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Samsung 75 Inch TU8000 Crystal UHD 4K Smart LED TV UA75TU8000WXXY $1736 Delivered from Appliances Online


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Overview from website:

Exceptional picture, vibrant colour, and smart connectivity - the Samsung 75 Inch Crystal UHD 4K Smart TV was conceptualised to bring your favourite TV shows and movies to life in the best way. With the large selection of streaming services and apps available on the Crystal UHD Smart TV, you’ll have plenty to watch, with available apps including Disney+, Netflix, and Stan.

No matter what you decide to watch, the devil’s in the details and with HDR10+, delivering superior contrast, colour, and detail over both bright and dark scenes. Of course, this is complemented by 4K UHD resolution, creating detailed images with the use of over eight million pixels. Even when the TV is off, you can transform your blank screen into a photo wall or display using the Ambient Mode. Ambient Mode allows you to create a photo collage or slideshow of treasured memories.

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  • Out of stock?
    First delivery date I was able to choose was Feb 2021 🥴

  • Similar price instore Costco

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    Dos this have HDMI 2.1 ?

  • Still $1699 at powerland.com.au but delivery not until February 2021 as well. I was hoping one of the shops (Good Guys or HN) with stock would price match.

  • JB have the 75” Q60T for $1888.

    Would that be a better TV?

    • for an extra 150, i think so Q series are better than the TU models. Are you sure you're not looking at the 65in?

    • Have you got a link? It's showing as $2,895 for me.

    • wow. I just bought this for 2k and I hate it. The quality is terrible

      • Q60T or TU8000?

        • quoting okbianca from another thread when I asked for elaboration "Dim screen, terrible display, just hate it. Doesn't look good. So muddy, lots of motion blur, the blacks look like grays".
          I honestly thought it looked pretty good running the 4k content i saw at JB.

          • @matt47x: I can't believe it is that bad. I've seen this in a shop running the usual 4K demo content and it looked fine. I work professionally as a video technician and most of the TVs have a lot of settings and options. The default settings rarely give a perfect result out of the box but it is the ability to tweak these settings that can make or break a TV.

            Personally, I can't stand the "smooth motion" technology of guessing and adding frames to the image. In my opinion, and on sport, it looks truely dreadful, like everything is awkwardly sped up. I turn all that sh!t off. I'm also not a gamer so I'm not looking for 120Hz/240Hz and a minimal latency/ping because of it being used as the excuse of whether I win or lose. Other than gaming, all content is going to be 24Hz or 50Hz in Australia. In my house, 90% of the content watched on the TV is going to be the wife's trashy TV which is probably upscaled SD crap from Foxtel. However, when I do want to watch a movie in high def or 4K, I want it to look good, The TU8000 actually seems to have better reviews than the more expensive Q60T model.

            • @matt-e: Your thoughts mimic mine - the TU8000 and Q60t were side by side in JB, looked virtually identical, tiny colour variation which as you said can probably be adjusted. To me both looked great. And yes, most content I will watch will still be HD/FHD and I've consistently read TU8000 does fantastic job of upscaling (I assume Q60t would too). I think if you are into modern gaming i.e. 120Hz panel OR into watching HDR and really appreciate what this brings, then these TV's aren't for you. I think for everything else and general purpose viewing plus the odd 4k movie they will do nicely from what i've seen. I also can't understand how you could summarise the TV as per the comment above unless you are some kind of videophile.

        • Thanks everyone for the detailed responses! I'm realising I don't need to break the bank this coming week when choosing a new TV!

        • Q60T 75"

          • @okbianca: May i ask u pls what is wrong? I was planning to buy this in upcoming Deal with Jb Hi-FI but your comment make me confused ? Thanks

  • All deals posted here by appliancesonline are very misleading re: 'delivery included'. Delivery area is extremely limited - most areas they don't cover.

    • Let’s consider they probably cover 5% of Australia but 80% of the population.

      • Probably. I'm very close to Brisbane and no delivery. It's annoying and fake for them to keep posting here 'free delivery' without mentioning the large exclusions. Most online selling sites wouldn't permit the practice.

  • Its Back in stock but showing $1738. Is this really better than Q60T in 75inch? Pls guide.