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$20 off $60 Spend The Good Guys, Harvey Norman, Joyce Mayne, Domayne + More @ Latitude Pay


$20 off $60 spend on Harvey Norman, Joyce Mayne, Domayne, Bing lee+ More @ Latitude Pay

$15 off $60+ First LatitudePay Order @ Catch

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman
The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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    Is it easy to create a new LatitudePay account? I've already used the $50 off previously but the Ozbargainer in me can't pass up this deal lol

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    Pro tip: pay with some discounted giftcards to reduce the outstanding balance close to $60, then use LP. I purchased like this last time @ HN online. It may not work like this @ TGG.

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    new customer only

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      Yes, many people won't be able to use it again. I did not shop @ TGG last time, maybe?

    • Also targeted to existing customers. I was sent an email today for $20 off $60 spend at Harvey Norman.

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    What Black Friday deals tomorrow? Black Friday is on the 27th. This offer expires before then

    • Catch is already doing Black Friday deals. They reset more every Friday

      • I was referring to your title i.e.

        The Good Guys, Harvey Norman, Joyce Mayne, Domayne

        Catch wasn't in the title …

        • Removed to avoid confusion

  • Was using latitude last time for hn order but they was automatically cancel my order after a month
    So am I eligible for this offer again?

  • Is this for each store?

  • carpe emptor

    Harvey Norman and Latitude Finance partnered up “to push a credit card with an eye-watering interest rate of 22.74%”.

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      credit card, which this is not

      A Latitude Financial Services spokesperson told Business Insider Australia via email, “Latitude Go and Latitude Gem enable customers to shop interest free for up to 60 months – or five years – on promotional offers at participating retailers.

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        Who are you kidding? These scoundrels take advantage of the desperate and gullible. Government can’t protect meek from themselves, but it should protect them from these by weeding these out of existence.

        • I am not saying they are the nicest guys out there. My comment was in reply to saying beware about an interest rate of 22.74% on an unrelated product.

        • They have to make a profit somehow, that's why they do business in the first place. The "desperate and gullible" ones are those who pays for the points/miles/cashbacks we get and keep the credit card companies in good shape.
          Nobody is forcing anyone to use their credit card/lines in any particular way. If everyone uses them for the sole purpose of reaping points and interest free loans, then it is not a viable business anymore. That is a charity.

          • @truetypezk: "Nobody is forcing anyone to use their credit card/lines in any particular way". Preying on the "desperate and gullible" or ill informed or just trusting people is not a good business model. The card is interest free "on promotional offers" but not on most other items. Remember when Optus Telstra etc would charge by the cent when you went over your data limit on your phone SIM, Virgin "only charged" 0.2c/KB, seems fair!!
            But 0.2c/KB=$2,000/GB that's not bloody fair. We saw it on the News people watch an episode of Neighbours on their phone which was only 200MB but were charged $400. This is essentially where Latitude make their money, from people that don't know better!!

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              @PukeyLuke: I am pretty sure all these credit/service providers/telcos are required by law to disclose any relevant charges on PDS which is available to anyone before they sign the contracts. If someone chooses to ignore or neglect the terms and conditions, you can't really blame the providers for that.
              The most important thing is that all businesses need to find a way to make money. If they try to be "fair" with all clients, that means it would be less attractive for the disciplined and meticulous ones. It is like free-market vs communism.
              Aside from that those who tend to keep a balance on their credit cards also pose a higher risk to the credit provider, so it is fair for them to impose an interest to balance it out.

  • So is it new customers only for lattitude pay ?
    Or is it first time buy using lattitude pay at that specific store ?
    I already have an account with lattitude but i haven't shopped at catch with lattitude before… So do i get this offer ?

    • Just log into latitude and you see all the available offers .. they should all be there

    • It should work. Just add any item to cart and $15 off shows right there when you select Latitudepay. You need to not have used it on your catch account before.

  • I just got a $50 off $100 minimum spend code from Graysonline in my mail. Anyone else get one and is it a unique code? I've never bought anything from them before.

    • New sign up to latitudepay?

      • Nah…it's one of those "we miss you" vouchers. I don't even remember signing up with them, and have definitely never bought anything from them.

        Edit - Gmail search says I signed up with them in 2012….weird they would send this 8 years later. I guess it took them a while to start missing me.

        We Miss You! Have a Voucher On Us!
        $50 Voucher (Expiry: 11:59 PM 22 November, Min Spend: $100)
        Code: xxxxxxx

        • +3

          Thanks used the code. :P

        • I received $25 but it doesn’t have any voucher in it. Says “Here’s your $25 voucher” but nothing in email.

  • Last time round i started to register an account and when I came to a tick box asking whether I would authorise credit check I didn't agree and closed the browser. I checked my credit file following the month and still saw a credit check from latitude pay.

    • Contact them and ask to explain otherwise that’s unauthorised check

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    Just received a promotional email from HN. Did a quick search on Latitude Pay user comment and deleted the HN offer straight away.

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      What did your search reveal

  • I don't see any option to pay with latitude pay on bing lee

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      Bing Lee offer is in store

      • Great, thank you. Will pop down tomorrow.

  • FYI for those asking, I just ordered from Joyce Mayne due to cheaper postage. I used the latitude pay promo last time on TGG and this one applied automatically with the same account.

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    States single use only in T&Cs, but it worked twice with Harvey Norman for me.

    • It did not work for me @ Catch. I think Catch only allows one use per account.

  • Did anyone have their orders cancelled? I just received refund notice from Joyce Mayne and Latitude Pay 😠