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12 Month PlayStation Plus Subscription Digital Download $59.95 (Was $79.95) @ JB Hi-Fi & EB Games


Good time to stock up. Pay with discounted gift cards for further savings.

EB Games are also the same price with digital download.

Note - this is a digital download so no need to wait for it to be delivered.

Codes are case sensitive and must be entered exactly as displayed.

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  • 59.95?

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    Purchased one for PS5, thanks

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    Sweet, was waiting for ps plus to go on sale!

  • Does anyone know when this would expire? Would be perfect with the 15% off him gift cards posted earlier but they don't start until next week

    • I purchased one and at the bottom of the email it states "This card does not expire"

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        He means when the deal expire…

    • i am thinking the same thing…

    • Aren’t the him gift cards only usable in store for jb?

      • Was just going to post this. I went to the Him gift card list of retailers and for JB it says it's in store only.

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    Be sure to turn off auto renew after redeeming. It gets enabled automatically

  • Thanks, bought 36 more months so now I'm covered till 2025, wonder when Sony will transition to 2 PS5 games per month.

    • wonder when Sony will transition to 2 PS5 games per month.

      Ages away. We were getting PS3 / X360 games for many years after the new consoles dropped.

      • We still get 2 X1 and 2 360 games AFAIK

    • newb ps5 owner here. i bought 1 x 12 months from amazon and 1 x 12 months from jb. can they both be loaded on to my psn account? or can i only go 12 months?

      • Redeem them both, you can stack upto 3 years at a time

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          3 years is for xbox, I have 5 years loafed up ATM, not sure on the limit.

      • You can buy as many as you want and add to the same psn account.

    • When PS4 came out, there were 2 (indie) games on PS+ at launch, including Resogun which remains one of my favourite PS4 games to this day :D

      But if you use this as a guide (https://playstation.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_PlayStation_Plus_games_(PAL_region)) and assume PS5 will have a similar timeline, they were going back and forth between 1 or 2 PS4 games until June, so about 7 months after launch. Although it was mostly smaller indie games for a long time after that.

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    How often do this get on sale? Is it worth stock up or the deal happen once or twice a year?

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      It always happens during Days of Play (late May - early June) and now during Black Friday.

      Sometimes there are also random flash sales throughout the year.

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    Can I renew prior to expiration date? Can't seem to find a way to do that.

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      Yes you can add up to 3 years of sub

    • Yes, they stack.

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      Yes, on ps4,5 go to store and redeem code.

      On browser, login and click on profile icon and redeem code

  • It's $40 at stacksocial with a code but saids us/canada customers.. wonder if you can change your region in your account or something or if it even matters at all? https://stacksocial.com/sales/playstation-plus-12-month-subs...

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      Its region locked.

  • If you create a US account PS+ is regularly around $40, and you can share the benefits of the subscription to any accounts on the same console. 3 years US for the price of 2 AU.

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    What we get with this membership?
    Sry am new to PS.

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      Free monthly games, ability to play online, and also access to the PS+ Collection

      • How many free games as just PS yesterday. Kinda n00b to gaming.

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          Usually two per month. Check out the historical list here

          • @sween64: note though, AFAIK you can't claim previous months' games. e.g. if you joined today you can get Nov's free games but not October's.

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          Usually it 's 2 games per month but if you've got a PS5 you get the PS+ Collection of 20 games as well

          Batman: Arkham Knight
          Battlefield 1
          Call of Duty: Black Ops III – Zombies Chronicles Edition
          Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy
          Days Gone
          Detroit: Become Human
          Fallout 4
          Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition
          God of War
          Infamous Second Son
          Monster Hunter: World
          Mortal Kombat X
          Persona 5
          Ratchet and Clank
          Resident Evil 7 biohazard
          The Last Guardian
          The Last of Us Remastered
          Until Dawn
          Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

        • At the moment besides the PS+ collection there's

          • Shadow of War (PS4)
          • Hollow Knight (PS4)
          • Bugsnax (PS5)

          Destruction AllStars (PS5) will be available in February 2021.

      • so in order to play online with friends e.g. Fortnite will need to pay for this membership?

        • Correct!

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          For f2p games you don't need PS plus just for payed games like COD.

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          Free online games like Fortnite you don't need membership. But paid for games you do.

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      Also cloud saves

    • Also PS+ exclusive discounts on some PS Store sales.

  • thanks grabbed a couple

  • Only had a month left of PS+, perfect timing!

  • Is $59.95 the lowest it’ll go around Black Friday? Wonder if EB or PSN will be cheaper than this?

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      Never seen cheaper for Aust codes

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      $55.95 at Amazon on Black Friday

      • That deal is actually active right now. It's $55.95 if you want expedited delivery. If you can wait like 5 days for delivery then it's $49.95 (provided you use the mobile amazon app)

        • Using the Amazon app and it shows up as $59.95 with standard delivery?

