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Nulon 5W-30 5L + Repco Engine Oil Flush 300mL $28 @ Repco


Repco oil flush normally $14
Nulon 5w30 5l full synthetic oil normally $67

Combo deal $28, save $53

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    Great deal, I would not use the oil flush thingy rather rely on full synthetic oil to do it's job, they have all those cleaning agents or detergent. In fact changing oil more frequently is best solution, in my opinion.

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      Diesel engine oil is better at that, than petrol engine oil. FYI

      In turn, you can use diesel engine oil to do a better job of it, over a few thousand km, and then change it out to whatever you'd normally use.

      • I thought diesel itself is a good lubricant so diesel engines doesn’t rely completely on oil for lubricant, so shouldn’t petrol engine oil be better?

        • There are more detergents / cleaning agents in diesel engine oil.

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            @Bamboozle: a lot of diesel engine oils meet the standards for petrol engines too. I use delo 400 mgx in my petrol.

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              @stickymoo: Lots of diesel oils work great in motorbikes too
              I was running a 15W-40 diesel oil in my DR650 for a while, before I switched to Penrite HPR Gas 10

              • @sp0rk: You could use just about anything in a DR650. They're practically indestructible.

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        Yup. I used to run some diesel in my old Hyundai Accent for a bit prior to the oil change as a "flush"

    • Could prob just return it if you have no use for it and get the difference back.

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    Read any owners manual - it will say DO NOT use non manufacturer specified oil additives or so called 'improvers'. Seems like a good deal on the syn oil tho!

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      They also say not to put hot liquids in the cup holders.
      I’m no advocate for oil additives but owners manuals aren’t the bible.

  • Is it compatible with the 2013 corolla 1.8L patrol?

  • Can I use this on a European car?

    • Yes, I use it in my Golf with no issues.

      I actually came across this deal this afternoon when the Golf gave a low oil warning so I stopped to grab some oil as I had run out, this is quite a good deal, I used to purchase this same oil for about $35 in Costco.

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        This is not VW 504/507 spec.
        You won't notice any immediate issues, but you will over time.

        You need to use this:

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          Is it fair to say if you replaced the Golf oil every 10K then the 5W-30 is ok to use but if you replaced every 15K then use the Long Life VW 504/507?

          • @BellaWii: I have 2 VWs and would prefer to spend a little bit more on the VW spec oil to avoid very costly engine issues.
            I keep an eye out for when it's on sale, then grab a few bottles.

    • depends what car… some cars need 0w 20 or diesel may need dpf for example.

  • An item for your deal is not available or does not match a selected vehicle

    It won’t let me add to cart

  • It says Dexos 1, if the car calls for Dexos 1 gen2, will this oil blow it up?

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      Won't blow up but I'd suspect you run the risk of accelerated engine wear and would void manufacturer's warranty on any lubricated engine part.

      However, if you look at the pic, the bottle has Approved Gen 2 on it.

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        Thank you kindly, somehow I missed that and just caught the 1 in the dexos logo, half set for 2 cheap oil changes now :)

  • Cant do pickup in Adelaide 😤

    • I saw wingfield is open for pick up only

      • Repco website says wingfield one open for delivery only

    • just order it online and pick it up next week bud.

      • Cannot website wont allow

        • I could order with click and collect today in SA. Wasn’t able to yesterday.

  • How does Nulon compare to Castrol?

    • -1

      Castrol. Not even worth comparing.

      Castrol develop and refine their own oil, OEM to many car manufacturers, participates and wins races.

      Nulon. It's Aussie, must be good?

      But don't stress, Nulon prob get this stuff rebranded from other brands or mixed themselves, so it wouldn't be too bad.

    • Nulon is nowadays owned by French Fuchs but they still blend in oz afaik.

      Castrol is owned by BP and the recent Edge & Magnatec jugs that I bought are labelled blended in Malaysia.

  • Great find - Nulon is Australian owned (still family business) and made in Sydney. I’ve been using it for years in various high performance cars

    • Fusch took over their business right?

      • Yeah Fuchs boughtout Nulon some years back :/

  • Now we need an oil filter deal. QLD don't need it, coz they were slick af last night

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    Hubby just called to ask me to buy some to top up his car and I found this deal, just in time :)
    Thanks OP!

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      Buy some oil or buy this grade if oil specifically?

      Also, this sounds so sweet. I couldn't imagine calling my wife to get some oil for my car. I would definitely need the oil for other places if I did :-)

  • Thanks op

  • Presume this would do the job for a 2002 Honda CRV - in Perth? or should I be looking at 10w-40?

    • What grade does the maintenance manual recommend?

    • Googleweb says 5W-20, so stick with that, probably less fuel efficient if you use 5W-30 cos it's thicker

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    Anyone else prefer Penrite Oil as the best aussie owned alternative?

    • Sure do but don't recall any great deals lately.

    • i havent used Penrite, but i've tried just about every other major brand in my ute, and felt like Nulon ran the smoothest. Good stuff and regularly on sale.

  • There was an "oil engineer" that posted on here saying a flush is recommended as each company uses different additives in the oil eg moly etc. No one has done testing on what happens after mixing additives from different brands.

    • Mate - he was shot down in flames by the other experts on ozbargain.
      They obviously know more.

  • Can’t this be used on Mazda 3?

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