Logitech G903 Hero Sensor Lightspeed Wireless Mouse $121.92 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon UK via Amazon AU


…and another mouse deal. I got one for $179.99 from Amazon AU a few months ago and that was the best price for an extended period. Seems like $180 is roughly the best local price still. This is the latest version with the hero sensor and much improved battery life.

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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • Is there much point getting this if not gaming, and just for daily work etc? Is the battery life 180 hours even if not gaming?

    • I don't game much at all, I use it for working from home. It goes into standby when not in use for a bit so yeah battery will last ages. I've charged it like once or twice in 3 months.

    • It's a very nice mouse, even if not used for gaming. Haven't had to charge it since I got it 1+ months ago so that's not a concern

    • Cheers got one to try

    • I am using it for work, I think it's one of the most premium mice that Logitech makes and the two primary click buttons are crisp which is what I prefer.
      The mouse can be a little bit slippery for my palm grip, other than that, it's a great mouse.

    • You could probably get even more battery life out of it by turning the polling rate down to 125 or 250hz (assuming the listed value is measured at 1000hz). Turning my GPW down from 1000 to 125hz increased the battery from 64h to 110ish.

      It has quite a few buttons and horizontal scrolling which might be useful for daily work.

  • Good find. For me I don't care about power consumption now. The PowerPlay system completely freed my mouse from wires, forever.

  • Bought it for $105 during the prime day. it's not too bad i'd say, as i have no idea how to review gaming mice haha.

  • Is this worth double the other gaming mouse that was posted yesterday?

    • Its all personal preference, if you have no idea and just want a mouse then no, it's probably not worth it.

  • Got mine from the previous Amazon deal and personally think it's way over priced and generally an awkward design (a compromise for being a ambidextrous design). I'm sure the sensor has the 'specs' but I can't see how Logitech can justify charging $100+ when they sold G603 for $50 a few years back. I find myself going back to my old G603.

    It just seems like everyone is jumping on the 'gaming' tech bandwagon and jacking up prices together and we all accept this as the ever rising norm.

  • I think this item doesn’t apply for Logitech Aus Warranty though

  • 903 has horrible issues with mouse clicks. Just be aware!

    • Both Amazon and Logitech are great about warranty issues though from what I've heard, so at least you'll get supported.