Apple MacBook Pro 13" M1 Chip 2020 $1889.99 (RRP $1999) @ Costco (Membership Required)


Not a bad deal for the newest model.

Seen at Costco Docklands. Not sure if available at other stores.

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    13” / 256GB / 8GB

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      it'd help if you knew what you were talking about before offering incorrect opinions passed off as fact…
      the vast bulk of x86 Mac apps work through Rosetta 2. If you need to run Windows x86 apps, then some will work over CrossOver, not most.

      • Crossover will get there, I mean look at WINE for Linux.. it's come so far.

        • Don't worry WOW now works without Rosetta.

        • I think Windows10 Apps (ie non-x86 exclusive) will come later rather than sooner. But legacy x86 Windows programs will take a decent long-while. I base that on the sheer amount of work that is needed, and the fact that Apple is locking down the Mac ecosystem down hard. So a bit of a double-edged sword for enthusiasts.

      • I don't mean to hijack the thread…. but let's be honest, a lot of comparisons of the Apple Silicon M1 are vague, misrepresentative or blatantly off. The best representative benchmarks I've seen are:

        Single Core, Geekbench v5, 5min run, Rosetta2
        ~1300 score: 2020 Macbook Air (10W M1)
        ~1100 points: 2019 MacBook Pro 16in (35W i9-9880H)
        ~920 points: AMD Zen2+ Laptop (35W r9-4900HS)
        ~900 points: 2019 Macbook Pro 13in (15W i5-8257U):
        ~750 points: AMD Zen2+ Laptop (20W r7-4800U)

        Multi-Thread, CineBench r23, 10min run, Rosetta2
        ~11,000 score: AMD Zen2+ Laptop (35W r9-4900HS)
        ~9,200 score: AMD Zen2+ Laptop (20W r7-4800U)
        ~9,100 score: 2019 MacBook Pro 16in (35W i9-9880H)
        ~7,100 score: 2020 Macbook Air (10W M1)
        ~5,100 score: 2019 Macbook Pro 13in (15W i5-8257U)

        Rendering Performance, Final Cut ProX, 10min clip
        Error on Ryzentosh: AMD Zen2+ Laptop (35W r9-4900HS)
        Error on Ryzentosh: AMD Zen2+ Laptop (20W r7-4800U)
        ~360 seconds: 2019 MacBook Pro 16in (35W i9-9880H)
        ~410 seconds: 2020 Macbook Air (10W M1)
        ~1100 seconds: 2019 Macbook Pro 13in (15W i5-8257U)

        GPU Performance, GFXBench v5 Aztec Ruins High, Rosetta2
        ~79 fps: 2019 MacBook Pro 16in (i9 5600M)
        ~76 fps: 2020 Macbook Air (M1 8CU)
        ~39 fps: AMD Zen2+ Laptop (r9 Vega-8)
        ~36 fps: AMD Zen2+ Laptop (r7 Vega-7)
        ~20 fps: 2019 Macbook Pro 13in (i5 Iris Pro)

        Gaming Perfomance, Rise of the Tomb Raider, 1080p High
        ~70 fps: 2019 MacBook Pro 16in (i9 5600M)
        ~40 fps: 2020 Macbook Air (M1 8CU)
        ~23 fps: AMD Zen2+ Laptop (r9 Vega-8)
        ~21 fps: AMD Zen2+ Laptop (r7 Vega-7)
        ~12 fps: 2019 Macbook Pro 13in (i5 Iris Pro)

        • I think this would be representative, were all apps run through Rosetta 2. It’s not misrepresentative displaying native ARM benchmarks, when a large number of applications are already available natively.
          A single core geekbench score of 1300 is impressive on a 10W, fanless device. Last I read, the Pro was scoring ~1700.

  • Only $1,849 if you are a student via the apple education pricing.

  • Should stop calling it 2021. It's 2020! Official is late-2020 models.

  • Reviews of these are extraordinary. The last 2 times Apple changed chip architecture was to keep up with everyone else, this time, it is to leave them in the dust.

