This was posted 1 year 2 months 3 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Extra 40% off @ adidas Outlet Online (Stacks with Existing Discounts / Ultraboost $109 / NMD $84 / Stan Smith $55)


Stack with existing Outlet discounts for a further 40% off. Ends 11:59pm AEDT Tuesday (24/11/20) unless sold out or withdrawn prior. Ensure you stay within the Outlet store for the discount - do no use the search function as it will search the entire adidas site. Apply code CASHREWARDS40 at checkout. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

Use Cashrewards for 8% cashback. Ensure last click before purchase is from this link.

Code is exclusive to Cashrewards - cashback will be ineligible via other publishers.

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    Wow thanks TA. Excellent discounts better than the previous creators club one! But not for me. Still have 2 unopened shoes!! :(

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    Damn, cheaper Ultraboost 20s than what I got about a month ago. I paid $128 and this code brings it down to $109 and add to that the extra 8% from cashrewards site.

    Shoes are really good to run in, well worth the price.

    • +1

      Are the shoes easy to slip on without undoing the laces?

      • +3

        yep probably the best shoes for that, they have like an elastic 'sock'

        • +2

          Idk, the 2018 ultraboost 4.0 are far easier than the 2020.

      • +3

        I have LockLaces on all my Ultraboosts and yep they are just slip on and off. Love them.

        • +1

          Nice idea. A bit ugly though.

          • @morgs640: A bit, but if they're the right colour it's harder to notice them.

        • didnt know u could by that crap! nice!

    • woops wasnt on the outlet site

    • Do you even Ozbargain?

      Set up a 'Return' for the originally purchased pair of shoes, purchase the exact same pair of shoes (Same Style & Size), and when you get that pair, use your return label for the original order to send it back. They'll give you a refund on the originally purchased price of $128.

      Bam, youve saved yourself about $28 with the CR cashback included.

      • +16

        All this trouble for $28? And abusing the return policy?
        Thats not ozbargaining, thats cheapskating

        • +4

          Too much trouble for $28? People bend backwards here for 50 cents worth maccas hacks!
          ps. I didn't neg you

          • +3


            People bend backwards here for 50 cents worth maccas hacks!

            Those are cheapskates too.
            But abusing the return policy is too much

            ps. I dont care for the downvotes

          • -4

            @Sharp: I'm sure everyone does that… the shoes don't even cost the company $28 to make I'm sure, they don't give a flying…
            @nikoris wants to be the righteous hero… go friggin' pay Full Price then!
            Why are any of us here on OzBargain.

    • Where is it for $109?

  • Wondering how long it takes for everyone’s orders. Feels like they always take the last day of guaranteed delivery as i ordered mine on the 20th off last month.

    • +1

      I got my ultraboost and NMD Human Race 3 days after ordering. But that was when theres no deals like this.

    • ordered during last deal (30% off) around a month back and it was delivered on 5th day (including a weekend) so essentially within 3 days itself.

      • Where do you live? Mine took 20+ days.

        • South east Melbourne.

    • Im in sydney, it still hasn’t arrived or shipped yet :(

      • My today's order status shows shipped already and received aupost tracking id too.

        • Lucky you, mine just got cancelled….after almost a month! 😪

  • +1

    SFA shorts dammit

    • +3

      they are one of the most recommended running shoes, really comfortable to run in, and a good buy for around the $90-120 mark, wouldnt pay $260 for them though

      • tfw I just paid full price for a triple black pair last month

    • +2

      You should refer to this site if you want solid running shoe reviews:

      • how does it compare with Gel-nimbus 22?

  • +1

    Had an alert set up here for NMDs. Thanks, huge saving, 2 pairs for $168, and they normally go for $200 each.

    • +3

      Only a boomer would pay 200 for a pair of NMDs

  • +1

    oh man such good deals but still got two pairs of shoes to run down lol…

    • Yeah I have three pairs of the UB20s, two of which I've barely worn.

    • 2 X NMD
      1 X UB
      4 X Kayano's
      I wonder how long it'll take me to go through all these.

  • +1

    I shouldn't…

  • thanks op….got two for $100.80 - to get free shipping…

    • +1

      free shipping for creators club members till 24th

    • +1

      I reckon you could order $100+ worth of stuff for free shipping, then do the 30 day returns for the excess orders.

      • +3

        It's free shipping for members until 24th Nov and its free to sign up

  • thanks op bought NMD and SS

  • +1

    damn just got told my job finishes up next week but there are some real bargains to be had here

  • Yesterday Puma today adidas tomorrow Nike 😂🥺😅👿

    • Waiting for new balance

    • Nike is not gonna join the party as it is owned by NL Nike and even without any student discount for Oz

  • Thanks OP bought Ultra boost 20 for $109, but haven't received the confirmation email, has anybody facing same issue?

    • Same here

  • I have never worn UB but I heard the size is smaller? I am usually a Size 10, can someone advise me what size to get?

    • 10.5

    • +1

      I am US 10 in Nike and NB, but wear 9.5 for Adidas UB. Have tried 10 it was way bulky to me.

