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[PlusRewards] Nintendo Switch $427 ($397 with Commbank) I Ring Fit Adventure + $2 Item $100 ($70 with Commbank) AU Stock @ Kogan


$20 off $100 Spend at Kogan.com @ Plus Rewards (Membership Required) - $4 for first four weeks
Cancel subscription from Paypal right away.

Pay with Commbank card Spend $100 Get $30 Cashback

Free delivery with Kogan First - Free trial available

Ring Fit Adventure (Nintendo Switch) + $2 Kogan sim

Beats both ebay deals on these products and you can order right now.

Don't be this person. If a discount doesn't work for you just ask how to

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  • +1

    Added a $2 Sim. Got Ringfit. Thanks OP.
    (Although I consider it a cost of $74 because you have to pay $4 for the $20 voucher…)
    Edit: …. maybe if I had used Paypal to signup without choosing a payment method that charges instantly…. lol

    • Yeah all in all $74. It’s pretty good price I have seen so far.

  • says $447

    • Read description?

  • If I'm not with Commbank, is it worth the effort of signing up and getting a card etc, just for the one deal?

    • They constantly have pretty good rewards offers so far. I have free account

      • Which account is free? And is this reward scheme works with debit card too.

  • -3

    Pretty sure if you hack the switch the games become free - I don’t own a switch.

  • Thanks sooooo much for sharing. Just a quick, the price of ring fit is 118 on Kogan, after 20 off from the plus rewards, how can I spend 100 get 30 off for CommonBank?

    • Add kogan sim in cart which is $2

      • appreciate!!

  • So just confirming - if we sign up for Plus Rewards we get the $20 voucher (need to pay $4 for membership). Then we place Ring Fit + $2 SIM card in the cart and use the $20 voucher and pay using Commbank to get $30 cashback so in total $70? Will Commbank rewards still work since we're using the voucher?

    • Price changed, use this deal for better discount

      Commbank will work as it only needs $100 spend to trigger. As long as you are paying $100 after all discounts.

      • Thanks for replying. Will check it out.

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