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50% off Sitewide at Lime Blue Coffee


Bought my first bag of these beans last sale and I must say we are very impressed! Hopefully this helps someone get their caffine hit.

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    What did you get? Why were you impressed? Freshly roasted? Price is great but is the quality…..

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    Bought the South Central Blend on one of the last sales, really loved it and I'm really tempted to try the new blend even though I already have too many beans to enjoy at their peak. Customer service is among the best I've experienced too, very friendly and helpful.

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      Woohoo for every single word in your awesome comment, thank you so much for the most welcomed wonderfully positive feedback!!!

      I'm so thrilled to know that you have "really loved" our fresh coffee. We'll keep putting our best foot forward to continue living up to your truly thoughtful comments :)

      p.s. perhaps you could make friends with your neighbours to share our limited edition blend, best of both world's you get to try it out without getting too much, also having friendly neighbours is always a good idea…

  • Merged from 50% off Coffee Site Wide, Limited Edition Blend 1kg $17.94, Afterpay Available, Flat Rate Shipping $6.99 @ Lime Blue Coffee
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    Hey Oz Bargain Community,

    We've got a special thank you deal for you :)

    50% off Fresh Coffee Site Wide, Limited Edition Blend 1kg $17.94, Afterpay Available, Flat Rate Shipping $6.99 @ Lime Blue Coffee

    Exciting news, we've been approved for Afterpay :)

    We've created this deal to acknowledge this milestone. We couldn't have earned AP approval (it's not as easy as you'd think) without the incredible Lime Blue Coffee extended family (otherwise known as customers), in addition to the wonderful Oz Bargain Community support and engagement. To mark this occasion we've created a special limited edition blend called "Moments to Memories," the flavour inspiration around this blend is going to the Cinema with close friends, a luxury we haven't had much access to this year, but hopefully will again soon.

    All orders except Moments to Memories Blend orders will be dispatched on a rolling basis as per normal, ASAP and future dispatch orders notes welcomed. As Moments to Memories is a limited edition blend it will be roasted fresh from Friday the 27th of November and dispatch on a rolling basis from Monday the 30th of November, 2020. Complimentary, optional gift message on bag/s also welcomed, simply type your desired message in the "special instructions for seller" box in the online cart.

    • I would give your coffee a try if you waive the shipping fee. :)

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        Morning Poppii,

        Thank you for reaching out!

        Due to the high quality of our fresh coffee our Oz Bargain deals have super slim margins. We'd love to waive everyone's shipping fee if we could, but it's not economically viable because we lose several dollars on each order. If this turned into the standard practice we'd end up in debt have to shut down and not be able to bring anymore great deals to the Oz Bargain community. We have flat rate shipping because it works out cheaper for customers with scale, for example 1kg is $6.99 shipping, 2kg is $6.99 shipping ($3.495 shipping per kg), 3kg is $6.99 shipping ($2.33 shipping per kg). If it makes you feel any better about the shipping fee, it's already subsidised by us, by that I mean overall shipping costs Lime Blue Coffee more than $6.99 per order.

        No harm in asking, so feel free to ask more questions :)

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          #marketing - markdown to 30% off and give people a freeshipping coupon :P

          • @Jatacid: I truly appreciate your thoughtful feedback, which I've shared with the team to take onboard. I know your comment came from a genuinely helpful place because 30% off plus free shipping would cost you more than 50% off plus $6.99 flat rate shipping :)

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      When is it roasted?

      • Good question, thanks for asking!

        We always dispatch within only a few days of roasting, so our coffee is nice and fresh. We're roasting today and also through next week too. All orders will be dispatched on a rolling basis. The only exception is the Moments to Memories blend which will be roasted next Friday the 27th of November, simply because it's a limited edition blend.

        Any more questions, feel free to ask away :)

        • So no future dispatch in say december can be done? As its a once off roast?

