Samsung Galaxy Watch3 (45mm) - Bluetooth $404.35, Cellular $501.85 with $50 Sign up Voucher @ Samsung EPP or Education Store


Possibly the best price so far with the local stock.

LTE version:

$50 sign up voucher:

The deal ends at 11:59pm (AEDT) on 14 December 2020 for the Wearables.

Also 41mm is on sale.

A range of phones, buds and vacuums etc. are on sale as well (35% off) if interested, here is the link to all products on sale:

(Phone deals expire on 1 December, vacuums on 31 December.)


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  • Same prices for the watch on the education store with the $50 sign up voucher

  • So you need to be employed by the Australian government to get these deals right?

    • Need to have an email address ending with (local government will also do). Alternatively, ask a mate :) They have an annual quota per account though (5 for phones, 10 for wearables, etc.).

      • Darn it, thank you

        • No worries. I'd love to help you out but I would need to clear the funds first. It's up to you whether you feel comfortable with that. (edit: don't know if I can use the $50 discount code once more though.)

          • @ozyack: Thank you that's very kind of you to do, I have a friend who works at ANZ and he's got access to the store. Thanks again for offering

            • @Boxcuttahz: All good, my friend. Make sure you check with your mate about that $50 discount (if they are planning to use it, or already have). It might be possible to sign up for the mailing list with another email and use the retrieved code on the EPP account for the second time, or it might not. Worth giving it a shot though.

  • Just be aware Samsung store has the worst possible non existent customer service I have ever dealt with. Never again.
    If you need warranty or refund, you're gonna have a hard time getting it sorted.
    First hand experience. Check other people's reviews online as well.

    • My experience was opposite and excellent. Had couple of returns and 1 one warranty claim in last 12-15 months and each time had no issues at all.

    • As far as I know, you can simply go to samsung store and process the refund no?

      • That is the idea. What happens next has been a nightmare, at least for me.
        Don't believe me, check reviews for Samsung Store online.

    • I had a brand new samsung tab s7 plus out the box which had display flickering. I had whole video unboxing too. I called them within 5 min of delivery time. After the hold of 45 min, I was told the case has been raised and I will be contacted. Long story short, around 10 calls later and 1.5 months wait finally got refund. So if you can avoid buying straight from samsung please avoid.

    • I have bought my s10+ from them and a silicone case to make it up to $1000 for additional discount, then returned the case about 10 days after using it because it was a dust magnet, and I was honest about it. The return was accepted instantly, postage paid, quickly refunded. Can't fault them personally.

    • I totally agree.

    • I have had 2x great experiences with them. Unfortunate for you

  • My s20fe return has been a month long nightmare

  • Can also confirm that customer service is the worst i have ever dealt with. You have no chance of winning any battle.

  • Thoughts on LTE vs bluetooth models for galaxy watch3? Is LTE worth it?

    • Are you with Telstra, Optus or Vodafone and willing to pay $5-10 a month extra for an eSIM connection on the LTE version? If not, go with the Bluetooth model. They are basically the same if not taking advantage of the stand alone use feature of the LTE model.

  • How can we return something we bought from samsung EPP via a friend? Go to the store and they accept it straight away? FYI the phone is still sealed brand new.

    • Not sure, if no one else answers I can try the live chat to find out.

    • Is it within the free returns window (from memory it's 14 days?)? If it's the same as phones which I asked them about a week ago, I think they give you a mailing label to bring to AusPost and then you send it in, and they refund your original payment method.

  • Telstra EPP seems to always have the Bluetooth version out of stock.

  • Apparently $50 voucher doesn't work with Vodafone EPP.

  • I’d love access to this.

  • Not sure if $50 voucher works, emails fine print says excludes EPP, Gov, business store & Education store? tried entering code also with no success. Am I missing something? haha

    • It did work with my Government EPP account.

      • did you sign up with your work/gov email? maybe thats why. im trying to use a code from personal email to my work email haha..

        • I used the code that was sent to my private e-mail which I also use for the EPP login. It's not the work e-mail. The EPP login e-mail can be private, but the account must be linked to the work e-mail that makes it qualify for EPP.

  • An account from the following corporate partners is required (Prices may vary between corporate partners)

    Australian Government
    Australia Post

    Refer to the description of the below deal from past for the links.

  • Does Samsung have a change of mind policy that would allow me to return it if I do not like it?

    • As said above they accepted my phone case back when I told them it was a dust magnet. However it could be a different story with the electronics. Try your question on live chat.

  • How long does the voucher email take to arrive? I've set up the account but still waiting on the voucher.