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Kogan: Spend $100 Get $30 Cashback @ Commbank Rewards


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  • how did you get that?

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      Follow instructions here. You need Commbank app.

      How it works
      Log onto the CommBank app
      Go to Products & offers
      Select CommBank Rewards
      Activate rewards and spend at participating stores, instore or online

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        These instructions need to be updated, as CommBank App has been updated.
        For me:
        Log onto the CommBank App
        Go to For you
        Select Commbank Rewards
        Activate rewards and spend at participating stores, instore or online

      • Do you know how long it takes for the cashback to hit your account?

        • Took 5 days for me

  • Ive also got one for $15 for $75 spend at FCL to go with the cashback from earlier.. nice deal there

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    I had Coles, Adore Beauty, Kogan and Toysrus. I reckon that's better than AmEx offers have been in months. I can't actually remember the last time I used an AmEx offer.

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    Anyone who doesn’t see it on their card?

    • Yeah I don't have it either

    • I have no offers

  • This is quite good considering my Card is No Fee Gold and still get these offers.

  • Thanks OP.

  • Tempted to pick up the new Google TV ($98/$105.99 w shipping).

    • Made it better for you https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/582509

      Just get Kogan first trial for free shipping

      • How easy is it to cancel it?

      • Would cancelling and repurchasing allow you to claim the $30 cashback?

        • Tricky question. I don’t know sorry

    • Google tv $98 + $5 express shipping with kogan first = $103 - $30 comes to $73 shipped for a google tv

      • So, the min. $100 spend can include postage/freight cost? If so, that's a rare but good offer.

  • Hmm finally the CBA awards card is coming up with some cool deals. They got similar ones with Westpac cards too

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    For the uninitiated (ie. me), these deals are single use, right?

    • Yes single use only.

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        Thank you kindly, Mr/Ms. Boom.

  • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/580524

    Kogan have put the price up this morning were $349 now $379

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    Too bad, they don't have PS5 exclusive games.

  • Does this work on those phone plans? Doesn't say it doesn't :D

    • If you purchase voucher from website yes. Don't recharge with credit card.

      This is separate from Kogan promotion so anything spent on Kogan website count.

  • thanks. Got CoD Cold War (Series X version) for $70.99. The postage cost pushed the original price up to just past the threshold ($100.99) :)

  • Does anyone know if these CBA offers are linked to certain cards or accounts? I have a lot with CBA but never received any offers before.

    • Do you have their app?

      Have you tried this method? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/9646566/redir

      • Thanks. Have updated the app and had a look but still none available for me. Bummer.

        • Just a guess that you have mortgage only card?

          • @Pricebeat: Its linked in that the fee is waived but its a separate card which existed before the mortgage. I think it may be because this card is my wife's and so I am using the supplementary card. I should just get my own cba card tbh as I pay for everything anyway. Just too lazy and already have plenty other cards.

        • I had offers before the app update.
          No offers since.

  • Tempted to buy Switch games with this offer.

  • Does anyone know if this will work with a single use code?
    They emailed a specific discount for a product I was looking at.

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      Yes as long as you pay $100 after discount.

      • The way i read it is spend 100 or more at kogan, get 30 cash back. It doesnt read as 100 after discount.

        • It doesn’t because they don’t know you are applying a discount. For them as long as you pay $100 it’s good.

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    Just got notification of my cashback. Order made two days ago

    • so you're saying you made the purchase 2 days prior your Commbank reward activation and still get the cashback?

      • I made the order after activating the offer and got the notification two days after the order.

  • anyone know if this works with kogan gift cards?

    • It can. Pay some on gift cards and rest with Commbank

      • Do you know if it works with Kogan app orders? They have 5% off on order via app.

        • Plus Rewards coupon can be combined with 5% off

          • @Pricebeat: I mean will the CAN bank cashback works on the Kogan app order ? It says go to Kogan website. Didn't say the app

            • @ce5himm: I made order via app and got my cashback

              • @Pricebeat: Thanks, just placed the order via app. How do I know if I got the cashback. Just a notification? Or I can check it somewhere in the app? I guess it won't show up until the transaction is processed?

