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Bodum Pavina Outdoor Double Wall 350ml Tumblers 2pk $9.99 @ ALDI


Amazon had the 450ml on sale at $14.98 a little while ago, so this price ain’t too bad for 350ml.

  • Perfect for hot or cold beverages
  • Capacity: 350ml/12oz
  • One piece, double wall made from an extremely durable material that won’t crack, shatter, break, cloud or discolour
  • Double wall construction keeps cold drinks cold and hot drink hot for longer
  • BPA free
  • Dishwasher safe

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  • +26 votes

    plastic, not glass :-(

    • I actually prefer these over glass now for both hot and cold drinks.

      • The double-wall glasses are a popular product that people actually use.

        They are attempting to capitalise on that success by making something that looks the same, but far cheaper to source, and I expect will rarely be used. How many people will drink out of plastic, given a choice? No, it is glass or ceramic that people really want.

        Are these even noticeably better as an insulator than normal acrylic or polycarbonate? (if you want to drink by the swimming pool, say)

        Double-wall is for hot drinks, BTW. For cold we have a much better invention: ice.

        And even for coffee, it only works with frothed milk on top. For non-frothy coffee, you need a lid to stay warm.

        • It's an outdoor glass. I've broken enough glasses outside (where kids walk barefoot) to now appreciate plastic glasses for outdoor drinking. This product fills that need.

        • So many assumptions in just one post. wow.

        • Wow! That comment went form +3 to -3 votes real fast. The plastic people have arrived in force! Sorry for any offense, plastic people.

          This question seems to be more divisive than the Donald.
          I'm probably just jealous because I don't have a pool. Anybody seen a good bargain on backyard pools?

          • @manic: plastic people or aldi people…

            you asked valid questions to find out if these are just a marketing gimmick or if they are actually useful compared to other "outdoor" cups

        • nope i don't prefer the glass one.
          the silicone seal at the botton got a ridiculously short lifespan,
          if u don't pay attention when u wash it, its gone in just a few times.

          • @samelight: Are you hand-washing? I just use the dishwasher.
            I believe they use that seal as other glasses which are fully sealed are more prone to breaking, either from pressure, or weakness at the closure point.

            • @manic: Glad to see that others have observed the same issue with these glass double-walled tumblers. The silicone sealed versions definitely disintegrate quickly, filling the void with liquid over time and ruining them. The fully sealed ones are less commonly available but I have found that cheaper examples don't have them properly sealed and eventually suffer from the same dilemma as the silicone seals.

            • @manic: i use it as my everyday mug, use dishwasher to wash it 4 times a day just don't seems practical.
              Some Starbucks still using their fully sealed mug, they ar strong and durable.
              the reason for them to invent this silicone seal is just to reduce the making cost, by doing this they don't need to vacuum it.

          • @samelight: I've had some for 2 years and they are fine. Are you picking at the seals or something?

            • @Jhonka: i fk up the first one with a kitchen brush,
              the second one i paid lot of attentions when i wash it,
              but the silicone seal is leaking after 3 months regular use, still intact but i could c some waters trap between walls.

        • Have a bunch of the glass ones but looking forward to the plastic as well.

          These would be great for the kids and for poolside drinks.

          While I’m sure the formal use of these are for hot drinks, I’m going to break all decorum and risking damnation from the glass use experts, I may also put cold drinks in these “glasses”.

        • +2 votes

          Agree, glass is heaps better.
          But plastic is great for being near the pool.

          Double walls are also really good for cold drinks, even with ice, as you don’t get condensation on the outside.

          Double walls are also really, really good for ice cream, it doesn’t melt…well takes a long time compared to a normal single wall bowl.

          • @PVA:

            even with ice, as you don’t get condensation on the outside.

            Isn't that the case with regular plastic cups? I guess these are lighter though.

            • @manic: I get condensation on normal plastic cups, yes. Double walls you don’t.

              I have no need for these, I have glass ones. Just saying double walls are good for hot and cold.

        • Do you mean if I buy these plastic ones now I won’t be able to also buy the glass ones next time I see them via Ozbargain?

        • I have both. The borosilicate indoor versions are incredibly easy to shatter in comparison to these.
          These are my go to for when having house parties (when the govt isn't banning them) as they're more durable in a higher risk environment like that.
          They each have a use case

      • Do we really need more plastic in the world?

    • wow. looked sooo good before this lol

    • Are the ones from amazon also plastic?

  • One piece, double wall made from an extremely durable material that won’t crack, shatter, break, cloud or discolour

    tell that to my mallet.

  • plastic, next deal please.

  • Target sell similar ones made from glass for $10

    • Poor quality material (not borosilicate). These broke within a week, with the slightest of knocks.

      • I've had mine for a month, use everyday and through the dishwasher with no problems. Maybe I have just been lucky.

  • I have these non-glass Bodum Pavina tumblers and had recently posted on OzB when they were on sale at Myer. The Bodum website indicates hot or cold items; where-as Myer site didn't mention use for hot items. Having used them for hot drinks not more than couple of months; there are visible cracks. Using them for cold items only at the moment. Haven't had the time to see return policy of Myer or Bodum.

  • Didn't know what "outdoor" signifies but was excited about the price, then I saw BPA free which only matters for plastic.

  • hi guys, no need to go Aldi. Amazon price matched it.

    Feel like they have someone sitting between us.

    To whomever it is, well done!


  • I wish I can buy with clicks from Aldi otherwise no deal. I hate the long ques and have to remember which products in which week or days….

    • and that's also if, after all that, it is in stock at the store you go to..

      prehistoric system..

      some people have too much time on their hands to waste and aldi likes to waste their customers time.

      • That's the whole business model of Aldi. You go there for the discounts and end up buying other things.

  • I noticed they're selling double walled glasses at Woolies @$10 for a set of 2.
    Anyone have experience with those?

  • For the Glass Bodum cups, space between two layers is vacuum or glass ??

    • for the plastic one they ar vacuum sealed,
      and the glass one just air in between the two layers.

  • Can they stack ?

  • Really like these. Fuss free worries for G&T's around the pool and for kids running around. Shame the Bodum website is out of stock, see them for $30/6pk. :(