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[Plus Rewards] Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Headphones $329 + Delivery (Free with Kogan First) @ Kogan


$20 off $100 Spend at Kogan.com @ Plus Rewards (Membership Required) - $4 for first four weeks

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Free delivery with Kogan first - Free trial Available


AU stock - Kogan is official Sony partner

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  • Damn at this point I’m convinced every ozbargainer has one of these now (I do when it was on jbhifi commercial)

  • I still dont understand the hype for this. Like where do you use this? At home? At work?

  • I’m happy with my whxm3 and wfxm3.

  • Are people buying this just for music? As most of people said the mic is not good for calls.

  • 300 by years end

  • Is it that much better than the V3?

    I mean $329 dollars better???

    I already have the V3 and bose V2

    Worth an upgrade? Can I please get a comment from someone who has used both in real life and not some gen whynot YouTuber kid..

    • I’ve got v3, mate brought v4 so I had to try them.
      Bit more padding, a sensor to auto pause when you take them off your head. But the only feature which I would consider upgrading for is the multi Bluetooth connectivity which v3 hasn’t got.

      • It's the talk through feature for me. Once you activate it and start talking it pauses your audio and the microphone does a great job in listening to who or what your talking to

        Upgraded from XM3

    • i got the xm4 yesterday and have used a friends xm3. Ive had beats studio 3 and airpods pro before but the most insane feature I noticed was multipairing (I have a pc and iphone and apple tv). Yesterday I could watch stuff on my apple tv and then pause and switch instantly to my iphone to have a break and walk to kitchen… Once you experience this its hard to go back and you don't realise how much you would use it. Also the auto pause feature is amazing. I can just take off headphones and it pauses and again was so used to it on the airpods pro so its good to have it back. Apparently comfort, noise cancelling, mic quality and sound quality have also improved but ive never compared side to side.
      These headphones are def worth $329 (the multipoint thing is alone) but only you can decide if its worth the upgrade or to wait and upgrade to xm5 eventually.

      • thank you

      • I was wondering what the multi-point implementation in these headphones was like. I had the Jabra 75t's and the multipoint was terrible. I also watched an early review of these headphones and it was reported to be very buggy too. Sounds like it might've been fixed with a firmware update, however multipoint implementation can really vary depending on exactly what devices you have

        • Wondering too, I've got the Jabra 75t - for the most part the multipoint is okay - but when you are close to 2 linked devices it can sometimes compete with each other. Has anyone had experience with both (XM4 and 75t)? Keen to know what your thoughts are.
          The 75t are so portable, and the call quality is pretty good.
          75t noise cancellation is pretty average imo.

    • I still rock XM1s, work just fine.

  • Very hard to obtain the $20 credit

  • I have some og Bose qc35s, as anyone upgraded from them?

    • Yep i got the NC 700 and love it!

    • I upgraded to the XM3's from the Bose. I generally find them better in all regards, comfort is about on par, but music sounds punchier and I get less of an "air lock" pressure from ANC. Only thing I really miss is the button controls, but I highly recommend these - I'd upgrade to the XM4's myself if it wasn't so incremental.

  • Hmm…. this one or pxc550 ii…

  • Did anyone else get a $20 gift voucher from them for not delivering the new iPhone on time?

  • Still have the Sony 1000XM2 from 3 years go. It is so good that I can't justify upgrading yet.
    The battery lasts for such a long time, still going strong.

    Maybe Sony 1000XM5

  • Lowest price on XM4 so far!!!

  • Does this ship from an Australian warehouse, or one based in HK?


    Should I get this or qc35? Almost bought qc35 last night from Amazon for $319 but now I woke up and its $359.

    Comfort is most important, sound is second most important for me. I'm willing to sacrifice one point of sound quality just to have a more comfortable headset.

    If thats my situation, should I just go for the qc35? Kogan has it for $313 but I think its overseas model. However everyone says these sonys are on a whole another level. But im afraid it won't be as comfortable.

    • QC35-IIs are from 2017
      I have no idea why they are still so expensive

      Comfort is very subjective, I'd suggest going somewhere and trying them on and comparing to similar ones from sony/sennh/etc. The QC35s are renowned for their comfort tho

  • Will Officeworks price match this? Anyone had any issue against Kogan?

    • I managed them to get them to price match amazon US, so kogan should be fine

      • Wow really? You got lucky… I just went in and bought (against Kogan). They very specifically had to check the product code to make sure it wasnt a grey import, they made me add it to cart so it would charge delivery ($20), didnt care that I was a Kogan First member and shipping is free. I also mentioned I can price match against Amazon to see if its cheaper and they said NO WE DONT DO AMAZON. Ok darling calm down

        Anyway long story short paid $350, need them for the weekend so whatever

  • Looks like the price has gone up….$377 on Kogan now (minus $20 Kogan first bonus)

  • I found my ears get sweaty with prolonged use hence become uncomfortable over time..

    Anyone experience the same? Is that unavoidable with headphone like this?


    just secured a brand new pair of XM3's for $229. Good deal? was gonna get xm4s through kogan for $329 until i checked on ebay if there are any bargains and saw a recently listed pair of xm3s for $229 so I bit it.

    edit: this didnt age well, stupid seller put xm3 in title and pictures and description but serial number is for xm2. gotta cancel.