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12 Months PS Plus $55.96 (NA), FireStick Lite $49, Paperwhite $149, Yamaha Soundbar $179, Echo Dot (4th Gen) $49 @ Amazon AU


Amazon have announced their Black Friday deals. If you’re not in a rush to buy the PlayStation plus subscription then it’ll be 30% off ($55.95) on BF whereas the current price ($59.95) is only 25% off.

Deals announced -

  • Amazon Music: Get free three months of unlimited access to more than 70 million songs, ad-free. (Save $35.97.) Existing Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers can upgrade to the Family Plan free for three months.
  • Audible: New customers can currently get a 50% discount on a 6-month membership - down from nearly $100 to $49.35. The deal includes an audiobook of their choice each month, a bonus monthly audiobook chosen by Audible's editors, and unlimited access to hundreds of hours of audio. $16.45/month after 6 months. Renews automatically. Cancel Anytime.
  • Prime Video: Get up to 50% off select movies to rent or buy.
  • 38% off RRP on All-new Echo Dot (4th Gen) - $49
  • $10 Off All-New Fire TV Stick Lite with Alexa
  • $50 off Kindle Paperwhite 8GB
  • Up to 30% off select Ring Home Security
  • Save 40% on Amazon eero mesh Wi-Fi
  • Up to 50% off select best selling video games
  • 30% off PlayStation Plus: 12 Month Memberships Unavailable
  • Additional savings on select 'Playstation Hits' video games
  • Clearance sale on Barbie, Play-Doh, LEGO and other bestselling brands
  • 25% off select Magnetika Magnetic Building System by Kidstuff
  • 25% off select Bello Wooden Educational Toys by Kidstuff
  • 25% off select Kidstuff Educational Toys
  • Save up to 35% off RRP on select Children's books
  • Save on Yamaha Soundbar with 3D Surround Sound, Bluetooth Streaming & Built-in Alexa, now $179
  • Save up to 26% on select Sonos products
  • Save on select Smartscales, Fitness tracker and other Devices from Withings
  • Save up to 25% off RRP on select SanDisk Ultra microSD range
  • Save up to 38% off RRP on select Sandisk Extreme range
  • Great savings on select Nikon Z50 and Z6 Mirrorless Camera Kits, starting at $1,699
  • Save 40% off RRP on select Panasonic DMC-FT30GN-A Waterproof, Shockproof, Freezeproof, Dustproof LUMIX Cameras
  • Save up to 26% on select Samsung devices
  • Save 45% off RRP on HUAWEI Watch GT2e
  • Save 33% off HUAWEI Matebook D15, now $799
  • Save up to 30% off RRP on Bose Headphones 700
  • Save up to 42% off RRP on Bose SoundSport Free true wireless headphones
  • Save on Fitbit Versa 2, now $199
  • Save up to 19% off Fitbit Versa 3 and Sense Smartwatches
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • +4

    Fantastic! Was waiting for a good deal on PS+

  • +1

    Still holding out for a repeat of the $44 glitch deal of PS Plus from last year…

    • I believe it wasnt a 'glitch', it could be just one off once a year sale by Sony? Cross fingers.

    • +2

      haha nothing beat this one. I was lucky enough to partake and scored the double refund.

      • +1

        Yep. Remember it well. It's the best deal I've ever put on OzBargain I think with 330 votes. Up late one night and spotted it. Doubt I'll ever post a deal and subsequent "work experience kid response" disaster like that again.

    • +1

      Haha, that brought back good memories! Scored 3 of that!

      • +1

        I got that one as well…bought 2 on two different emails. It was put up on JB Hi Fi website around 1am in the morning and quickly taken down a couple of hours later. JB in error applied the 25% off twice so 50% off. Imagine the damage control !!!

        • -1

          Glad you got it. Best deal I've ever posted!

          This deal, https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/311821 was originally posted at 1:09am on 09/06/2017 followed by these updates:

          (7:55am): It appears that you are no longer able to add the item to your cart.

          (8:10am): The page has been taken down and the link no longer working

          (3:30pm): JB Hi-Fi have replied via email to all purchasers of the discounted memberships. The transactions will be cancelled but as a good will gesture, they are offering a gift card valued at $14.70. Please note that if you have placed multiple orders you will only be entitled to the one gift card valued at $14.70.