                • @ce5himm: Yoh will get an app notification in couple of days that you redeemed this offer and it took total of five days for my cashback to show up.

                  • @Pricebeat: Ok, I will see how it goes. The deal won't go to activity keep stay under rewards tap. But I sure they did under went under activity tab when I first activated.

  • If I buy apple watch series 6 $749, can I get cashback $224?

    • $224 cashback how?

      • they said $100, $30 cash back and more
        I am not sure is it right or not?

        • I would not take the risk.

          I understand as if you spend 100 or 200, is the same.
          I just checked the app and it does say:

          "Get $30 cashback when you spend $100 or more at Kogan"

          For your logic to work, the deal should be:

          "Get $30 cashback for every $100 spent at Kogan"

  • How can I track this / when does the refund show?

    • I made order on 20th November and my cashback arrived on 25th November

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    FYI, if anyone not seeing offers in app, you need to be over 21.

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    Does anyone know if Commbank pays the $30 for a purchase that uses the Kogan website - but the items description says the item is 'Sold by Traderight'

  • I just signed up with Commbank for this, but It seems I have to wait up to a week for my physical card to arrive? Dammit, the deal I want will probably be gone by then…

    • Deal is good until December 9th.

      • But I wanted to use this for a Nintendo switch on Kogan. That might go back to a high price by then

      • welp, card still hasnt arrived, and the switch has gone back up to $445… That was useless.

  • Any suggestions what to buy? Is it eligible for kogan giftcard for $100?

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    thanks OP! I used Kogan app, hopefully that's not an issue for Commbank.

  • Anyone has this issue on the Commbank app?
    I have activated the Kogan offer in the Commbank Rewards and the Kogan offer is shown up in the 'ACTIVITY' tab in the Rewards.
    After I place the order at Kogam, the next day I found the Kogan offer go back to the 'REWARDS' tab in the Commbank app in a non-activated status… Will my Kogan offer not get cashback in this case?
    I also try to activate other offers in the app. After click ACTIVATE, they are still in the 'REWARDS' tab instead of going to the 'ACTIVITY' tab like before.
    Anyone has ideas what's going on?

    • trying to look for an answer on this one, have activated it before making a purchase only to come back to see the "activate" button available again… hope i get the cashback

      • I already got the cashback. Seems like some issues on Commbank side? Hope you will get that soon.

  • I don't even have the offer in my Commbank app. Have no rewards to activate at all actually.

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    Thanks, I bought the Nvidia Shield TV. Combined with the $20 voucher, APPLOVE code for $5 off app, $30 CBA rebate and $4 spend on Murdoch, works out to be $178.

    • How did you type in the code on the app?

      • Pretty sure there was an option at the checkout page.

  • I don’t know what to buy. Has anyone bought $120 worth of Kogan Gift Cards to combine the two deals above

  • Hey, just got a question regarding this deal. it says on the deal to pay with eligible commbank debit or credit mastercard and tap or select credit. My question is that I only have a debit mastercard so do I even have a credit option or does it just mean to just confirm payments through a mastercard rather than visa, paypal, etc.? I just paid without checking for a credit option so just a bit worried I won't get my $30 cashback. Appreciate any help or feedback

  • Hello, may I ask does it calculated on postage and delivery fee?

  • Do you know why I never seem to have a reward in the Commbank Rewards section on the app? Am I doing something wrong?

  • can I buy gift card and get cash back?

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      Should be able to as long as you buy from Kogan.com and spend minimum $100

      • have you tried? or has anyone?

        • Speaking from past experience with cashback. There is no way for CBA to know what you bought.

  • Anyone can confirm if cashback is good for purchasing kogan gift card? Thanks

    • should be ok. transaction appears as kogan.com. did it yesterday but still pending on cba

  • can this be stacked with 5% off given via Kogan App? Or should the purchase be only thorugh Kogan website?

    • Might be it's too late, you don't have to order through the website, Kogan app will work. 5% was stackable. Also you can use any Kogan credit / gift card. Just make sure you pay 100+ from your CBA card.
      I had received my cashback notification today, order via app with 5% off, some leftover credit and the rest on CBA debit card. All works.