    • I wear 10s and bought 10s for the pair i bought last time. They were ridiculously tight and pretty much unwearable but i took out the insole and they've been fine since.

    • +1

      True to size for me.
      Go half size up if you have wide feet.

      • Which model shoe is the widest?

        • From my experience, I found NMD to run wide and big. I had to size down half and even full size down for my NMD shoes. For all my UBs I buy TTS US10.

    • I'm a true 10.5 and UB 10.5 fits me absolutely perfect.

    • Recommend a half size up. If you get TTS, you might need to remove the inner sole which is what I did, now they're perfect. They don't seem to do half sizes for larger feet which is odd, so have to buy TTS anyway.

    • My experience. I'm usually a UK 10/US11/EU44.5 in most shoes eg: Nike, Asos, etc.

      My adidas sizing differs crazily.

      Originals (eg: Stan Smith): UK10 / US10.5/ EU44.7
      Basic Athletic (eg: Runfalcon): UK10.5 / US 11 / EU45.3
      UltraBoost / Football Boots - UK11 / US11.5 / EU46 (UB is the only shoe I've ever gone this big with - several pairs sent back for being too small).

      But in Puma & Le Coq Sportif, I'm always US 11.5/EU 45.
      Asics are usually US11, except my last pair have been 11.5.

      I'm sure this didn't help at all. But with UBs, definitely go up!

    • yep +0.5 for me

  • does this stack with gift cards?

  • I can't see anything saying clearance shoes are exempt from the change of mind returns policy. Not sure on sizes has anyone had issues with returns?

    • Returned during previous outlet deals without any issues

  • +1

    Join the ADIDAS Creators Club for free shipping - ends November 24th

    Creators Club is free to join.

    Free shipping makes it all the more tempting on some of these lower priced items compared to the current Puma deal which is $8 postage when spending less than $100.

    • +1

      I've logged into my account and still wants to charge me for delivery.

  • The outlet clothing doesn't have much variety and consist of a pretty ugly range…the only worthwhile purchase is probably UB 20's.

    • $55 Stan Smith? $60 Tennis Court shoes? NMDs?

      • +2

        Yeah, probably should've said shoes only. Those seem like good picks as well. Clothing wise, the site is pretty disappointing though.

  • doesn't work for me. NMD still at 200 and for stan smith it says code not applicable

  • I hate myself

    • Because u thinking to pass this bargain???

      • +13

        More so every time I see "Adidas + 40% + Cash rewards", I'll end up sleeping on the couch with 5 pairs of new shoes whilst the misso enjoys the bed for herself.

  • Well was tossing up between ultraboost 20 white and the black.

    ended up buying both. If no good guess, I'll return one or the other or both?

    original price $520, purchase price $218 with 8% cashrewards making it $200.

    A $320 saving if you believe the retail price

    • Curious.. what shoes did you get?



        I'm a size 9 (which I believe is the most popular size) so hopefully the sizing is correct otherwise by the time I go through returns there's probably no stock of 8.5 or 9.5

        • I got those black ones as well. Do you think you can paint over the colours with paint or a marker?

          • @Jhonka: dunno - don't plan on doing it.

            there is another more black one with a silver circle on the heel. If you were going to do a DIY blackout that one is probably a better option?

            • @89tnp: I just ordered the black pair and got the cancellation email, browsing again and it still says in stock :(

        • I would have said size 10 or 11. My size always seems to be sold out first.

  • Is there a cashback limit?

  • +5

    Please OP - no more Adidas deals. I've already bought 3 pairs over the past month. My wallet can't take anymore.

    • +1

      And I look like an ad because everything I own is Adidas.

  • awh man sizes are gone :(

    • Awh man, sizes are gone? Or Awh, man sizes are gone?
      Trying to understand which you meant hahaha

  • Curse my commonly sized feet :(

    No green American Dad shoes for me but I got the other pair I been eyeing of for past few years…

  • +1

    Website keeps crashing. Also be careful eith cashrewards and make sure there are no crashes and you don’t click on anything else other than the adidas website. My last order of $200 never tracked cause supposedly I clicked elsewhere and someone else got the referral (I made sure to only stay on adidas so it was a bit dodgy whatever happened)

    • something funky happened to me too. I thought i double checked by removing and going through CB again after I typed my list out to buy (nothing in cart).

      And bam! no Cashback on a $190 order.

      • +1

        Sucks to here man. Looking at my previous order it was almost $300 and it was during a large cashback promo. It tracked but got declined later on. I remember only having the adidas website open so I don’t know how someone else got the referral but I cbf arguing it.

        The adidas website is dodgy I always make sure there are no hiccups along the way otherwise I restart the whole process lol

  • +3

    Adidas you got me with the extra 30% off earlier

    Remember theres no minimum spend for free shipping atm so buy in batches because they tend to cancel orders which ruins Cashrewards

  • Thanks OP, bought some kids shoes.

  • +1

    Made an order then both items cancelled ? wtf is the point

  • +1

    It saying "Selected products are excluded from discounts", when I try apply the code. Maybe I'm doing something wrong.

    • Yep, I'm getting that message too - even though the products are definitely in the outlet.
      I'm guessing that they're out of stock?

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