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10% Cashback on All Gift Card Purchases from The Card Network (eBay Card OOS) @ Cashrewards


Just noticed the banner on Cashrewards.

(1) Cashback is ineligible on purchases via The Card Network (TCN) App.
(2) Cashback is ineligible when using codes not listed on Cashrewards.
(3) You must return and click through from Cashrewards every time you make a new transaction/purchase.

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$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 90 days.

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    • yup, same here - don't know how they ran out of digital gift cards, but i managed to buy 1 that was tracked and came through to my email. wonder if they will end up back in stock at all today

    • Have now got the cards for those 5 orders that triggered fraud warnings, but still seeing out of stock when trying to purchase additional cards

    • Probably something to do with your IP?
      Every GC except for Online one is still available and has been for the last hour from my side.

      • Tried using a VPN to switch IP but still showing OOS for Digital cards - have tried Home, Her, Him… it only actually shows the out of stock message after you add the digital card to the cart and then proceed to the checkout page.

        • Same here 😩

  • Im really confused…
    can I order a digital 500 card and use at JB hifi and will get $50 to my cashrewards if i click through?
    or is there a limit to $200?
    seem to be worried i wont get tracked or issues to claim this cause not really clear.

    • No, you cant order a $500 card. Limit is now $100 per transaction. If you want $500 worth, you would need to do 5x $100 transactions.

      It should track in less than 10 minutes after purchase.

      • i'm getting OOS for every single card..

  • +2

    Good deal on cashrewards front but the card network has a pretty horrendous system…

  • Does anyone know how long would it take for physical cards to arrive? Digital is sold out on my side but still gives me physical, tho kinda hesitant as I’m looking into using it to PS5 and pre orders might pop up anytime..

  • I purchased a $200 gift card 20 mins ago then now it's out of stock again!

    • Digital or physical?

      • -2

        Digital. And the limit is back to $100 now albeit no stock at all

  • +3

    Stock and limit is horrible… Not like it's a real limit since you can put through multiple transactions. So just a time waster so that they can boost their sales numbers. 10,000 sales in an hour! (Only 200 customers) lol

  • +2

    the Online ebay card is available now, and 10% is gone … nice job

    • +1

      And the purchase limit got upgraded to $300 from $100.

    • So obvious.

  • Exchanged the active card for a puma online, except puma doesnt let you split payments so you can only buy stuff if the total is less then GC. If the total is $70 and you have a $50 GC, you cant pay the extra $20 any other method.

  • Hi, please help,
    I redeemed the gift card and it's showing up as home master card on google pay but I can't pay at the terminal.
    It won't scan and the lady can't write down the numbers.

    Any ideas

    • +1

      Hi all, issue resolved.

      1. Google pay must be updated to most current version
      2. Go to TCN app and manage pin by clicking top right corner of app.
      3. I set a pin for each card, not sure if necessary but I had to set 6 pins for 6 cards.
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