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[PC] Free to Play: Star Citizen (Nov 20 - Dec 2) @ Robert Space Industries


It's the game that many consider a scam despite being playable and frequently updated, or a fancy tech demo that's been in development for years and will never be finished. Regardless of all the criticism the game is still progressing and now it'll be free to play for a limited time with over 100 different ships to try out.

It's also an excellent time to stress test your new Techfast/Titan/Virco RTX30xx builds. For those without new fancy builds, more than 8GB of RAM is highly recommended if you want a lag-free experience in the denser cities.

I recommend that you watch this video to see the scale of Star Citizen, so you understand how much is really being put into it and this tutorial to cover the basics before playing.

To celebrate this year’s premier aerospace event on microTech, we’re launching a Free Fly event. From November 20 through December 2, you have the chance to try some of Star Citizen’s most iconic vehicles for free. All you have to do is to create an account, download the game and jump into the fun.

Here’s how it works:

During the promotion, anyone can explore Star Citizen’s incredible Persistent Universe for free. Even if you don’t own a Star Citizen Game Package, you can try it for free and fly to the Expo in style, as we’re providing every account with an Origin 100i starter ship as a loaner for the time of the IAE 2950.

Starting on November 20 (4pm UTC), each day a different ship manufacturer will take over one of the expo halls for 48 hours. There’s something new to see every day, and nearly everything on display is available to test-fly for free!

Check out the schedule below to plan your test flights. We’ve also created an IAE 2950 FAQ on Spectrum, where we answer questions about the show, including where to go and how to take part in the Free Fly event.

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    This is their method of stringing people along every-time complaints reach max velocity… Expect 'discount deals' once this is over to entice people to pay for it with still no release date in sight.

    Last time they had a free fly event, there were massive server issues and game crashes that made it unplayable. Let's hope it's better this time around.

    • It's no secret these events to try out new ships are a method of getting people to pledge more money and buy ships. It's a very smart marketing move that works well.

      Fortunately a lot of the server meshing and iCache has progressed further along in recent months so we should see more stability. I had no issues in the last free fly event once I stuck an extra slot of RAM in my then aging build.

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    I was an early backer, to be honest the ongoing info mercial and constant sell tactics burnt all my respect for the game. I hope that one day before I die of old age I will be able to play the final version.

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    This game is a pyramid scheme that was built on Jupiter.

    That's how big this pyramid scheme is.

    And that makes no sense. Then again, people continuing to fund this game makes no sense to me either.

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      yeah lmao this game will never be finished or it will be in 2060. You have no idea how much funding these suckers gave them.

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        You have no idea how much funding these suckers gave them.

        US$318 MILLION! And still counting.

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          Yeah and the estimated development cost of Red Dead Redemption 2 by over 6400 employees was estimated to be over 640 million, by a well established game development studio with a large number of skilled workers and resources available including an engine that's been used in previous titles.

          Meanwhile at CIG a company that started off as 2 people that's now become 850 people with none of the manpower, resources and private funding available like Rockstar Studios and other big players have. You know CIG had to ditch the game engine they were using and move to a whole new one (Amazon Lumberyard) and build ALL the tech from the ground up? Graphics from 2012 has certainly come a long way since early 2020, 3 versions ago.

          It really isn't a fair comparison you're making when it comes to funding. Selling concept ships that aren't ingame yet for funding however is something I don't agree with.

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            @Clear: Look at any game where the development went badly. I think there's a series called "Wha happun?" that dissects historical games development failures, ranging from Aliens Colonial marines to Too human.

            The common problems/indicators are changes to the game vision/scope, taking more than 5 years to develop, use of games dev tools/tech that becomes outdated, adopting new game engines that staff have no experience using, etc. A lot of these apply to Star Citizen.

            Most important of all, Rockstar has a rock solid games development history. CIG does not.

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              @pizzaofpeace: It's very important to note that I'm not denying there are issues with development. The backlash regarding the lack of SQ42 updates as promised is a massive cluster. As is the issue of Chris focusing on minor details (like shield graphic reworks) instead of improving the overall engine which a lot of the mechanics need to function correctly.

              Rather I'm saying it's not a fair comparison to say they've raised this much and it's still not done yet, because they're significantly under-resourced than other big game studios with someone at the top who doesn't have their priorities straight.

              It's very obvious it's Chris' dream game with a million different ideas that are hard and time consuming to implement. I like it because it's a massive open world where I can hop onto a ship, fly there, land, unload a vehicle, go mining or other activities and fly away. Even the prison system where you can wait X hours, log off for a while, mine to reduce the sentence, while potentially getting murdered by fellow players, OR EVEN doing the prison escape is a lot of fun.

              Unfortunately I've yet to find an open world game that rivals it. It's very disappointing that negging has to occur around here instead of a proper discussion.

              • @Clear: The problem is you are comparing it to a game that is released???

                I actually beleive in Chris Roberts as I remember his Origin Systems days.

                • -1

                  @tonyjzx: As is everyone else who somehow think this is a scam. It's not.