          • @impulse555: Morning :)

            For our limited edition Moments to Memories Blend you can request dispatch any day between the Monday the 30th of November and Friday the 4th of December. For all our other fresh coffee options, you're able to request any future dispatch date that ideally works for you.

            Any more questions feel free to fire away :)

        • My last order (Peru Single Origin) took 16 days to arrive (metro) + 4 days you took to prepare it, meant I had to buy some AWEFUL crap from Coles… any chance you could consider better logistics? Manna Beans are usually 2 days from order to door.

          I didn't like the Peru Single Origin at first, but now I really do, not too strong, not too weak, just right smooth coffee.

          • @raybies: Thank you so much for your recent order and helpful feedback!

            I know 1st hand from both sides of the equation that delivery logistics can be frustrating and unpredictable at times, we've seen overnight delivery interstate and a week same state metro. Taking a wild guess from your comment I'm guessing you're in QLD? We're based in VIC, so although we've seen overnight delivery to QLD, it usually takes a few days, not usually 16. If you order from us again, which I sincerely hope you do, please simply send us an email if there's any delivery delay because we could have found a solution to prevent you taste buds dealing with "AWEFUL…"

            If you have the time could you please send us an email now, we have a small surprise for you and a future solution too :)

            p.s. It's awesome to know our Peru eventually won you over, it was a quite unique, once you overcome the uniqueness aspect it's delicious.

            • @LimeBlueCoffee: 3rd cup I was sold… kept getting better too. Really look forward to each cup, I think I might just have another now.
              Sendle had an estimated delivery of 12 days to Perth, there were 3 weekends which contributed to the VERY long wait.

              With Manna I think longest wait has been 5 days with a w/e, they send AustPost Express though.

              • @raybies: Woohoo for 3rd cups the charm and each cup getting better thereafter :) :) :)

                I'm so happy to know that you now "really look forward to each cup"!!!

                Interstate deliveries are sometimes unpredictable. For your next order with us (I hope there will be) you're welcome to request delivery via Australia Post if you believe it would be faster based on your experience receiving other deliveries.

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      Meh Afterpay. Seems like a big fad.

      But I will stock up on the great coffee! Still enjoying my Lime Blue coffee from last order.

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        Different strokes, different folks, we have a range of different payment options to suit different customers…

        Woohoo thank you truly for placing another order with us and for your terrific feedback, both mean a lot to the team!!!

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      Which beans you recommend for cappuccino / flat white using Breville 870 machine? The Moments to Memories blend or the South Central blend.

      • Good question, thank you for asking!

        Both options fair pretty well with milk based coffees. If you need more of a nudge in one particular directions then Moments to Memories will compliment the chocolate sprinkles on the top of you Cap slightly better than the South Central Blend. Sprinkles aside the decision simply comes down to your personal flavour preference based on the notes on our site.

        Any more questions, fire away :)

        p.s. if you or your guests ever have black coffee, then our South Central Blend will work slightly better overall than our Moments to Memories blend, comparatively speaking. That said Moments to Memories still works really well black.

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      Just ordered 1kg of Moments to Memories, thanks.

      • Woot woot, that's wonderful, thank you so much, I hope you love it :)

        • Received my order yesterday, thank you. I'm only on my second cup but really liking this blend so far.

          • @summit: Hey Summit,

            That's terrific to hear, thank you so much for taking the time to send through your awesome feedback, I'm so glad you're "really liking this blend so far!"

            p.s. I hope you continue to enjoy the blend to the very last bean :)

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      Just ordered some of the south central blend. Glad to see you are starting up some social media pages too 😉

      • Great choice, thank you truly, your order is really appreciated and does mean a lot to the team :)

        Yes, we have officially taken the plunge to be part of the social media world now (sounds odd to say this in 2020 regarding such a ubiquitous part of the world), lots to learn, keen to do it right, any tips or recommendations of what you'd like to see are most welcomed here or via email.

        I hope you love our fresh coffee!