          This is a good outcome for those of us who did buy early this morning. Thanks to JB Hi-Fi for the gesture of a gift card. Well done guys… and please, go easy on whoever made the mistake. They've made everyone's long weekend just that little bit better. Cheers!

          (one week later): By now most who got in on this deal will have received not only one gift card from JB Hi-Fi but two gift cards. This was an added "bonus" but it meant you had to act fast. It allowed you to get a yearly membership to Playstation Plus for only $19.57!!! Two days later and JB Hi-Fi were cancelling these second cards. Several people have now said their second cards are no longer working. Anyway, it was a fun ride. Hope it worked out well for you.

  • +3

    Can not wait to see what ps4 games are on special

    • -1

      Do they get a free next gen update or sony would name that update "a remaster" a force us to buy it again? They did it for the first Spiderman, so I'm just curious.

      • Some do, some don't.
        Ghost of Tsushima? Small free update.
        Miles Morales? Paid
        Valhalla? Big free update.

        • +5

          Miles morales is definitely free. I'm playing the ps4 upgraded version on my ps5 right now.

          You may be thinking of the original spiderman.

      • It's a mixed bag, there are lists of games that have free upgrades out there, also the covers should have the free upgrade picture on it.

    • +3

      C'mon Ghost of Tsushima!

  • +2

    What is the Yamaha soundbar model??

    • Probably same as earlier prime day deal..

      • +1

        It's currently $199 on Amazon, so down from $288 is a bit of a stretch Amazon references on that deal.

        • +2

          Its showing $288 for me. U sure u are on amazon AU and AUD?

          • +3

            @stumo: @stumo: It's 179 just now

            • @JohnPantone: I got it same price last time. Its bloody good for the money. I wonder why they went early on the sale price? Or maybe its a different bar for the sale?

              • +1

                @stumo: I think it's the same bar and Amazon are just drip feeding sales through the week rather than just having everything on sale for the 2 days (Black Friday and Cyber Monday). It keeps people checking the site everyday and buying things all week.

  • -2

    Save up to 30% off RRP on Bose Headphones 700

  • Interesting.

  • +2

    Just purchased this for 59.95 on the other post and noticed this
    Contacted support and they credited me the $4 to my account !

    • Me too, just wondering what you asked them to get the credit?

      • +2

        Just informed the Service Agent that they are offering the same product for $55.96 on Black Friday - either cancel or credit the different.

        • Not budging for me. I think I have got someone who has no idea what's going on.

    • The one I talk to credited exactly $3.99 not a cent more. At first, she said to cancel the order but since I use the $10 off voucher for using the mobile app, she offers the credit instead as a refund would void the voucher.

      In the end, I paid $49.95 and gotten a $3.99 credit to spend on next purchase.

  • Kindle paperwhite has been as low as $129 prre Christmas last year. $149 serms to be the reg discounted price

    • Which is the $50 off price? It is listed for $199 at the moment. Is that pre-discount?

      • I believe the $149 would be the price in 7days.I don't think Kindle P has ever been sub $100

  • +4

    $10 off of a $59 firestick is nothing when the same one was recently $17US on amazon america.

    • Yeah and they always have the 4k fire stick on sale for $25usd. Does that not work here or can you just not buy it here?

      • Far as aware the 4K model will work as the content is geo account tied. The 4K model is not officially sold on Amazon Australia only the new lite model.

  • +5

    Wonder if 'up to 26% on sonos' means 10% on speakers, 26% on a bracket for a 2013 era Play:3

  • Hoping to see a deal on the bose soundbar again. Missed out on the last deal.

    • Which one?

    • Was trying them in JB Hi-Fi. The bass module is pretty good.

    • What price was it last time?

      I have a lot of 700 subs and sound bars to clear

      • What do you mean by "I have a lot of 700 subs and sound bars to clear"? Are you a rep?

  • Don't quite get the sale price of Echo Dot. Rrp is $79 or $99 for clock version. Where is the 38%off ?

    • I did include the 38% price in the title ($61.38) but I wasn't sure if $99 is RRP or discounted price.

      • The finder link just says 38% off the echo dot RRP, I'm reading that as 38% off $79, so $48.98?

  • Great post OP! On the lookout for a wi-fi mesh set up. Anyone who bought the Eero during Prime Day and can share their experience please? Thanks!

