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Razer Viper Ultimate Wireless Gaming Mouse $169.00 with Free Standard Delivery & Free Returns from Microsoft Store AU


Been Looking for a wireless mouse for a while, saw this link from another mouse special. This is the best price I have seen for the Viper Ultimate. It is from the Microsoft Australian site.

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  • Store in title please

  • Been waiting for this to be discounted , cheers!

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    Bought this in August same store for $215, dame you Microsoft!

  • Incredible price for one of the best mice on the market.

  • Thanks OP! Anyone know if this comes with charging dock?

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    Can someone explain why this mouse is $170

    • It's one of the best wireless gaming mice you can get.

      "Excellent for FPS games. The click latency, when wired or wireless, is amazing and even most competitive gamers won't notice any delay. It's also quite light, even for a mouse without a honeycomb pattern. Its performance is excellent and it's very accurate and consistent when moved at fast speed. Most people should find the mouse comfortable in a fingertip grip, but only larger hands might have some issues with a palm or claw grip. The mouse offers multiple customizable buttons, with two side buttons on each side."


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        I was tempted because of the optical switch which apparently doesn't suffer from double click issues as much like mechanical switches do (looking at you Logitech). Then I looked at my wallet and settled for something cheaper.

      • You reported a comment of mine that I posted literally over 2 weeks ago. You're a precious little dweeb. Go back to reddit.

    • Rated the best gaming mouse you can get by rtings https://www.rtings.com/mouse/reviews/best/mouse

    • No idea. The wired Viper is a lot cheaper with the exact same features and build (aside from wireless) and Logitech has shown you can put good wireless in a <$100 mouse. I think it's just marketing.

      • Personally I still use the Logitech G602 which is a great mouse (and still over $100 normally); but it definitely has it’s issues including miss-clicks and some difficulty reading on some surfaces. The optical switches and weight would be the main reason for me to change to the Viper.

        • If you don't need wireless, the wired Viper has optical switches, the same sensor (as opposed to the cheaper sensor in the Viper Mini), and is slightly lighter due to lacking a battery. That's around $60 at the moment. I'm considering getting one to replace my G403 but I'm looking at switching to trackball for ergonomics, and for the few times I'd use a mouse I think the G403 would suffice.

          • @Diji: Yea sounds decent - for me it's wireless only however. I stopped using cables long ago =)

  • why this make us a god gamer?

  • I have this and the G Pro wireless. This is better than G Pro everyway except the battery life. Razer advertises the battery life to be better than G Pro but its not. But this is hardly an issue because of the charging dock.

    I prefer G Pro myself because of the hump in the back. It just feels better on my hands

    • didn't like the shape of the viper .. Prefer the G Pro

    • didn't like the shape of the viper .. Prefer the G Pro

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    Good deal. I bought a 2nd hand one at $120 and i'm very happy with this mouse.
    I upgraded from a Razer DeathAdder 1 mouse and the Viper Ultimate fits much better.

    The clicks and buttons are "tougher" than DeathAdder but feels sturdy and responsive. The Wireless experience is VERY responsive.
    Definitely something to consider if somebody is looking for a gaming mouse and wireless.

    I would still pay $160 for a brand new but i already got 1 now XD

  • no stock already sad

  • That went quick!

  • Ozbargained…

  • This mouse is a year old, and razer have already started including bluetooth (and 2.4ghz) in their latest mice, hence the discounting. They've also released a cyberpunk 2077 edition.

    I'd wager they're going to release a new version soon.

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      This is an E sports mouse. There is no way that Razer will add Bluetooth on viper series because it increases weight and bluetooth is unusable with 1000hz polling rate and transmission lag.

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        Point taken. Personally, the number one request for Razer would be to have a wireless razer mini. Everyone would buy one, me included.

      • Well, just on a side note, yes Bluetooth is slower, but it can still achieve 1.3ms. Humans (E-Sports or otherwise), aren't going to detect 1 millisecond of delay. BUT that's with the assumption that it was 1.3ms constant / nil encoding time etc. An advantage is an advantage though I suppose.

  • is suffering through razer software worth this bargain?

    • You don't need Razer software since you can change the DPI using the button under it.

      The only issue is that you won't be able to tell battery life (besides the blinking that happens when its less than 5%) so it shouldn't be a problem if you regularly charge it.

  • damn, one second too late! Out of stock :(

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    back in stock !

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      but can you complete the check-out process?

      • Yeah I ended up buying a few minutes after I noticed it was back in stock

  • I am just wondering does this mice really help to improve FPS performance/kills for a non-pro player?

    • It just depends honestly, if youre jumping from a stock mouse to a gaming mouse then yea for sure.
      My mouse atm is bit heavy so hopefully it makes a difference!

    • I mean.. playing on a mouse that you like and feel comfortable with will make a difference, just not a big one. Practice will help you improve performance a lot more than changing peripherals (unless you're upgrading from really low quality stuff).

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      if your current mouse has noticeable issues specially with a crappy bluetooth or wireless connection, then yes. if you’re using a decent wired or wireless mouse it’s not very noticeable difference.

      i did esports back long time ago and the best mouse i’d take for competitions was a logitech ps2 mouse (i was using G9 at home)

  • Great mouse i use it personally.

    Battery life is a bit poo vs G pro though.

  • been eyeing this one for a while, sad i missed out :c

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    bought this at jd.com (one of the largest online shops in China) for 399 CNY (approx. 81 AUD)

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      Could you provide me the link?

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        It was on 01/11, a special deal for 11/11

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      There's no way that's the Wireless version

      • It was. CNY399 for the version without dock on jd.com and tmall.com during during the 11/11 celebration. CNY599 when includes the dock. Razer is nearly half priced in China.

        • Yes, I got the one without a dock. To me a ¥200 dock is bit expensive…but ¥399 for the mouse is definately a must have

    • never knew of that website.
      THanks for sharing.
      Will also browse this website in future.

      Just want to ask:
      1. How much approx is shipping via using JD?
      2. Must you have a chinese shipping address?
      3. Do you need to use proxy or VPN ?

        1. First 1kg is ¥134 and ¥28 for every 0.5 kg after that
        2. No, they ship to worldwide
        3. No

        But you need to understand Chineses…they do have a Enlish website named joybuy.com but the price will be much higher

  • damn i missed this

  • Not a bad price if it comes with the charging dock. Got 1 around $135 in Sept, not opened though, remind me to have a try today.

  • Starting to give the G Pro Wireless a run for its money! $10 less than a month ago. Better mouse, unless you prefer the slightly different shape.

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    I just got the wired version of this on sale and don't like the shape of it for my larger hand with a palm grip.

    I stopped using it and may take it back or list it here, so keep in mind the shape of this mouse may not be for everyone, I wish someone warned me before I got it because it was on sale haha

    • I have large hands too, wondering if you tried claw grip? That's what I use and if the shape doesn't suit large hands with that grip then this is a no-go.

      • It definitely isn't suitable for LARGE hands.
        I have medium/small hands and it sits well for me.

        I upgraded from DeathAdder because the mouse is too big for me and the bump basically makes my wrist float. I prefer to have my wrist rest on the desks.

        I can suggest for big hand peeps to try the DeathAdder II.

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    Come on, this model in China is only about 146AUD.

  • Did this come with the charging dock?

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    For those who missed out, 9 available from Microsoft eBay Store

  • Now available from Amazon US via Amazon AU for $177.45, price comes close to this after 4% cashback.


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    update to all… Just keep going in and out of the Microsoft store and it may become available. Just got one doing that.

  • If there is really no stock, they may not fulfil the order though …

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