    • I just ordered some 'Sumatra' beans last week. Good delivery and fresh beans. Having trouble dialing it in though for a good shot. I think they're a lighter roast than I've ever used before. I'm learning a lot about coffee science, my machine, and the limitations of my process though so not all is a loss.

      • +1

        If you like the science of coffee, James Hoffman on Youtube is very informative…and entertaining!

        • Thank you for your helpful contribution to the discussion, yes, James does a nice job on You Tube :)

      • Out of curiosity where did you order the beans from? Tell me more about the dialing in trouble, perhaps I can help out?

        There's a lot to continually learn if you're keen, making for an exciting coffee journey :)

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      just ordered 2kg moments to memories for my humble moka pot. Thanks :)

      • Woot woot, that's incredible, thank you sincerely, the whole team really appreciates your order and hopes you thoroughly enjoy our fresh coffee!

        p.s. Many people do have a soft spot for the "humble moka pot," it's a pretty awesome morning if you can start your day by sitting in a cared for garden on a sunny day pouring a cup of coffee from a Moka Pot :)

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      Awesome deal! What bean do you recommend for cold brew?

      • Hard to argues with such a factual comment (perhaps this sounds a tad biased)!

        All our current option work well for Cold Brew, however our current Single Origin from Colombia is the clear winner for this brew method.

        I hope this is a helpful response, please feel free to ask any more questions you may have :)

    • +1

      If I didn't have more coffee coming, I would have ordered some!

      How long would you say the ground filter version of Moments to Memories would stay fresh for?

      • Life's all about timing :)

        Nice question, thanks for asking, I've got a decent idea for a solution/answer, please send us an email or direct message when you have time.

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      What would you recommend for soya…

      • Good questions, I appreciate you asking :)

        Our Moments to Memories Blend would likely suit you best, closely followed by our South Central Blend.

        I hope this helps you narrow down the best option for you, feel free to ask any more questions you may have :)

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      What do you recommend for Cold Drip?

      • Morning :)

        Good questions as certain coffee's aren't quite suited to Cold Brew.

        "All our current option work well for Cold Brew, however our current Single Origin from Colombia is the clear winner for this brew method.

        I hope this is a helpful response, please feel free to ask any more questions you may have :)"

  • Hi

    What's the best blend for short Blacks


    • Hey Johnny,

      I like your thinking, great question, I believe our fresh South Central Blend will be the winner for you :)

      • Beauty thanks

        Also if I order the 3kgs does it come in three one kilo bags

        I smash at least 8 to 10 a day

        • :)

          The largest bag size we use is 1kg, so an awesome 3kg order will mean we sent you three 1kg bags. We have had similar questions a few times before, perhaps we should mention this on our site. The questions make me think there's a few roasters out there trying to save some time and money on packaging…

          Sounds like you have a busy schedule, a need for super focus and/or simply an understandable love for delicious coffee…On occasion one minute I'm having my first morning brekkie coffee, then if seems I blink and I'm up to double digits :)

      • Is this coffee blend also good for caps etc my misses drinks them

        • Good Morning,

          Yes, it'll cut through milk really well. I believe this blend will keep you in the good books with your "misses" on the Cap front, at the same time as keeping you happy on the short black side of things, everyone wins :)

  • Great prices but I’ve been burnt by slow delivery. If I order today when would it arrive in Sydney do you think?

    • I'm very happy you think our deal has "great prices," we do too without sounding overly biased :)

      I appreciate your apprehension, no one likely slow deliveries, I believe if you place an order today your fresh coffee should arrive early next week. If you do decide to place an order (which we truly hope you do) please send us an email if you have time, so I can put an extra note next to your tracking number.

      Any more questions, please don't hesitate to ask :)

      p.s. the exception to this delivery estimate would be if you ordered our limited edition Moments to Memories blend. As mentioned above any orders which include this special limit edition blend will be dispatched from 30th November. All orders placed this weekend which do not include Moments to Memories will be dispatched on Monday 23rd November, unless of course a customer places an order note requesting a future dispatch date.

