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[eBay Plus] Intel Core i9 10900KF $684 Delivered @ Futu Online


Browsing through Futu Online catalogue and came across this. Cheapest I've ever seen a i9 10900KF…

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  • Uncle jack already paid a visit…what's the point of 20% off.

  • The AMD 5600X is priced at $469 with plenty of stock. Seems like a better buy assuming you aren't locked into Intel already (motherboard)?

    Some benchmarks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=01EhbmJAW-k

    • I agree the new AMD CPUs are probably a better buy at this point if you're after gaming or single threaded performance, but there is still quite a significant gap between the 5600X and the 10900KF for workloads that can make use of all 10 cores/20 threads. The 6 core 5600X even with all it's improvements still doesn't come close to the 10900KF's multithreaded performance.

      • Sorry you're right, I meant to specify for gaming specifically but my brain was off when I posted!

    • from everything i've been looking at I don't agree, yes the highs are higher with the AMD offerings but the lows are lower, which to me say wildly fluctuating performance… seeing the same thing with the GPU's… all depends what you're doing with it still but I'm not convinced to go for a zen 3 over intel (will likely wait for 11th gen in march before i upgrade from my 6700k)

  • Or just get the locked 10900F for $648 without needing ebay plus. Overclocking this chip isn't going to be noticeable 99% of the time. You'll end up with a hotter CPU and noisy fans. All for a few extra FPS when you were already getting good FPS. Many people don't even bother overclocking their K chips! So why bother getting the K… I'm waiting for a deal on the 10900F.

    • 10900KF has a much higher base clock, and a ~200MHz (in practice) higher boost clock. It also has almost double the TDP, allowing for much higher and longer sustained boost clocks. They're not identical CPUs, but I see where you are coming from.

      • Ah ok fair enough. My bad, I thought they were the same except for locked status. Makes sense the price difference now.