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Nintendo Switch Lite $264.30, Nintendo Switch $412.05 Delivered @ The Gamesmen eBay

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  • Good price on the mini, very tempting.

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    Switch Fortnite Special Edition is also available for $412.21.

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    I know it's not the same, but there are sooooo many switch lites on Facebook for around $200.

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    Need a better deal on switch ! Still waiting…..

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      Black Friday next week. Likely something then

    • Wait for the Switch Pro to come out next year…

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        Still just a rumour

        • i understand its still a rumor, however looking at the ds, they did several updates to it during its lifespan, and pretty much every gameboy. i dont really need a switch, but i wouldnt mind one. i just know ill be pissed if i get one now and then they do actually come out with an update model next year :(

  • Has the switch ever broken $300 ? has the switch lite ever broken $200 ?

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      Switch was $349 last year. There was a 10% off if paying with afterpay. It came with MK8 which I resold for $45 I think. Came out to be ~$270 and there may have been Cashrewards or ShopBack on top of that but I can’t remember.
      Don’t think the Lite has been below $200

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        price hasn't gone down below $400 lately even on prime day because of covid. so do hope for such deal on black Friday. otherwise, might wait out until next year. :)

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          if you really want it and actually have games you could play immediately, I'd think it's better to get it asap, and this applies to a lot of purchases. Unless we know a sale is coming up or due of course. (This deal ain't the best for a 'covid price' anyway though)

          But surely the one year gained of being able to play it makes up for spending $50 in terms of the entertainment value you get out of it?

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    Good price. But wait for Black Friday

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    Up to my 5th joycon with drift in 2.5 years. Reason enough NOT to buy a lite.

  • Yoink got one with Super Mario Odyssey for $463.21. Thanks OP

    • Is this a good price and worth it?

      • Not sure I think I may have missed an extra $10 off with BF next week but I needed to be sure this lands pre xmas..

        • Yes and I am think same and the stocks are low anyway.

  • This one on eBay is $399 why is it below the $400 mark, am I missing something?

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