Logitech G502 Hero Special Edition Gaming Mouse $59.26 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon UK via Amazon Australia


Another gaming mouse on sale with Logitech describing this as a "high performance gaming mouse". What makes the Special Edition different to the normal G502 Hero? The colour scheme. What's the difference between East and West versions? The packaging.

As a comparison, the normal G502 Hero is $94.40 from Amazon's AU warehouse.

  • HERO Gaming Sensor : Next generation HERO mouse optical sensor delivers precision tracking up to 16 000 DPI with zero smoothing, filtering or acceleration
  • 11 programmable buttons and dual mode hyper-fast scroll wheel : The Logitech G wired gaming mouse gives you fully customisable control over your gameplay
  • Adjustable weights : Match your playing style. Arrange up to five 3.6 g weights for a personalised weight and balance configuration
    LIGHTSYNC technology : Logitech G LIGHTSYNC technology provides fully customisable RGB lighting that can also synchronise with your gaming (requires Logitech G Gaming Software)
  • Mechanical Switch Button Tensioning : A metal spring tensioning system and metal pivot hinges are built into left and right computer gamingmouse buttons for a crisp, clean click feel with rapid click feedback

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  • Seriously, OzBargain has a rodent infestation. Call an exterminator. This is the 6th gaming mouse post in 24 hours.

  • Yep and I bought the wrong one I should wait for that. Does any one know if I can return easily my first purchase willing to buy that instead of the Razer but it is already shipped.

  • Is it worthwhile picking a mouse up from overseas? I've had a few faulty mouse lately.

    • Are they not covered by warranty here?

      • The return postage can be extreme

        • They’ll pay you back the shipping cost after the return is done.

          That said you may get your refund very soon if you choose to get credit.

          For some reason Amazon AU will refund you as soon as the item gets scanned by AP, not when the item returns to their warehouse.

          • @ATangk: Just pay attention to the Max return postage they pay as it doesn’t always cover the full return cost, had an issue with returning Brita water filters last week when the postage was the same cost as the filters and they paid less than what it was to return so they refunded me the cost of the filters instead and I kept the filters as well.

    • Its amazon tho. I bought this exact mouse from amazon UK on prime day and had issues with it, they said they cant do replacements and refunded me instead.

      • Curious what kind of issues? Mine is fine, but the cable doesn’t seem as nice as previous g502.

        • I prefer the cable a lot more actually, its more flexible and doesnt seem to fray as easily. My issue was with the scroll wheel, it moved so irregularly all the time and basically couldn't use it "unlocked" anymore. That was like one of the main things I loved about my original g502.

    • I recommend getting it locally, logitech mouse seem to be having the double click issue.

  • Do I get this or the death adder?

    I've used the DeathAdder befoer and its good, but is this one better?

    • Very different mice, I'd say look up some youtube videos. Personally prefer the g502 and some of my friends have moved to it from using a Deathadder for so long.

    • I used to solely buy the DeathAdder, but once I switched to this one I've never gone back. Got a G502 Proteus Spectrum in May 2016 and I've had absolutely no problems with it since then.

      • I think ive been looking for an excuse to ditch the death adder. I broke it in a rage quit once, hence the need to buy a new mouse, but I never really liked the grip of the DA

    • The G502 is a very love it or hate it kind of shape in my opinion, personally I like it but it's not for everyone. I use one at work because the extra buttons comes in handy but I don't like it for gaming mainly because of the weight - it's 121g (25g more than the Deathadder). If you can, I'd definitely suggest trying before buying.

      • Tried it. It was big so no go, but that's ok. Some are big some small. BUT

        I absolutely hated the scroll wheel. When you move it, you can't quite feel it moving and then wondering when a page will move as sometimes it takes quite a long way before you can see it registering to move a page.

        The other is THE tractor. I mean it's like meant for lumberjacks. Plus, it's smooth metal, no grip.

        Instead to make it so that one has a slight resistance like with other mice and the other free roll with first having slight resistance and when you click on the button to have the other.

        Size issue aside, wouldn't take it just because of this. Others may disagree and love it, so best if you can try it before buying.

    • What games do you play? This mouse is terrible for shooter games. DeathAdder is much more comfortable

      • lol just bought the G502 - time for a change I think… I play overwatch/ COD really. Nothing else.

      • It's all personal preference really, I have the wireless version of this mouse (G502 Lightspeed) and I love it and still do just as well in shooter games.
        I'm personally not a fan of the DeathAdder ambidextrous grip, my pinky keeps slipping off, but I can see why people do enjoy it.

      • I found the opposite. It's the best for fps games imo

        • Well I took the plunge anyway! Only one way to find out. I've been using an MX Master to game and it keeps cutting out / has lag issues with games

    • As a general use mouse, no contest the G502 is better. As a gaming mouse? Up to personal preference, but I would still go for the reliability and feature set of the G502. You should also consider the G402 at $30 if you prefer your mice on the lighter side.

  • Very keen for the wireless version, though it looks like the cheap euro version isn't available for that.

  • bought this last time, happy with it.

  • There's a lot of reports of a double-click error on these mouses (mice?), where holding down the left / right click can report as two different clicks. Worth looking in to before jumping for this.

    The G402 I've had many iterations of (on my third or fourth) and it works well, usually has issues with scrolling eventually, which is why I get a new one occasionally. Had one for home, one for work, then a replacement.

    • Prodigy or Hero? The latter is supposed to have a fixed a lot of the issues.

    • The double clicking issue is only present on Lightspeed wireless models. It's a result of Logitech undervolting the switches in an effort to extend the battery life. Anything wired should be fine.

  • Which one for big hands? This or the Razor Death Adder?

    P.S. Asking for an anonymous ex-President.

    • Both are good for large hands but they're very different shapes. The Deathadder is shorter and has a significant hump whereas the G502 is quite flat and long. Additionally the G502 is a fair bit heavier at 121g vs 96g. I suggest trying both out if you can or at least the G502, you should be able to figure out whether or not it's for you very quickly based on its weight and unusual shape.

  • Which do you guys recommend: this or the Razer Basilisk V2? That is also on sale on Amazon. I've been eyeing the G502 but the Basilisk does look very appealing as well. The major difference that sticks out to me is the weight difference of them?

    I'm coming from an MX Master so I want the right handed thumb rest and that general shape. I've got an average to large hand. Prefer wireless but can't justify the price hike on them.


  • There are tons of gaming mice posted lately. I wonder if there is a mouse + keyboard combo out there.

  • If you bought this mouse, maybe a good idea to order an OMRON D2FC-F-7N, and learn some click button replacing soldering DIY skills…just to get ready…

  • I bought the old G502, and it still works really well. The macros and buttons are helpful for gaming and multitasking as well.

  • I bought this mouse when it was on sale a few weeks back. It's perfectly fine, but it's nothing super special either. I do like the thumb rest. The software is a bit average.

    Thank you for listening to my TED talk.

  • can you claim warranty thourght Amazon Au if purchased from Amazon UK?

  • Have the wireless version, amazing mouse! -

  • Hi JV, just wondering if you have anymore MX Anywhere 2 deals left? thanks

  • Another mouse to my gallery collection…

  • I took the basilisk v2 for $64 over this. Just personal preference I guess, but also none of those double click issues

  • a bit late, but free scolling goodness, here i come!

  • I've been using a G502 for 5 years and now I can finally replace it.