          • @zzzman: hmmmm I got an alert on mine that stated an extra $10 off if purchased on mobile which I purchased. Maybe it's targetted :(


            • @shikyo: First time app users only AFAIK

            • @shikyo: What was the promotion code? I just installed the app

              • @b0nkers: Thats a $10 off promotion for buying something through the Amazon app. It's for any product, and one time only, so not PS+ related.

  • Is it today only?

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    Thanks, I got for $57 with my corporate discount

  • Same price also at Amazon AU.

  • sweet…cheers op =) now im good till 2023

  • Score! Thanks OP. I was just asking about this in the PS+ whirlpool thread. I’m looking forward to playing a lot of those PS+ Collection games on my 2021 PS5 🥳

  • Can you use egift cards to pay for this?

    • Just bought a suncorp gift card and used it so yes

  • Has anyone else got issues checking their PS Plus Subscription status on their PS website ?

    When I go to my Subs on the site, it says I have no subs. I see this error happens to quite a few people. Seems to have something to do with not having auto renew on

  • Limit is one per order. But you can do multiple orders so add and pay for one card and repeat.

  • sorry i am new to this. and have not yet bought the ps5 but i want to stock up because of the disc.

    can i buy this instore? if not when i get the digital code. is there an expiry date to it when to use it?


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    sony will likely match this for black friday specials… likely to begin this weekend ahead of black friday itself, happens every year like clockwork.

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      I bought this code from JB and when I entered it into the PS Store, the PS+ subscription image image that came up actually had a "Black Friday" banner across the top of it, so I suspect you're right.

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    I really appreciate the heads up as I have been putting off the subscription due to cost. With AAMI rewards, I bought two gift cards and checked out twice on the JB HiFi website to buy 2 codes. I then used the Sony Playstation website to log in, redeem the first code, then redeem the second. I can confirm they stacked and my sub expires 27/11/2022.
    I then turned off Auto renew.
    59.95 × 0.95 ÷ 12 = $4.74 month, awesome!
    I just need to sell ~4 old PlayStation 4 games I have in physical to be cost neutral.

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      that sounds like such a miserable existence

      • so much effort. the ozbargain way to save a few cents per day :)

      • So does rockclimbing but some people like it.
        It's practically a hobby on this site.

      • A few clicks to save ~$6. Some people think that's worth it.
        An alternative is to accumulate enough points from Microsoft Rewards to exchange a couple of $5 JB vouchers. However, that's certainly heaps more mouse clicks and keyboard typing.

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          That is ironic, use Microsoft Reward to buy JB voucher to buy Sony product.

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            @highdealer: Continue this trend of thoughts. Sony does pay Microsoft for services as Sony uses Microsoft Azure cloud services. Also, Sony pays Bethesda (now owned by Microsoft) for some limited time exclusives.

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    Does anyone know how to check how long you have left with your current PS Plus online without being on the actual console?

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      Login to PS Plus and check. You can also add free games (for consoles you already registered) from the Web. You cannot add free games for consoles you currently don't own yet (if you don't own a PS5 yet - so you cannot add PS Plus collection games).

      • That's not entirely true. You can't access the PS+ collection games if you don't own a PS5, but you CAN add the monthly PS5 game(s) from PS+. So you can go in there now and claim Bugsnax even if you don't own a PS5. When you do manage to get one, you'll have that game available to download.

  • Can it be bought in store?

  • Does anyone know if I can need a PS5 to get the free PS5 games, or if I can add them to my account and then play them when I get a PS5

    • you need a PS5 - or someone with a PS5 to log into your playstation plus and add them. After they are in your library you would be able to play them on a PS4.

    • If you use the PS app (or, presumably, the website) you can claim the monthly PS+ games for PS5 even if you don't own a PS5 ie you can go and claim Bugsnax right now. You can't claim the PS+ collection games without at least having access to a PS5.

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    Perfect timing, my subscription was due to renew tomorrow.

    • As with mine the following! Perfect timing indeed!!

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  • is there any way to apply this code to a NZ account? or is the only option to create a new AU account and have the PS activated as primary?

  • If you have The Ultimate Student gift card(You got it form Woollies last week promotion) use In-Store only in EB Games - it will make this PSN Plus become $53.955

  • has anyone had any issues getting the digital download code - ordered last night and got confirmation email but no digital code

    • Worked for me, I got it in about 2 minutes. Have you checked your junk / spam folder to see if it ended up in there? If you still can't find it then I'd contact JB support.

    • Yeah I have the same issue. Ordered yesterday but only received a confirmation so far.

      I'll follow up with JB and see what's going on.

  • not in any of the folders - apparently for this you need to contact their web team via a contact form and they get back to you in about 3 days

    • Did you hear back from them in the end? I've contacted web team but haven't heard anything..

  • Just had a look and my PS+ seems to expire tomorrow! Thanks for saving me $20 OP.

  • The monthly games are so bad after peak of Covid 19 don't know if its worth it

  • Can i start 14 free trial and then add my 12 months code?