    • Also keen on any reviews thanks

    • +1

      I got the Eero 3 pack recently and am really happy with it.
      Our previous router had become a bit flaky - range issues, occasionally dropped connection, and problems with bufferbloat when other people on the network were downloading/uploading.

      Installing and setting up the Eero was really straight forward and sorted all of the above issues.
      I was planning buying a set for my in-laws so I'm actually really pleased they're going on sale again.

      • I think a new version of Eero has been released in the US earlier this year, I expect these are the older version. Does anyone know?

        • Yes. The US has the wifi-6 version (as well as this one) that’s available. This is what they call wifi-5. The reviews for the wifi-5 version seem to be better than the wifi-6 one on the Amazon US site though.

          The other difference I noticed on the US site is that the wifi-5 version has all 3 nodes as “routers” while the wifi-6 is “1 router + 2 extenders”.

      • Thank you! I think I’ll go for these. I have the Tenda mesh, but not happy with it and have heard of security concerns too. For $260 or so (if it’s indeed 40% off), might not be a bad deal.

  • Fitbit Versa 2 is now $197, cheaper than black Friday sales?

  • +4

    Bought ps+ $59.95 on Amazon, canceled, then bought it on JB Hi-Fi, now this, damnnnn

    • doh..!!! lol

  • Haven't seen the traditional shuckable drive yet… 12TB would be juuust right thanks Amazon!

  • Did I miss something? All-new Echo Dot (4th Gen) Charcoal is showing $79 at the moment, other colours $99. So no discount?

    • Yea i dont understand either. the Echo Dot currently $79, but on sale for BF at $99.
      Maybe the sale is actually the Echo (not dot) which is currently $149?

  • Waiting for a deal on Nintendo Switch..

    • Waiting for XB1 to come back under $300 :(

  • Does anyone know if the 12 month PS+ subscription in physical or digital format? I want to be able to give this as a part of my Xmas gift physically! :)

    • The questions under the amazon listing state it’s a physical card

  • Playstation Plus is already unavailable on Amazon AU. Do you think they'll be back in stock by Black Friday or this is it?

    • -1

      It’s digital, probably will?

  • Has anybody seen any good deals for US PS+?

    Been out of the ecosystem for about a year… Is it still cheaper to go with a US account?

  • Anyone know if any local retailers price match these deals?

  • Does anyone know if surround sound on the Yamaha soundbar (ATS1090) works over Bluetooth?

    I'll be using it with a PC so no option to use the TV optical port, and my monitors all use (& need) DP so can't use the HDMI passthrough.

  • Kindle Paperwhite deal is now active ($149). Just got mine

  • Soundbar deal is now active too

  • +2

    Deals are now live, but PS Plus is not available due to already being sold out from previous deal

  • Firestick Lite is instant garbage btw. You've been warned.

  • +1

    Good luck to all my OZB brethrens tonight.
    May stock levels be plentiful.
    And price errors be honoured.

  • Damn i was waiting until today for the PSN plus, did't think it would go on sale earlier :'(

    I missed out last year too, had to buy it at full price a few weeks ago!

    • I think you can still get it at $59.95 at various places.

      • Cheers, keeping my eye on the amazon page if it doesn't restock i'll just pick it up from jb :)

    • It's going for $59.95 on Amazon, like everywhere else (as opposed to the $55.96 that OP mentioned). If you want to still buy it on Amazon, you need to set up stock alerts on it, otherwise just buy it at PS Store, EB Games etc.

      I only really wanted to get it cause I had the $10 off through Amazon app deal, I just got alert about 5 minutes ago about it being back in stock, quickly checked out at the $49.95 price, and now it's back to being out of stock. I wonder if it's people cancelling their orders for it that sporadically bring it back to being in stock…?

      Price proof of $59.95 from my order page as of 27/11 12:30pm: https://prnt.sc/vqx1bs

  • +2

    Remember everyone, for the kindle paperwhite you can get $25-$30 off by messaging support if you already own a kindle :)

  • PS Plus isn't at $55.96. Why?

    • +1

      Out of stock last time I checked

      • When it did come back in stock it was $59!

        • So did it sell for $56 from Amazon at all today? Or was it fake news?

          • +1

            @sween64: Fake news. I saw it in stock today and it wasn't $56… was waiting for it.

  • Probs not the right thread but… Do you qualify for shopback if you also use unidays student discount?

  • Back on Amazon, but at $59.95.

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