              • -1

                @Clear: What?

                Just because you don't like what the other person is saying doesn't make it negging rather than legitimate discussion. His points are all true - CIG massively over-scoped their game, and if even the huge haul of cash they've brought in so far is insufficient for that, then that's their own fault. Trying to throw cash into the furnace to keep the development train going by baiting people into buying concept ships that don't exist yet so that they have an in-game advantage over their peers is just …. It's just wrong. We've moved well past that development model.

                Even worse is that you're not ever buying a copy of SC or even a licence - You're DONATING to CIG and they may or may not give you anything in return, you can't get a refund unless they voluntarily choose to give you one. The entire game is just a sea of red flags mate, and I get that you're excited to see a dream game fulfilled, but that's just not what is happening at the current rate and style of development.

                • @Grazz989:

                  Just because you don't like what the other person is saying doesn't make it negging rather than legitimate discussion

                  Downvoting my comments doesn't make any argument legitimate. Rather you talk about it instead of using votes. What if I say every downvote on my comment means I'm right?

                  It's not a scam though. This isn't some kickstarter project where they promise a concept, take the money and run. They're genuniely developing the game.

                  More importantly I've not disagreed about these issues, red flags, raising money through ships etc, I've never denied it here. I'm just optimistic that it'll get there eventually. Perhaps in another 10 years. Despite all the issues this is a free to play event, you do not have to spend a single cent. People should just give it a shot, some may enjoy it, while others not.

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                    @Clear: Maybe when they shipped the game in 10 years time, they will realised the Amazon Lumberyard engine that currently in use is outdated already and overhaul the game from scratch using new engine.

                    • @dione: Only if Amazon decides to take legal action against them. One of the biggest reasons there was a switch.

                  • -1

                    @Clear: Your comment has -5 score. Why would you assume I'm to blame?

                    You're advocating for something that will effectively function as a scam for anyone donating money to it - i highly doubt it will make any difference to someone left empty handed as to whether the developer INTENDED to waste their money and deliver a shadow of a shadow of what was promised for their money.

                    From another tact: Star Citizen is the opposite of an OzBargain. Even the free fly event is a waste of time, as others here have pointed out.

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    First and last time I tried a free weekend it took me hours to work out how to sign up, or where to go to even attempt to fly a ship. Then on trying to figure out how to take off, triggered the emergency eject inside a hangar and no clue how to reset it. Gave up at that point before I could even get into space.

    EVE online doesn't have anywhere near as much of a learning curve to it in comparison, and that's saying something, but at least they've improved over the years.

    • -4

      Hence why everyone including CIG themselves say it's still in development and tutorials come later as they'd have to be reworked as new mechanics are added.

      This time the event page does provide tutorials with a link in my quoted text, as well as the significantly better tutorial video I linked as well.

  • +3

    Read this

    "This is not fraud—Roberts really is working on a game—but it is incompetence and mismanagement on a galactic scale."

    (I was pretty hype for this game when it was first announced, I have played alot of Freelancer, almost bought in the first wave on kickstarter, but had seen enough dead kickstarters and steam greenlight projects to be sceptical, if you want to waste your time, go play Eve, if you want something pretty play Elite: Dangerous, if you want to waste your money….. well I don't know why you are on ozbargain)

    Sounds like Clear is still drinking the Kool-Aid and trying to get other people to join in this vapourware.

    To all people reading the comments, the first sentence in the description is all you need, Start Citizen is the biggest crowdfunding scam so far.

    • -4

      I look forward to seeing your first deal on this website. About time you make a positive contribution.

      • +1

        oh hey, where are my posts, thanks for finding that, something's going on here

        • -1

          It's the kool aid. I think it was expired.

    • +3

      Lol this article pretty much sums up the CEO perfectly. Had one good game 20 years ago, made a bunch of money, blew it all, then made a game studio, somehow swindled Microsoft to come along for the ride released a game - massive flop, tries Hollywood - massive flop.. then starts "star citizen" and open world game with not one world finished, 2 planet's "almost finished" and $300 million GONE. Whatever idiot keeps giving this guy money is completely screwed and only has themselves to blame when they lose whatever they put in…
      I cannot believe the scale of mismanagement by this guy… he almost needs to be arrested for embezzlement and made to answer for his complete immaturity with peoples money!

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    This company gives me Scientology cult like vibes. Hand money over to the CEO whenever he ask and drop to their knees just to hear him speak… reminds me of..

  • I mean say what you will about its development time and funding methods, but even in its current state, through the years I've spent more hours flying around space in Star Citizen than I have in many expensive, retail games. I do occasionally get disgruntled at it but for me I've already gotten my money's worth at least.

  • +1

    This game is hella fun when things go as planned. Playing now is vastly better than what it was 1 year ago littered with bugs. And you dont have to invest any more money into it than you would any other game..30 bucks will get you a standard ship then within game you can work towards earning the in game currency doing mining/trading and other kinds of mission to afford better ships

    • -1

      Show me where I can buy a copy of the game for 30 bucks.