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Switch or Upgrade to Origin with Econnex & Receive up to $200 Woolworths Gift Card


Follow the link to see Origin Energy plans

To receive the full $200 both Energy and Gas needs to be switched or upgraded. Please ensure if you are applying for Gas, that your property has the ability for Gas to be connected.
You must be the authorized person on the Energy/ Gas account for the property.

A valid phone number and email address needs to be provided. If a customer doesn’t switch online Econnex will follow up with a courtesy call, this is 100% obligation-free.

Econnex does not charge you for using their services.

Fine Print
• Switch your electricity and gas and receive $200 Woolworths eGift Card.
• You will receive $100 Woolworths eGift Card when you switch your electricity only.
• You will receive $100 Woolworths eGift Card when you switch your gas only.
• Econnex is undertaking this offer on behalf of the retailer.
• Offer valid until 30th December 2020.
• To be eligible to receive the Woolworths eGift Card you must signup up online via Econnex and have successfully switched your energy supplier via Econnex.
• This offer is available to new and existing Origin residential customers who switched online via Econnex.
• This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other corporate offer or discount.
• You must be aged 18 or over. Econnex may request you to provide a copy of your valid ID for identification purpose
• Not available in Ergon Area (QLD) and embedded networks or non-quotable meters
• Eligible Recipients will receive Woolworths eGift Card by email up to 120 days after successfully switching your energy.
• In case the switch or connect is canceled within the first 30 days the transaction would be deemed invalid.
• Gift Cards will be issued after the first 120 days.
• The Promoter is CIMET Sales Pty Ltd ABN 72 620 395 726 referred to herein as ‘Econnex’ (Promoter). Econnex is powered by CIMET.
• Woolworths Group Ltd ABN 88 000 014 675 is the issuer of the Woolworths WISH Gift Card, but is not the promoter of the offer, nor responsible for fulfilment of the offer terms. Woolworths WISH Gift Cards have no expiry date and are redeemable at participating stores only. For a list of participating stores and full Gift Card Terms and Conditions visit
• Econnex Terms and Conditions:
• Econnex Privacy Policy:

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    How do I avail this offer if I'm already an Origin customer?

    • Hi Ash lego, you can potentially upgrade by going through the Econnex process. If you are on the same plan we are offering, unfortunately, you are not eligible. However, if you are on a different plan and we are able to proceed with switching your plan you will be able to take advantage of the offer.
      Hope that helps!

  • (profanity) me, I literally just connected to origin for a shitty 5,000 Woolies point ffs

  • just switch to Origin last month, could I get this ?

    • Hi peterozbargain, this offer is only available if you switch via Econnex from this week.

  • Does Connection Fee apply if I just switch from my provider to Origin and not actually moving house?

    • +1

      Hi alo1234, In most circumstances when switching between providers at the same address there is no connection fee. If you are moving into a new property, there will be a couple of situations where a connection fee may apply.

  • Does this offer eligible for cashback through CR, SB ?

    • Hi RonDonga, Unfortunately this offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other corporate offer or discount.

  • Can I cancel my current origin service and signup with you and get the $200 gift card?

    • Hi Mahip, I would recommend trying to upgrade through the Econnex site instead of cancelling your current service.

      • I am on origin max saver, so how can I upgrade?

  • For arguments sake, do i only have to stick to the plan for the first 30 days after switching through econnex?

    • +1

      Hi Jimmyolo, for argument's sake - yes to receive the gift cards you only need to be on the plan for 30 days, but we would recommend staying with a provider for a little longer.

      • I was with origin anyway and but am now switched to one of the plans with better rates through this. Thanks heaps.

  • how is origin price compare to others like energy aus, agl, alinta etc?

    • Hi shortgum, Origin offers competitive prices for both Electricity & Gas and is one of Australias largest energy providers. They also provide sustainable energy options to minimize your carbon footprint and offer no lock-in contracts.

  • Moving house tomorrow and signed up to origin 2 days ago :'(

  • Which Plan Should I switch to? I am with origin max saver for along time. Comparing the rate..looks it's more expensive than my current one
    Thanks OP

    • Hi Kooratz, Econnex offers the Origin Advantage plan. As far as we are aware the Max Saver is an older plan that is no longer offered to new customers. So, unfortunately we can't compare Max Saver in relation to this offer.

      • Thanks Manyo, I'll stick with my plan…

  • At this time of year probably best just to swap gas and get the $100

  • I'm currently on Origin Flexi plan … will I get a better deal if I upgrade to Origin with Econnex ?

    • Hi Look43Bs, It depends what state you're in as Origin has a different discount on the reference price depending on your location but for the most part you should get a better deal if you upgrade.

  • +3

    Unfortunately simple energy comparison has become rocket science, thanks to inept policies and state politics..corporate shenanigans having a gala time at the expense of strugglers, fair dinkum is a distant dream as far as household electricity and gas is concerned.

    • Hi RonDonga, We get that the energy market can be confusing at times and the changes in the industry don't help - We do recommend that you compare your utilities every 12 months to make sure you are still getting the best deal. Econnex is completely independent and our main focus is getting people the best deal that works for them.

  • Done thanks

  • I've applied, fingers crossed. Thanks OP.

  • Just applied for Gas, don't remember seeing anything about $100 credit, do we get this automatically?

    • Hi Highon2str, yes there is no need to apply. Once you have successfully switched or upgraded and the initial 30 day period has passed you will be eligible for the gift card.

  • hi, i know this says it only applies to switching or upgrading but what if you dont have an existing plan or aka new customer?

    • Hi Iknight, if you have are a new energy customer you can still take up the offer. Just ensure that the property you are connecting to doesn't already have a connection under someone else's name (partner/ housemates etc.) as a single property can not have multiple account holders with different retailers.

  • Signed up 24 Nov to switch both electricity and gas.
    Electricity has been moved over as of 11 December, awaiting gas meter read.

    @Rep: when should we realistically expect the gift cards and is there a minimum period I need to stay connected with Origin to get the gift cards?

    • Hi cooni, Based on the T&C's you need to stay with Origin for a minimum of 30 days otherwise the transfer is invalid and Gift Cards will be issued 120 days after the switch.

      • So 30 days after the gas gets moved over I’m free to leave? And I’ll still get the gift cards?

        • Technically, yes. However, we would recommend you stay with the retailer for a little longer than 30 days.

  • Hi guys, has anyone here received their giftcards as per the offer? Its been more than a month since I was connected and I havent heard a thing from them… And OP here hasnt been online since 22 Dec.

    Any news?

    • Hi hashtagbargain, As stated in the T&C's the Gift Cards are issued 120days after the transaction. So long as you have successfully switched and remained with the provider for 30 days then the Gift Card will be sent to you at this time.

  • these guys are scams. we have sign up with them before and nothing offered at the end.

    chance is they are data aggregator and their review looks fake

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