    • On ATP Marco mentioned that his new one (I think he got the MBA with 8 GPU cores) is crushing his (not terribly old) 10-core iMac Pro in Xcode production tests. Astonishing.

    • Yes, leave compatibility with applications in the dust…

      • The vast majority of x86 Mac applications work fine.

      • Hurrr durrr Mac is bad

        • Well it can't run boot camp anymore lol, so for some people they might need 2 laptops to ensure compatibility. The value proposition is good, but like most first gen things it has issues and these should be acknowledged

          • @Ibz: Just checking if you are actually a Mac user, and if so, do you boot into W10 on your Mac? I only ask because it seems like a lot of the people that are having these faux-concerns aren't people that would buy a Mac anyway.

            • @tolchok: I boot into windows due to having to use ProctorU for usyd exams. No way am I letting them into my MacOS partition. If you’re using excel a lot the windows version seems a lot better. Apart from that nothing else.

              • @Icecold5000: Ah, ok, I do use Excel a lot, but have never noticed the difference when using on MacOS rather than W10. What features to you miss when you boot into MacOS? Genuine question.

                • @tolchok: I’m just used to the layout on Win Excel because I know where everything is in that version. I did use some CAD software while doing a course which was Win only but apart from that nothing.if you’re a heavy excel user for work it will be an issue perhaps. There should be an emulator in due course though so not worried at all.

    • It's built on the TSMC 5nm node, with 16 billion transistors and a lot of custom accelerators. At the moment reviews are only showing Geekbench and SPECint synthetics, which don't translate well to real world applications use. There are a few reviews of apps which take advantage of the custom accelerators. Still waiting on reviews of a more diverse range of 3rd party applications, including those specifically made for x86 before jumping on board, because of the current performance hit on the M1.

      Can someone please provide a link, of a review, showing the majority of x86 applications running fine.

      • Lol its running geekbench in x86 emulation faster than intel running it natively. Second each review is praising the real life performance beyond just numbers with some trying really really hard to bring the MacBook to its knees but werent able to do so unless they were running something like 50 apps at the same time. They couldnt even hear the damn fan running even when it was pushed beyond the limit.

      • Look up maxtech on youtube

      • @shellshocked What apps do you use regularly that you want tested? If I have them, I can let you know how they work in real life.

        For business apps, unsurprisingly Excel, Word, Onedrive, browsers etc. all run extremely quickly; though they would also run quickly on any fairly recent laptop I assume. I will note that Onedrive runs better on my Mac than my PC, though it did on my late 2015 MacBook Air as well despite my desktop PC being a much more powerful beast.

        The 'creative' apps I've tried run quickly and smoothly as well, including iPad app versions of Affinity Photo and Designer (I've bought for PC and iPad, so didn't want to buy again for Mac), video editing (just iMovie so far).

        I ran Meshlab, Meshmixer and Cura and they all seemed to work well enough, though I haven't spent much time in those yet on my laptop.

        • Thanks you use some of the apps I use and it answers most of my questions. I appreciate it.

        • Adobe products?

          • @serpserpserp: Unfortunately I don't own/use them - though given my son gets access through his school I'll see whether I can also install them tonight.

            I did a quick search and the following articles suggest that performance is incredible for the native beta version of Photoshop (though it doesn't have all the features yet):

            For the regular x86 version (full version already) the Adobe website indicates:
            Photoshop 22.x will run under Rosetta 2 emulation mode on Apple devices with Apple Silicon M1 processors with these known issues:
            When exporting using Export As or Generator, you cannot export some formats (SVG, GIF); You see magenta artifacts in preview or after commit when using filters like Flame, Picture Frame or Tree.

      • Just search for apps that you use most currently and watch videos on how they perform. I took the plunge and can say all my x86 apps ran without a hitch.

    • Still shitty glossy screens I assume? Glossy screens have always killed Macbooks in challenging lighting situation. Not everyone has the luxury of working in perfect lighting. If only these had Matte screen option sigh