may only use no more than 5 gift cards at a time."
    So beware!

    • You might be able to combine them by buying a larger gift card denomination. But that's just a guess.

  • Worth paying the extra for the xm4 over the xm3? Mainly looking for the best ANC in a noisy work environment.

    Missed the previous Sony eBay 2nds deal!

    • +3

      it depends on your source device for music playback. If it's Windows 10 laptop, then XM3 will provide better sound quality since it supports aptX codec. If you have an Android phone as a source, then it's OK since it supports LDAC codec (the best). If you have an iPhone, then it doesn't matter since both XM3 and XM4 support AAC which is the only codec Apple devices support.

      I have XM3 and am finding XM4 a downgrade due to poor Bluetooth codec support.

    • I've got a pair of the xm4s but have friends with the xm3s. I generally use the headphones for audio (in stereo mode) but my laptop microphone as the mic when trying to talk to anyone as I had a lot of issues with using the xm4 microphone on windows (had no problem with android in a quiet-ish area). I prefer the xm4 multi-device connectivity, if you pause music/sound from your laptop then start playing sound on your phone it switches comfortably between the two - well at least for me. It really depends on your use, if you're just using it on one computer/device with bluetooth and your device is windows then maybe the xm3s are a better option. imo they're incredibly similar and if you can get the xm3s cheaper and don't need any of the features of the xm4s then its probably an easy choice.

  • No good for PC gaming + discord?

    • Not quite the same, but I use the h.ear on 2 and they're perfectly fine for gaming. I can pick up sound cues.

      The mic in the headphones is just "ok," so I use a v-moda BoomPro.

      The nice thing about most Sony headphones is that they can run on passive power draw from the cables. Other brands do not - and have to be turned on and operating off battery instead.

      • I think the problem is that you can't do full quality comms and game audio channel split with good audio.

        So you get shit phonecall quality discord unfortunately.

  • Looking for something to replace my trusty Fidelio X2, primarily for gaming. I don't really need the mic function.

    How comfortable are they? Curreny X2 is so comfortable i dont even notice that i'm wearing them. How about this one?

    • You will not notice you're wearing XM3 or XM4, even after long sessions. They're as comfortable as Bose NC headphones.

  • cool, Thats what I called, a "good" deal

  • im still undecided between XM4 and BOSE QC 35….. help anyone ?

    • Qc35 is a good compromise between comfort/call quality/ANC and multiple device support.

  • Price back to $394 now

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