  • I ordered a kg each of Moments to Memories blend and Columbia Single Origin, does that mean the entire order will be shipped together from 30th November?

    • Hey Ruckus,

      That's an awesome order, thank you so much, the team truly appreciates it!

      Spot on, your entire order will be shipped on the 30th of November. If you need some fresh coffee sooner than that, please send us an email :)

  • I've ordered twice from Lime Blue now and they've both been delicious.
    If I were to order the Moments to Memories blend, would I be able to get it shipped 14th Dec or would that be too late? I currently have 1.5kg left to get through.
    Thanks so much!

    edit: Nevermind saw your response to another user. 30th Nov to 4th Dec. Guess i'll compromise and just drink more coffee!

    • +1

      Woohoo Woohoo and a Woohoo in advance as well (1 woohoo for each order was needed :))

      Thank you incredibly for all your awesome orders, they really do make a positive difference for the team!

      I'm thrilled to know your think our fresh coffee is "delicious," we do too hopefully without sounding too biased :)

      I like your style, the question and the answer all wrapped up in one positive message.

  • Hi OP,
    I'm looking to try 2kg of the moments to memories blend. As a newbie, how long would you recommend I would be able to store the beans (without opening) before it goes 'off'? Google says 8-12 months but I'm unsure if that will vary with your coffee beans. Thanks!

    • +1

      Welcome to the start of your coffee journey, I hope you love the adventure :)

      I'm very happy our deal piqued your interest, 2kg sounds awesome!

      Google says a lot of stuff, so I'm so glad you've asked this great question, thank you.

      I'd recommend that you order enough fresh coffee to last you roughly a month.

      Any more questions, please feel free to ask away :)

      p.s. my answer relates to fresh coffee in general, not just our coffee

      • thank you for the honest reply, i'll start with a 1kg bag and see how long that lasts me :)

        • I'm very glad you found my reply to be helpful. We believe honesty is the most direct path to creating an amazing Lime Blue Coffee experience for people, so that's our go to type of response :)

          That's awesome, thank you tremendously for trusting us to help shape the first leg of your coffee journey. Your order is sincerely appreciated by the team, whether a stand alone order or the first of many please feel welcome to shoot us an email whenever you have any questions about coffee!

  • Hi, there, what's the roast profile for the beans?
    Generally looking at milk coffee (with soy). Any beans you'd recommend? I think in the past prefer a slightly darker roast

    • Great to hear from you, thank you so much for the questions!

      We Omni-Roast, so our coffee is sweet enough for filter with enough oomph to make an awesome espresso too.

      I believe our limited edition Moments to Memories blend will be the winner for you. Otherwise, our South Central blend works nicely with Soy too.

      Please let me know if you have any other questions :)

  • Hi OP,
    Have just ordered (Order #2202) noting for dispatch at a later date (14 Dec). Not sure whether order note went through.

  • Amazing, thank you so much for placing another order with us, it truly means a lot!!!

    I can confirm that you submitted your order note perfectly and it's been received well by the team, your fresh coffee will be dispatch as per your request :)

    • did i just missed out on this offer?

      • Thank you so much for reaching out and showing interest in our special offer, please send us an email when you have the time :)

        • Thanks for getting back so promptly. In the spirit of an Ozbargainer, i went ahead and apply the promo code and it still work :)

          • @taohuhua: Woohoo for having that awesome Oz Bargainer spirit :)

            Thank you so much for your order, it truly does make a difference for the team!

            I hope you thoroughly enjoy our fresh coffee and have an excellent week too :)

  • Ordered back on 24th Nov but am still yet to receive the coffee. Understand that the beans were roasted Friday, 27th Nov but now the beans have been in transit for a week (potentially longer).

    OP would you consider other shipping methods in future? My personal experience with parcels sent via Sendle, they are generally a few days slower than AusPost.

    • Same with mine, ordered on 19/11 and stuck "in transit" since 30/11. I'm located in Sydney.

  • Order on 20/11, Shipped on 30/11 and still waiting for it to arrive.

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