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50% off Professional Salon Quality Pink Eyebrow Tweezers $6.49 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Cosy Homeware via Amazon


Hey Guys, we have some stock that needs to go so we are reducing our salon pro pink tweezers by a genuine 50% off deal. Running for 3 days, limited stock, only 50 units at this price. As you know if your a Prime member you get free delivery too!
Here are more details:

👍MUST HAVE BEAUTY TOOL - The Tweez ER Stainless Steel Slant Tweezer has been engineered with surgical precision. Each and every pair have hand crafted filed tips, perfectly aligned to give unparalleled precision.Meaning they have the most advanced pulling power without breaking the hair.
👍MULTI FUNCTIONAL- Slanted Tips are suited to precision brow grooming and all round use.
👍ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED - Has a shaft with a wide flat surface area to give maximum control and comfort.
👍ADVANCED FEATURES - Built In step at the tip to prevent opening whilst using. 25 Degree angled tips grab every hair with ease and precision. Also come with a protective tip and travel case.
👍SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - Your Tweez ER Slant Tweezer is backed by our manufacturers 30 - day moneyback guarantee with a hassle free 1 year free replacement warranty so buy now with confidence.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Where are they? Link goes to black ones that aren't on sale



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    there are no pink tweezers in the link at all … just a few different more pricier options, cheapest is $9.99

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    They need to clear stock…50 tweezers. Well that will free up lots of warehouse space.

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    Negging due to there being no bargain here only advertising!
    This is more expensive than the everyday normal prices listed below, and they are the exact same products!

    The second search result searching for "tweezers" on eBay :
    $1.55 delivered!!
    Australian stock here:
    $3.22 delivered

    Alternatively why not buy ]this pair of tweezers for $8.99](https://www.chemistwarehouse.com.au/buy/48639/manicare-preci...) and support Aussie jobs!
    I have this pair of tweezers and they are very good quality tweezers, they are the most heavy duty ones I could find.

    I found the these prices on eBay by searching for "tweezers", and it only took less than a minute too!!
    You could no doubt find a cheaper price than I did by searching AliExpress, eBay, DHgate, wish etc. or any of the other Chinese sites!

    99.99% of all these reps and associates posting "deals" aren't deals aren't at all, the products are all ridiculously overpriced and if you really, really want to buy from from a seller with stock in Australia just buy from eBay, take this seller for example his/her stock is in Australia and is selling their product for $3.22 compare that to ops price of $6.49 + postage!!!

    Drop shipping is out. The new way is buying from AliExpress, Alibaba, DHgate etc. The products then arrive in Australia, and they are then advertised for a ridiculous markup on Ozbargain.

    OP you're on the wrong site - this is OzBargain not Ozadvertising, and we will never give up our bargains!

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      Unfortunately this op is not the only one. I can see few of them that using this platform as advertising tool.

      Annoying because we know their offers isn’t that great. It’s the same items with Aliexpress stuffs or like you said ‘dropshipper on eBay who claimed as local sellers/stocks’.

      For those who read this and use eBay, please consider to check local stores first, like Kmart, chemistwarehouse, BigW, which I’m sure stocking the same items even with cheaper price.

      For starter, check the price of ‘ankle weight’ at eBay then look for it at Kmart or BigW website.


    You can similarly shaped ones from Daiso for $2.80.

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    Lol. many comical posts. Would you walk into an Audi showroom and say I can get the exact same car for a quarter of the price from Great Wall? Obviously not, because they're not the same, apart from them being a car that is.
    Are all tweezers the same? No, but this is obviously less obvious for some people.
    You are right, you can get some tweezers for $2 delivered, you can also get them out of Christmas crackers too. But they are garbage, and any women would know a quality pair of tweezers from a bad pair.
    We manufacture ours in Pakistan and the quality is exceptional. This offer, at $6.49 is a 100% genuine half price deal. And you cannot find this brand cheaper anywhere else. $12.99 was and still is the price of these tweezers, and was only offered at this price for 3 days or until we sold out. We offered the large discount as we needed to shift 50 units as quickly as possible.
    Unfortunately for anyone that did not see our pink tweezers, that was because they had sold out, and you was seeing the variations of the product, being different colours. We only had the pink on special unfortunately5
    We are an Australian Brand, and I am proud to be an Australia citizen, unfortunately, if our product was made in Australia the very same pair would cost $50 which would be more expensive than Tweezerman. Thank you for everyone that purchased our product, we will continue to offer big discounts on the run up to Christmas.